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									  Issue 2
           Wellness Ways                                                                                 October 2010

                                77 Benefits of Yoga
By: Danielle Daltorio
            Yoga has slowly taken
                                      26) Establishes
                                                                      57) Increases depth
                                                                                                      In This
the exercise world by storm. It is
becoming more and more popular
all over the country. Researchers
                                      27) Improves self control
                                      28) Stimulates a
                                      mind-body connection
                                                                      58) Reduces one’s risk for
                                                                      heart disease
                                                                      59) Lowers levels of cortisol
have been studying it and came        29) Creates a positive          60) Can slow the                Page 2
up with the different benefits from   outlook on life                 progression of Alzheimer’s
yoga.                                 30) Less hostility              61) Can prevent type lI           Super foods
Here are some of the health bene-     31) Improves concentration      diabetes                          For Fall
fits of yoga:                         32) Improves memory             62) Can reduce wrist pain
      1) Decreased blood pressure     33) Improves                    63) Reduce symptoms of            High
      2) A slower heart rate
      3) Improves blood
                                      attention span
                                      34) Improves social skills
                                                                      64) Can relieve arthritis
      circulation                     35) Creates a calmness          65) Can help manage               Corn Syrup
      4) Increases controlled         36) Lowers cholesterol          multiple sclerosis
      breathing                       37) Improves lymphatic          66) Can help cancer
      5) Improves cardiovascular      system                          patients become less            Page 3
      endurance                       38) May lower glucose           nauseated with treatment
      6)Massages internal organs      levels                          67) During the first stages       Overactive
      which improves the ability      39) Reduces sodium levels       of muscular dystrophy,            Bladder
      of the body to prevent          40) Improves endocrine          can help return physical
      disease                         function                        function                          Energy
      7) Improves gastrointestinal
                                      41) Can significantly lower
                                      levels of triglycerides
                                                                      68) Can reduce migraines
                                                                      69) Can straighten
      8) Builds stronger immune       42) Can increase red blood      curvature of spine                foods
      system                          cells                           70) Yoga can elevate
      9) Increases pain tolerance     43) Can increase vitamin C      respiration
      10) Creates a more efficient    in one’s body                   71) Can help prevent            Page 4
      metabolism                      44) Lowers one’s risk of        epileptic seizures
      11) Helps delay aging           injury                          72) Can alleviated sciatica       Ways to stay
      12) Improves posture
      13) Improves overall
                                      45) Stimulates the
                                      parasympathetic nervous
                                                                      73) Reduce OCD
                                                                      74) Eliminate constipation
                                                                                                        awake dur-
      strength                        system                          75) Clears nasal passages         ing the day
      14) Provides consistent         46) Leads to muscle tone        76) Reduce back pain
      energy                          47) Dominates the               77) Control side effects of
      15) Helps reduce cellulite      sub cortex of the brain         Menopause                         Favorites
      16) Improves sleeping           48) Reduces oxygen
      habits                          consumption                     Overall, yoga can be
      17) Improves balance            49) Improves breathing          extremely beneficial to many    Page 5
      18) Body begins to work         50) Works out opposing          health problems and it can
      better as a whole               muscle groups                   help to prevent diseases.         Note from
      19) Increases body
                                      51) Non-competitive
                                      52) Improves range of
                                                                                                        the Nutri-
      20) Improves core strength      motion                                                            tionist
      21) Can improve sexuality       53) Improves eye-hand
      22) Improves overall mood       coordination
      23) Reduces stress              54) Improves dexterity
      24) Reduces anxiety             55) Improves reaction time
      25) Reduces depression          56) Improves endurance

                                                              10/16          ISCA Kickboxing Round 1 Certification
                                                              10/18          Alcohol Awareness Week
                                                              10/20          Addictions Table Talk
                                                              10/21          Penguin Pre-Party
                                                              10/30          Homecoming Parade
                                                              11/1           Climb Mt. NeverRest Incentive Program

