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					State of Louisiana                                                 Policy No. EP 3.1
Department of Education                                              Eff. Date: 09/93
Employee Policies and Procedures                                   Rev. Date: 3/1/08



It is the philosophy of the Department of Education (LDOE) that flexible work
schedules help employees balance work and family responsibilities. Therefore, in
compliance with all aspects of federal and state laws and Civil Service Rules, the LDOE
will implement flexible work schedules and inform all employees of the rules regarding
working hours and work schedules. For whatever reason, and at the discretion of the
Appointing Authority, flexible work schedules and/or flexible work schedule options
may be discontinued at any time if it is in the best interest of the agency.


It is the policy of the LDOE to provide the widest variety of options available to
employees. Each office will identify the flexible work schedule options available to its
employees based on the particular needs and business requirements of the office.
Multiple policies may exist for segments of employees, even within the same office.
Likewise, flexible schedule options may not be available to some segments of
employees based on required business functions.

The following are parameters of the work hours and work schedules policy:

   A. LDOE business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. All
      offices shall be open for business between those hours each Monday through
      Friday. Employees may arrive to work no earlier than 6:30 a.m. and depart no
      later than 6:30 p.m. each workday. The workday shall begin at any quarter
      hour, half hour or hour between 6:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and the workday shall
      end at any quarter hour, half hour or hour between 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

   B. The lunch period shall be a non-paid period of time either thirty (30) minutes,
      forty-five (45) minutes, or one (1) hour, during which employees are relieved of
      all duties and requirements.

   C. Two paid fifteen (15) minute breaks are allowed, one in the morning and one in
      the afternoon. No lunch period and only one fifteen (15) minute break is
      allowed on the four (4) hour workday. Break time cannot be used to extend the
      lunch period, for late arrival or for early departure.

   D. Should a Division Director offer the option to work a flexible work schedule that
      option must be available to exempt and non-exempt employees with exceptions
      noted regarding certain schedules being available to certain segments of
E. Employee flexible schedules shall be established for a minimum of three (3)
   months and shall be effective only at the beginning of a pay period.

F. This policy is intended to grant flexibility to provide employees the
   opportunity to take care of personal commitments during the flex time off.
   Annual leave, compensatory leave and voluntary leave without pay must be
   requested and approved in advance, when applicable.

G. Each employee must complete the Work Schedule Request form and submit it
   to their supervisor for approval. This document also requires approval by the
   Division Director.

H. In accordance with La. R.S. 1:55B(4), if one or more holidays or half-holidays fall
   on a full-time employee’s regular day off, his holiday shall be the closest
   regularly scheduled workday preceding or following the legal holiday, as
   designated by the head of the agency. If the employee is required to work on
   the day that is designated as his holiday, the employee shall be compensated for
   the regular workday and with overtime compensation for working on his
   designated holiday.

I.   Two equally situated employees may be compensated differently while traveling
     together, or as a result of a holiday during the workweek.

J. For flexible work schedules, holidays will be handled in the following manner. If
   a holiday falls on a day regularly scheduled to be an eight (8), nine (9), or ten
   (10) hour workday, the employee has an eight (8), nine (9), or ten (10) hour paid
   holiday. If a holiday falls on a day regularly scheduled to be a four (4) hour
   workday, the employee has a four (4) hour paid holiday.

K. Overtime must be requested and approved in accordance with the Overtime
   Policy. The flex day off or the four (4) hour workday shall not be used for the
   employee to work overtime hours unless there is a specific need or emergency
   determined and approved by the Appointing Authority. If the need or
   condition occurs on a continuous basis, the employee may be removed from the
   flex schedule and placed back on a traditional work schedule, at the discretion
   of the supervisor.

L. Supervisors/Division Directors may terminate or suspend any employee’s or all
   employees’ flexible schedules at any time, in the best interest of the
   Department. Employees may be required to report to work during what would
   otherwise be time off. Those employees will be compensated in accordance
   with Department policies.

This policy is applicable to Department of Education employees but may be restricted
to certain segments of employees based on job requirements, i.e., Special School
District sites and Recovery School District. Office specific policies must define to
which groups of employees flexible schedules will apply.


Minimum Charge to Leave: The minimum charge to annual, sick and compensatory
leave records shall be as stated in Policy EP 4.2, Leave Types and Usage.

Employee work schedule: Approved work schedule for an individual employee. An
employee may not be regularly scheduled to work before 6:30 a.m. or after 6:30 p.m.,
with the exception of certain employees who perform jobs that require alternative
work schedules.

Work Hours:

      Traditional Work Hours: An eight (8) hour day, Monday through Friday that is
      the same as the Department’s business hours.

      Flexible Work Hours: The employee works four (4) or five (5) days a week,
      depending on the option chosen, on a schedule other than 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
      The schedule must be consistent for each pay period, and the employee must be
      scheduled within the Department’s business hours.

Work Schedule Options:

      Traditional Work Schedule Options: A full-time employee is scheduled to work
      eight (8) hours per day, Monday through Friday, for a total of forty (40) hours
      per week. The Supervisor, Division Director and/or Appointing Authority may
      permit flexibility within the traditional work schedule, e.g., the employee may
      work any 8 hours during the flexible hours allowed, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
      Example: The employee may be allowed a flexible schedule of 6:30 a.m. to 3:30
      p.m. with 1 hour lunch.

