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					      Council                                                          20 January 2004

                                   MEETING OF THE

                             TENDRING DISTRICT COUNCIL

                                    20 JANUARY 2004

      Present:- Councillors R M Bevan (Chairman), C A Turner (Vice-Chairman), D J Aldis,
      K A Aldis, Allen, Baker, Beadles, P A Bevan, Bleakley, Bragg, Brand, Bucke, Caddick,
      Candy, Cossens, Cripps, De-Vaux Balbirnie, Dew, Dimmock, Double, Downing, Griffiths,
      Henderson, Holden, C Jessop, H G Jessop, Johnson, Kelly, Leatherdale, Lines,
      Markham-Lee, Morley-Souter, Overton, P J Oxley, Page, Patrick, Payne, Pound, Ruffell,
      Rutson, Sambridge, Sargeant, Scott, Smith, Talbot, Taylor, Thomasson, N W Turner,

      In Attendance:- Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Head of Benefits and
      Revenues, Head of Corporate Performance, Head of Environmental Services, Head of
      Financial Services, Head of Housing Services, Head of Legal Services and Monitoring
      Officer, Head of Leisure Services, Head of Personnel and Management Services, Head
      of Technical and Procurement Services, Acting Head of Environmental Services,
      Assistant Head of Legal Services (Democratic Services), Democratic Services Officer.

                                  (7.30 p.m. – 7.47 p.m.)


      Prayers were said by the Reverend Guy Thorburn.


      Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillors De Roy, Dixon, King, Powell,
      Sargent, H A Shearing and S E Shearing.


      RESOLVED – That the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 9 December 2003,
      having previously been circulated, be taken as read, approved as a correct record and
      signed by the Chairman.


      (a)    Chairman’s Charity Quiz

             The Chairman informed Members that a Charity Quiz would be held on
             Wednesday 10 March 2004 commencing at 7.30 p.m. in the Princes Theatre,
             Town Hall, Clacton-on-Sea. Those Members wishing to enter a team were
             requested to ring the Chairman’s Secretary, Mrs Janice Stapleton on (01255)

      (b)    Charity Show

             The Chairman informed Members that Clacton County High School had very
             kindly offered to hold a Charity Show on Friday 27 February 2004 in the Princes
             Theatre. All proceeds from that evening would go to the Chairman’s Charity, the
             Clacton Hospital and Community Friends. The show would commence at 7.30
             p.m. and tickets were available from the Tourist Information Centre at £4.00 for
             the stalls and £5.00 for the tiered seating.
      Council                                                          20 January 2004

      (c)    Chairman’s St George’s Day Ball

             The Chairman informed Members that the Chairman’s Ball this year would be
             held on St George’s Day namely Friday 23 April 2004. Letters detailing ticket
             prices etc would be forwarded to Members in February.

      (d)    Cryptic Quiz

             The Chairman informed Members that the second Cryptic Quiz had now started
             and question sheets could be obtained from the Chairman’s Secretary, the
             Tourist Information Centre or the Council’s cash offices for £1.00 an entry. The
             prize for the winner would be £50.00 shopping vouchers for the Clacton Common
             Shopping Village. The deadline for entries was 16 April 2004.


      The relevant Portfolio Holders made statements relating to the matters indicated below
      and, when asked, responded to Members’ questions thereon:-

      (a)    Environment Portfolio
             Abandoned Vehicles and Incidents of Fly Tipping

      (b)    Resources/ICT/Corporate Governance/Best Value Portfolio
             Corporate Strategy Workshops for Members on 26 and 28 January 2004


      It was moved by Councillor Double, seconded by Councillor Morley-Souter and:-

      RESOLVED – That the remaining business on the agenda for the meeting be approved
      en bloc namely:-

      (a)    Executive Decision taken as a matter of Urgency

             RESOLVED – That the contents of the Report of the Executive Leader be noted.

      (b)    Minutes of the meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on 12
             January 2004

             RESOLVED – That the minutes of the meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny
             Committee held on 12 January 2004, as circulated, be received and noted.

      (c)    Proposed Amendments to the Contract Procedure Rules

             RESOLVED – (a) That the proposed amendments to the Constitution, as set out
             in Section 3.0 of item A.2 of the Report of the Cabinet be approved.

             (b) That the appropriate pages of the Constitution be amended and re-issued

      (d)    Council Tax Base 2004/2005

             RESOLVED – (a) That pursuant to the report submitted and in accordance with
             the Local Government Finance Act 1992 and the Local Authorities (Calculation of
             Council Tax Base) Regulations 1992 (as amended), the amount calculated by
             the Council as its Council Tax Base for the year 2004/2005 shall be 48,775.6.

             (b) That no change be made to discounts in the year 2004/2005.
Council                                                        20 January 2004

      (c) That in accordance with the said Act and Regulations, the amount calculated
      by the Council as the Council Tax Base for each parish and for the un-parished
      area in the year 2004/2005 shall be as follows:-

                                                        Unscaled        Tax Base for
          Parish                                        Tax Base         Tax Setting

          Alresford                                       773.4               754.0
          Ardleigh                                        810.6               790.3
          Beaumont-cum-Moze                               126.3               123.1
          Great Bentley                                   836.5               815.5
          Little Bentley                                  112.6               109.8
          Bradfield                                       428.6               417.9
          Brightlingsea                                 2,800.7             2,730.7
          Great Bromley                                   373.3               364.0
          Little Bromley                                   96.5                94.1
          Little Clacton                                1,053.8             1,027.5
          Elmstead                                        680.2               663.2
          Frating                                         226.5               220.8
          Frinton and Walton                            8,046.6             7,845.4
          Harwich                                       5,743.7             5,600.1
          Lawford                                       1,471.8             1,435.0
          Manningtree                                     348.2               339.5
          Mistley                                         860.6               839.1
          Great Oakley                                    374.8               365.4
          Little Oakley                                   406.8               396.7
          Ramsey and Parkeston                            778.0               758.5
          St Osyth                                      1,809.6             1,764.3
          Tendring                                        267.1               260.5
          Thorpe-le-Soken                                 762.2               743.1
          Thorrington                                     471.0               459.2
          Weeley                                          636.5               620.6
          Wix                                             291.6               284.3
          Wrabness                                        168.7              164.41
                                                  ____________         ___________
                                                       30,756.2            29,987.0

      Clacton (unparished area)                        19,270.1            18,788.6
                                                  ____________         ___________

                                                       50,026.3            48,775.6
                                                  ___________         ___________


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