Wellness Ways
                                                        Super Foods for Fall
                       By: Stephanie Kielar                 Like other winter squash, butter-           lower blood pressure and increase
                                                            nut squash is high in vitamin C and         circulation. It may also help relieve
                                                            beta carotene.                              migraines and arthritis pain by
                                                            Pomegranates– These are espe-               blocking inflammation-causing
                                                            cially high in antioxidants. Pome-          prostaglandins.
                                                            granate juice reduced the growth            Kale, Swiss chard-These and
                                                            rate of prostate cancer. The juice          other dark green leafy vegetables
  “He who has                                               improves blood flow to your heart           contain lutein, which helps protect
                                                            and may promote blood flow to               your vision against macular de-
health, has hope.                                           sexual organs, potentially improv-          generation and cataracts. Kale is
And he who has                    There are at least a
                       thousand substances in foods that
                                                            ing sexual potency.                         rich in beta carotene, vitamins C, E
   hope, has           help protect you from heart dis-
                                                            Tomatoes– Tomatoes are rich in              and folate, as well as calcium and
                                                                                                        magnesium, which is important
                                                            lycopene, which may help reduce
  everything.”         ease, cancer and premature aging.
                                                            the risk of heart disease, breast,          for strong bones.. It helps keep
                       Many of them cause the bright                                                    nerve and muscle cells healthy.
                                                            lung, and prostate cancer. Cooking
                       colors in autumn fruits and vege-
                                                            helps activate lycopene, so tomato
                       tables, which are especially plenti-                                             Reade r’s Di gest. (2010).
                                                            paste and sauce may be especially
                       ful and delicious at this time of                                                Su per fo ods for fal l .
                                                            beneficial. Tomatoes also have
                       year.                                                                            Reade r's Di gest , Retri eved
                                                            vitamins A, C, E and potassium.             fr om http://w ww. rd.c om /
                       Pumpkins-They are rich in beta
                                                            Bell peppers- The red ones, es-             li ving-heal thy/8-su per-
                       carotene, which may reduce the
                                                            pecially, may help boost your im-           fo ods - fo r-fal l /
                       risk of developing certain cancers
                                                            mune system. They are an excel-             arti cl e29423.htm l
                       and heart disease. Pumpkins are
                                                            lent sources of vitamin C (three
                       low in calories, fat and sodium,
                                                            times as much as oranges) and
                       and high in fiber.
                                                            beta carotene.
                       Butternut squash- This is one of
                                                            Ginger– Ginger contains a com-
                       the healthiest vegetables around.
    ISCA                                                    pound called gingerol that may

 Kickboxing                                      High Fructose Corn Syrup
  Round 1              By Andrew Schumaker                      tist lab?‖ No it is not actually.       corn syrup another fighting
                                   Everybody knows not to       Sucrose my friends is none other        chance. Good luck corn sugar and
 Certification         eat high fructose corn syrup be-         than regular old house hold table       give it your best.
                       cause it is the main cause for obe-      sugar. That is right, sucrose is that
                       sity. Eating that quadruple bacon        stuff that everyone dumps in their
    Saturday,          cheese burger with a fifty-five
                       pound bag of deep fried potatoes
                                                                coffee in the morning or on top of
                                                                their cereal. High fructose corn
    October 16         did not make people enormous.
                       No, what made people big was
                                                                syrup is composed of either 42
                                                                percent or 55 percent fructose,
                       the glass of cola with its high fruc-    with the remaining sugars being
                       tose corn syrup. That is right;          primarily glucose and higher sug-
                       blame those size eighty pants on         ars. Table sugar on the other hand
                       the sweetener. These people are          is composed of 50 percent fructose
                       wrong and throwing muddy lies all        and 50 percent glucose.
                       over the place about the misun-                     The corn syrup compa-
                       derstood sweetener. Poor high            nies are beginning to try and edu-
                       fructose corn syrup, it only played      cate the public on how high fruc-
                       a small minute role in the growing       tose corn syrup is not that bad for
                       obesity rate.
                                   What people do not           people, in moderation of course.
                       know, or do not want to hear for         High fructose corn syrup is what
                       that matter, is that the high fruc-      brings out flavors in spicy foods as
                       tose corn syrup sitting menacingly       well the enhancing flavors in fruits.
Nutrition Counseling   in the back of your fridge, or           The sad thing is that since every-
        Free!          freezer, lurking in a popsicle or        one is deathly afraid of high fruc-
Call 330-941-2241 to   fruit juice, waiting to strike like an
                                                                tose corn syrup the corn syrup
      make an          angry bear, is not so bad. What
                       people do not know is that high          companies have to change the
Appointment today!                                              name to corn sugar. Hopefully
                       fructose corn syrup is almost identi-
                       cal to sucrose. People may be            educating the public on corn sugar
                       asking themselves ―what is this          will allow the poor misunderstood
                       crazy sucrose, some kind of chemi-       sweetener known as high fructose
                       cal brewed up in some mad scien-