      Flexible Work Schedule Options:

              1) Four (4) ten (10) hour days each week of the pay period within a pay
                 period with the day off being any day Monday through Friday, for a
                 total of 40 hours per week, OR

              2) Four (4) nine (9) hour days plus one (1) four (4) hour day, with the 4
                 hour day being any Monday through Friday, each week of the pay
                 period, for a total of 40 hours per week, OR
             3) Four (4) nine (9) hour days in one week of a pay period [36 hour week]
                and four (4) nine (9) hour days plus one (1) eight (8) hour day in the
                other week of the same pay period [44 hour week]. The 8 hour day
                may be any day Monday through Friday of week 1 or week 2. This
                option is available only to employees classified as “exempt” under
                the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

             4) Executive Work schedule - Limited to Division Directors and other
                Executive Level staff only. An irregular work schedule that allows
                flexibility to work varied hours each day totaling to 40 hours at the
                end of each week.     Example: M8, T6, W4, TH10, F12, S/S Off = 40
                hours. This option is available only to employees classified as
                “exempt” under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).The employee is
                exempt in accordance with FLSA standards.

When choosing the flexible work schedule options,

  The schedule must remain the same for at least three (3) months.

  After 3 months, employees who wish to change schedules may request a change
   to occur at the beginning of a payroll period but only upon approval by the
   supervisor and Division Director.    The Division Director has discretion to
   determine which flexible schedule options will be allowed or available to
   employees, or if employees must return to a traditional eight hour work schedule.

When choosing flexible schedule Options 1 – 3 above:

  The day off must consistently be the day off each pay period. EXAMPLE: If
   Wednesday is selected as the day off, then it remains Wednesday of every week
   for every pay period.

  The four (4) hour day must consistently remain the same four (4) hour day each
   period. EXAMPLE: If Friday is selected as the four (4) hour day, then it remains
   Friday each week for each pay period.

  The eight (8) hour day must consistently remain the same eight (8) hour day each
   period. EXAMPLE: If Thursday is selected as the eight (8) hour day in a week, then
   Thursday remains the eight (8) hour day. The eight (8) hour day can be selected to
   occur on Week 1 or Week 2 of the pay period. If the eight (8) hour day is selected
   for Week 1 of the pay period, then the eight (8) hour day is consistently in Week 1
   of every pay period. Further if Thursday is selected as the eight (8) hour day in
   Week 1, then Thursday is the day off in Week 2 and vice versa. The eight (8) hour
   Thursday in Week 1 and day-off Thursday in Week 2 must remain constant every
   pay period for as long as the schedule is in effect.

  There will be no substitutions for the day off, four (4) hour workday or eight (8)
   hour work day unless there is a business need or unusual circumstance in which
   the Division Director requires the employee’s attendance on that day, or there is
   business justification necessary for this change as deemed appropriate and
   necessary by the supervisor.

When a holiday(s) occurs, and the holiday falls on an employee’s scheduled day off,
several options may be applied, at the discretion of the supervisor with approval from
the Division Director.

Option 1:
      When the holiday falls on the employee’s scheduled day off, another day shall
      be designated as the employee’s holiday. The designated holiday must be the
      closest business day prior to or immediately after the holiday within the same
      pay period.

Option 2:
      When the holiday falls on the employee’s scheduled day off, the employee shall
      be designated another holiday, but if the employee is required to work on that
      designated holiday, the employee is compensated both for the regular hours of
      the day and overtime for the actual hours worked on his designated holiday.
      For example: if the employee works eight (8) hours on Friday, which is his
      designated holiday, the employee is compensated 8 hours for the Friday as
      regular holiday hours and 8 hours overtime (comp time) since he is working on
      his designated holiday.

Option 3:
       The flexible work schedule may be suspended for the week in which the
       holiday falls, returning the employee to an eight (8) hour workday during that
       week. This will require substitutions for each day of the holiday week.

No division may begin implementing flexible work schedules until the Division
Director has developed and issued a policy regulating attendance, work schedules and
work hours for all employees. One Division may have more than one policy for the
various segments of employees depending on the business needs of the division.
Division Directors will decide where flexible work hours and/or flexible work
schedules are offered based on the business necessity and an evaluation of the most
efficient utilization of resources. All policies require Appointing Authority final
approval and review by Human Resources for compliance before they can be issued.

All Division policies, at a minimum, should contain the following information:

    Effective date of the policy and implementation of flexible work schedules;
    Flexible schedule options available to employees or reference to the schedules
     as stated in this policy;
    The purpose or intent of offering flexible work schedules to employees and the
     need for continuity in business services;
    Core office hours and times employees are required to be in attendance;
    Approval of leave - Instructions or method of requesting leave;
    Inability to report to work - Instructions or method of calling in absences or
     inability to report to work;
    Person(s) to contact and the duration of time allowed before contact is made;
    Tardiness
    Overtime
    Exceptions
    Consequences


Failure to comply with this policy will subject the employee to counseling and/or
appropriate disciplinary action. Employees should report violations or abuse of this
policy to the LDOE Human Resources Director.

Also, failure to comply with this policy may prohibit the further use of flexible work
hours/work schedules. This determination will be made by Appointing Authority and
may be applicable on an individual employee basis.


Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Appointing Authority.

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