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					Shop Assistant CV Example - Template
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Professional Profile   As a shop assistant I am willing and capable of turning my hand to many duties,
                       from stock control, to till managements, customer service to delivery and
                       orders. I am more than capable of running a shop single handed. I really enjoy
                       interacting with staff and customers alike. I am good with cash handling and
                       remember prices well.
                        Highly Competent.                Highly organised.
                        Sensible and practical.          Fun.
                        Approachable and                 Caring.
                           Friendly.                      Flexible.
                        Good with Money.                 Adaptable.

      Professional         A Level in Maths.

      Work History     January 2010 - Present
                       Shop Assistant, Buy Small, London
                       Working for this small local convenience store as a Shop Assistant had me attending to
                       many tasks. I was responsible mostly for the till and customer service, so I would be
                       mostly cash handling, advising on products and prices, and providing service with a
                       smile. I would also have to ensure that the shelves were restocked during quiet periods
                       of time, and that the till was cashed up at the end of a shift.

                       January 2008- January 2010
                       Shop Assistant, Parker Papers, London.
                       I worked for this local paper shop as a Shop Assistant and was mainly responsible for
                       stock room control, paper delivery and ordering and shelf stacking. I would have to be
                       in early to take delivery of the newspapers and sort them into piles for sale, and bags
                       for the delivery routes. Then I would have to ensure that there would be enough stock
                       for the following day and place an order for anything required. I would replenish stocks
                       on the shop floor, and ensure rotation of goods that would expire.

                       January 2007 – January 2008
                       Shop Assistant, Beautiful Bathrooms and Kitchens, London
                       Working for a very busy bathroom company as a shop assistant it was my job to
                       ensure that the store itself was kept looking good in order to give a good impression to
                       customers. I would also have to ensure that customer’s orders were inputted into the
                       order system.

          Education    GCSE 10xA Grades including English, Maths and Science.
                       Londonberry Comprehensive School

        References     References are available on request, or in writing to the above previous employers.
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