       What to Avoid When Dealing With an
               Overactive Bladder
By: Audrey Davidson                 Juice is often used to help con-
           Incontinence or invol-   trol urinary infections and blad-    Kristin Koch. (2010). Health.com. In
untary urination can happen to      der infections, but it is wrong to   10 Things That Can Make Inconti-
anyone although it is more          assume it can help with an           nence Worse.. Retrieved September
                                                                         22, 2010, from http://
likely to affect women than         overactive bladder, too. When        www.health.com/health/gallery/
men. ―Mild urinary leakage          it comes to urinary inconti-         thumbnails/0,,20426271,00.html .
affects most women at some          nence, cranberry juice can actu-
time in our lives,‖ says Mary       ally make symptoms worse, due
Rosser, MD, PhD, an assistant       to its acidic pH.
professor in obstetrics and gyne-   Spicy Foods--Studies have sug-
cology at Montefiore Medical        gested that spicy food can be
Center in New York City.            triggers for people with urinary
―Although it is more common in      incontinence or overactive
older women, younger women          bladders. These are common
may experience leakage as           irritants for women according to
well.‖ The following things can     Kristen Burns, an adult urology
make urinary incontinence           nurse practitioner at Johns Hop-
worse and should be limited or      kins Hospital in Baltimore.
avoided if you have this prob-      Chocolate--Due to the caffeine
lem.                                content, chocolate may cause
Sugar--Controlling your sweet       problems. It does not matter
tooth may also help control         what kind it is, dark or milk
your bladder. Some evidence         chocolate, hot chocolate, or
suggests sugary foods, including    chocolate milk, they all contain
those that contain honey, corn      about the same amount of
syrup, and fructose, can aggra-     caffeine as a regular cup of
vate your bladder. This does        coffee.
not mean you have to cut                                                                                           Climb Mt.
sweets out of your diet, just
make it part of a balanced diet.
Cranberry Juice--Cranberry                                                                                         Incentive
                        Energy Boosting Foods
                                    4. Orange Juice. Orange juice        two ounces of almonds to your
By: Jamie Naples
                                    is an ideal drink in the morning     daily diet increases your intake
           If you are like me,
                                    because it is extremely high in      of vitamin-E and magnesium.            Begins November 1-
when noon rolls around, you
are about ready to fall over.       vitamin C, which helps you get       10. Yogurt. Mmm! Yogurt is                 December 3
Often it is hard to work up the     the most iron out of other foods.    another quick and delicious
energy to get everything done.      Iron deficiency is linked to fa-     food that can boost your en-
However, eating differently         tigue so it is important that you    ergy. One cup of low-fat yogurt
could help to provide you with      get enough iron in your diet to      contains almost 13 grams of
the necessary energy for the        prevent those aches and pains.       protein and 17 grams of carbo-
day.                                5. Pasta. It is extremely high in    hydrates - the perfect combina-
1. Whole grains. They are           complex carbohydrates and low        tion to give you that extra
                                    in calories, fat, and sodium.        boost in the morning!                     “Energy and
high in fiber, complex carbohy-
drates, and contain antioxi-        6. Salmon. Salmon is high in
                                    protein, and its high concentra-                                            persistence conquer
dants similar to those in fruits
and vegetables. They also re-       tion of omega-3 fats and B
                                                                                                                    all things.”
duce the risk of cancer, diabe-     vitamins can boost your cardio-
                                    vascular health.                     eating-nutrition-articles/10-foods-
tes, and heart disease. Some of                                          give-you-energy
these whole grains include          7. Beans. They are filled with
whole grain breads, pastas, and     protein, fiber, vitamins, and
rice.                               minerals.                                                                   -Benjamin Franklin
2. Oatmeal. According to the        8. Dried fruit. They are easy
American Dietetic Association,      to pack and they almost never
oat products are some of the        go bad! They give you lots of
best sources of soluble fiber.      energy and even better yet:
3. Bananas. Bananas, are            they are low in fat, too!
packed with potassium. Potas-       9. Almonds. Almonds are the
sium helps your muscles con-        most nutrient-dense nut. Re-
tract which could be helpful        search has shown that adding
during your long day in classes.

