Where do I find these recruits by Y8AeAhA8


									Where do I find these recruits?
Must have the Desire
        You must first believe in the opportunity and what you have to offer someone…you can change a life
through this business!
Start approaching this concept as you do bookings – you are offering an opportunity to enhance their life…

Why do people do this business? What does CH have to offer?
Great products, great compensation program…make money, car program, trips, get out of the house, extra
cash for a trip
Remember, some will, some won’t, who’s next?

Where are the recruits?
    1) Shop for Recruits…invite perfect strangers to join you in this business
           a. Advertise in newspapers, offer it at fairs
    2) Party
           a. Invite them to look at the opportunity during the party
                    i. Intro yourself, Why story, Share the cards, etc.
Offering the Opportunity can be as easy as sharing what your passion is about this business! Here is what I say
at my parties to invite them to look at the Celebrating Home business:

I’d like to thank my hostess, Hostess Name, for getting us all together tonight!

Intro Myself: My name is Dawn Walz and I became a Designer 10 years ago, I started this business initially to
be a stay at home mom with my 8 year old triplets and to be flexible for my farming husband. I stay with
Celebrating Home because it offers a chance for me to contribute to the family income and to help others
achieve their dreams through this opportunity. I am also able to help others like you express who they are
through their home décor.

Would you like to bring your families back to the dinner table again? Busy lifestyles have left us overwhelmed
and unable to make the great meals we love. Would you like a unique fragrance experience with the ability to
express who you are through your home décor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you were destined to be here tonight. I will share 3
opportunities with you:

       I will share how you can bring your family together again and affordably have your home reveal more
       about you.
       I will share what the rewards are for hosting a party
       And I will help you discover how a Celebrating Home business can easily fit into your life.

My goal is to help you find solutions that work best for you.
b. Ask your hostess to join you…she already loves the product,
   loves the program and will love the money too!
       i. Opportunity Sheet in the Customer Folder

c. Ask me Questions – 3 important questions (use the cards)
       i. CH Solution: Business Opportunity
          I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my Designer sharing the great opportunities
          Celebrating Home gave her at a party like this. Who would like an extra $5000?
          (Play the “ask me game” - 3 questions about my job!)
                       How many shows do you hold per week/month?
                       How much money can I make?
                       How much does it cost to get started?
          Think about it: there are thousands of people just like you who are looking for ways to
          express who they are through their home décor and wanting to bring their families
          together in simple and easy ways. I can’t do it alone.
          I invite you to look at Celebrating Home as a business. I did…now I enjoy great trips with
          my husband every year, a great income and flexible lifestyle. You can too for just $99 in
          March for over $350 in products and paper supplies.

d. Look for customers at the party that would be great at what you do…pay them a compliment
   when they place their order
       i. You had a great time tonight and you impressed me. You would be great this
          business…have you ever thought about doing what I do?

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