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					                                      WEST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE
                                  9000 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA,90230

                        FLEX FORM 2011 -2012

Please submit to H. Feiner, Flex Chair, WLAC, Mail box 219B

Name: _ please print __last_______________first__________________________ ID Number: ______________

Department:______________ E-mail :____________________________ Ext:_______ Mail box:______

Units taught Fall 2011:____       Units taught Spring 2012:____ Units reported on this form: ______

Obligation: Full time: 33.5 Flex hours, Part time: yearly units/2, Full time + overload: 33.5+yearly overload/2
Exception: You need no Flex hours for teaching on Saturdays, but please report that you teach on Saturdays

According to district guidelines, you need to report your Flex hours. If possible, please report by March 25 2012. If
you don’t file, payroll will deduct pay from your last Spring district check. After the March 25, 2012 deadline,
faculty who have NOT filed enough Flex hours will be contacted. Those who have not filed will have another
chance to comply with the state and district regulations on Flex. The absolute deadline is Friday June 15, 2012.

The Flex Rule: All faculty members who are assigned during the academic 2011-12 year will be paid for 3 Flex
days in Fall and 2 Flex days in Spring, as long as they fulfill their Flex requirements by engaging in professional
development activities (from 7-01-2011) and reporting those activities.

Faculty submit this Flex Form showing that they engaged in professional development activities like second
committee participation, attending faculty meetings of their division, continuing and professional meetings
related to their development, completing and updating course outlines for submission to the state, sponsoring
student clubs, working with groups putting on student activities, research in their field, tech fair, and
workshops for personal/professional development, reading and reporting on professional research. These are
a few of the activities that faculty have reported over time to complete their flex obligation. Activities do not
have to be related to employment at West but professional development needs to be applied here at West.

                                           (Please turn this sheet over.)

  Date          Title/Description of Workshop, Program, or Activity               FLEX Hours Earned

8/25         Professional Development Day (if attended, six hours)

2. Professional Development Workshops you Presented at WLAC. You earn double hours for these.

  Date          Title of Workshop You Presented                                  FLEX Hours Earned

3. Individual / Group Special Projects – Include substantiating documentation.

  Date          Description of Special Project and/or Conference                 FLEX Hours Earned

Total credit hours on this form: _______________

                                       (Please turn this sheet over.)

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