Wellness Ways
                       Healthy ways to Stay Awake During the Day
                      By: Whitney Palumbo                   of energy during                       get enough sleep on a regular
                                 There may be some          the digestion process. This can        basis it will be much easier for
                      point in your day where you are       create a great deal of fatigue         you to stay awake or pull an all-
                      having trouble staying awake,         when you are trying to stay            nighter when you absolutely
                      and a nap is not an option. For       awake. Fasting is a great way to       must.
                      example, you may find yourself        avoid this natural fatigue.
     “If we all did   staying up late and not getting       4) Exercising-Take a break and          17 Drug-Free Ways to Stay Awake.
                      enough sleep for the next day.        walk around or do a couple             (2008, May 15). Marc and Angel Hack
     the things we    You might need that energy for        jumping jacks to get your blood        Life - Practical Tips for Productive
                      something like work, paying at-       moving. Even the slightest bit of      Living. Retrieved September 22, 2010,
       are capable    tention in class, studying for a      exercise can act as a healthy way      from http://
      of, we would    test, or any other daily activity.    to energize your mind and body.        17-drug-free-ways-to-stay-awake/
                      Caffeine and energy drinks are        5) Chewing sugar-free pepper-
         astound      not the healthiest ways to stay       mint gum.-This kind of gum will
                      awake. Here are some healthy          not rot your teeth, and it will
       ourselves.”    ways to keep you going strong         keep your body generated just
                      throughout the day.                   enough to keep you awake.
       -Thomas        1) Stay near a nice cool area-        6) Bright lights-Darkness pro-
                      Whether it is in an air conditioned   motes sleepiness, so make sure
        Edison        room or somewhere with a nice         every light is on in the room.
                      breeze. Warm and stuffy envi-          7) Low Carb Snacks-Low carb
                      ronments will accelerate mental       fruits such as raspberries, apples,
                      fatigue.                              oranges, and grapefruits are
                       2)Consuming a cold drink of          great energy boosters. Stay
                      water-Drinking an ice-cold glass      away from meats, breads and
                      of water will help you stay cooled    dairy products.
                      down and keep you more                           The most important
                      awake. Also, splashing cold wa-       and healthiest way to stay
                      ter on your face and wrists will      awake is getting enough sleep
    Addictions        make you feel more alert.
                      3) Fasting at meal time-The hu-
                                                            when you can. This one should
                                                            be obvious. The best way to stay
    Table Talk        man body expends a great deal         awake is to be well rested. If you

                                                           Season Favorites
                      By: Angela Giancola                   really in our favorite autumn          useful when making your decision
    October 20                    "The hazy, cloudless      drinks?                                at your local Starbucks.
                      skies of Indian Summer. Leaves                   Starbucks is one of the                 Apple cider, do I need
                      scurrying down the street             most popular coffee distributers       to say more? By far, apple cider
                      before the wind. The cold shiver      in America. It is exceptionally        is the most popular autumn drink
                      from an arctic blast. Indian Sum-     popular during the fall season         available! Lets take a brief mo-
                      mer. The last warmth of the sun.      when they serve their pumpkin          ment to break down our apple
                      Chilly mornings and glorious          lattes and pumpkin flavored            cider. Apple cider provides us
                      warm afternoons. The Harvest          coffee drinks. Little do we know,      with 100 percent of daily Cal-
                      Moon. The Hunter's Moon. The          that delicious Autumn treat            cium intake and 4 percent of our
                      Rainy Season. Dry corn stalks         could cost us quite a bit of our       daily Iron. An 8 ounce serving of
                      clattering in the wind. The touch     daily value of calories. Did you       apple cider only has 120 calories.
                      of frost on grass and window          know that the Iced Pumpkin             Because apple cider is pasteur-
     “Man cannot      pane. The smell of burning            Spice latte at Starbucks consists of   ized, it lacks in some nutrients
                      leaves." (Keith C. Heidorn) It’s      250 calories for a medium serving      that we need in our diets. It does
     discover new     that time of year again. The          size? That is not all. A regular       not provide us with Vitamin A or
     oceans unless    wonderful smell of autumn is          Pumpkin Spice latte consists of        B, and it also does not provide us
                      filling the air. Naturally, when      310 calories for every medium          with lots of protein. But, when it
       he has the     the season arrives we think of        serving. Of course when we             comes to deciding between apple
                      pumpkins, Thanksgiving, fall          choose our coffee, we do not           cider and a Starbucks coffee this
       courage to     leaves, UGG Boots, North Face         think about the amount of sugar        autumn season, I would recom-
                      Jackets, and the best of all, our     in each serving either. When it        mend grabbing a cup of infa-
      lose sight of   favorite autumn drinks that           comes to nutrition, these are im-      mous apple cider over your local
       the shore.”    make the season complete. Tra-        portant factors we must consider.      coffee flavored pumpkin or apple
                      ditionally, when we think of the                 * Attention iPhone us-      drink. You can not get a more
                      fall season, we think about apple     ers: the Apple App Store on your       natural taste or flavoring when
     -Andre Gide      cider. Today, the fall season has     phone has an application for           you choose apple cider. It also
                      impacted many coffee industries,      Starbucks that can provide you         provides you with much more
                      such as Starbucks, when it comes      with the information you should        nutrients than a sugar loaded
                      to brewing their best selling fla-    know about your choice of coffee       coffee.
                      vorings of coffee. But, what is       for the day. This is extremely


                      Note from the Nutritionist
By: Chrys Zellers RD, LD              they need to find good sources of      1/4 cup chopped cilantro
           Vegetarianism is an        calcium and vitamin B-12. Some         2 small Roma tomatoes, diced
option that people choose for a       of the other nutrients that vege-      2 cups of chopped baby spinach
variety of reasons. For some it is    tarians often miss are iodine, iron,
                                                                             1 cup shredded non-dairy cheese
a philosophical or moral choice,      omega -3 fatty acids vitamin D
for others a healthier way of         and zinc.                              4 burrito-sized tortillas
eating. In any case, from a nutri-                 Getting enough protein
tionist standpoint, vegetarianism     is always a concern. Protein           Directions:
takes a strong commitment to          needs are very individual and          1) Mash the beans, stir in the
balance meals and get all the         are based on body weight, activ-       salsa, cilantro, and tomatoes
nutrients your body needs. It is      ity, and fitness level. College stu-   2) Spread 1/2 cup of the bean
not always as easy as it seems.
Many vegetarians on campus are
                                      dents may have trouble finding
                                      vegetarian protein on campus,
                                                                             mixture on one half of each tor-
often eating a very high carbo-       but good sources of vegetable
hydrate diet with very few vege-      protein are easier than ever to        3) Top each tortilla with spinach    Pre-Party
tables and fruit. And they are        find in grocery stores. Soy prod-      and cheese
hungry! Without good sources of       ucts including meat and cheese         4) Fold each tortilla in half
whole grains, proteins and            substitutes, tofu, tempeh, soy         5) Cook on medium heat, one or
healthy fats, vegetarians end up      yogurt and edamame are ap-             two at a time on a large skillet,
surviving on muffins, pasta and       pearing in grocery store aisles.
bagels….more like                     Beans, lentils, nuts and whole
                                                                             turning to brown both sides.         October 21
―Carbotarians‖. Can you stay          grains are also good sources.          6) The quesadillas are done
healthy and even lose weight on                    Will you lose weight on   when they are browned on both
a vegetarian diet? Absolutely,        a vegetarian diet? Eliminating         sides and the cheese is melted
but as with all diet plans it takes   calorie dense foods like meat          7) Serve with brown rice or
knowledge, effort, and a plan.        and dairy should make it easy.         roasted potatoes
           A well-planned vege-
tarian diet can meet the nutri-       Unfortunately, total daily calories
tional needs of most people.          are still important. That super-
There are three types of vegetar-     sized blueberry muffin may                                                 “You only ever
ian diets: Vegan diets exclude all    sound healthy but may contain a
meat poultry, fish and dairy, as      whole day’s worth of sugar, and                                               grow as a
well as eggs. They also exclude all   a whole meal’s worth of calories.
products containing these food                                                                                   human being if
                                      A vegetarian diet that is full of
sources. Lacto-vegetarian diets                                                                                  you’re outside
exclude all of the above with the     processed food and sugar can be
exception of dairy products. Milk,    less than healthy. Whole grains,                                            your comfort
cheese, yogurt and butter are         fruits, vegetables and healthy
allowed. Lacto-ovo vegetarian         fats are the basics and total calo-                                            zone.”
diets exclude meat, fish and          ries still count. The Vegetarian
poultry, but include eggs, milk,
cheeses, dairy, and butter.
                                      Food Guide Pyramid is a good                                                -Percy Cerutty
           People following a         resource, as well as websites and
vegetarian diet face the same         cookbooks. Check out savvy-
nutritional problems that most        vegetarian.com for some easy
Americans face... how to include      vegetarian recipes. Here is a
foods that are high in nutrition,     recipe for Black Bean Quesadil-
but not too high in calories. Peo-
ple who study and adopt a true        las:
vegetarian lifestyle often have
an advantage because they               Ingredients:                                                             Homecoming
have to take a good look at           1 can or 2 cups of cooked black
their food choices and learn to       beans
balance their diet. Vegans face
the greatest challenge because
                                      1/3 cup salsa, hot as you like it                                          Saturday,
                                                                                                                 October 30
     Chrystyna Zellers, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist @ Andrews
                    Recreation and Wellness Center
    To get help with your own personal eating plan this fall, you                                                 11:00 am
      may schedule to see the nutritionist in the Wellness Re-
                     source Center or call us at

                      Campus Rec and Student Programming
                                 (330) 941-3488
                           Wellness Resource Center
                                 (330) 941-2241

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                                                      valid YSU ID card to use
Monday—Friday………………………………………………8:00 am-8:00 pm
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Wellness Resource Center                                services, and programs
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