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									                                                  KENTUCKY SCHOOLS TO WATCH
                                                                SCHOOL PROFILE

 Olmstead Elementary School
                                                               2007-10 School Statistics

                                                               Community: Extremely small, rural community in
                                                               western Kentucky close to the Tennessee border
                                                               Enrollment: 134 in middle grades
                                                               Grade Levels: P-8
                                                               Number of Certified Staff in Middle Grades: 12
                                                               School Schedule: 8 Periods with blocks in tested
                                                               accountable academic areas.

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              2011                                             Student Demographics
                                                                    0.8%     Hispanic
Redesignated 2008                                                    95%     White
Designated    2005                                                     3%    African American
                                                                    0.8%     Native American
Olmstead Elementary School                                            48%    Free/Reduced lunch
● Logan County Public Schools, Kentucky                                 2    English Learners
● Principal:            Benjamin D. F. Kemplin                        21%    Identified gifted/talented
● School Address:       1170 Olmstead Road                            11%    Special education
                        Olmstead, KY 42265
● Phone: 270-726-3811                                          Average attendance rate 2009-10: 94.86%
● E-mail:
● Website:
                                                               2010 AYP: 10/10
                                                               2009 AYP: 10/10
                                                               2008 AYP: 10/10

                   School Characteristics and Replicable Practices

Academic Excellence
 A variety of assessments, both formal and informal, are used.
 Teachers use a variety of developmentally appropriate and research-based teaching strategies in daily
  instruction to engage students.
 Connections are made across the curriculum and within all content areas.
 Teachers are encouraged and provided time to visit other schools in the district
 Carnegie Learning, an online math program, is used as a bridge to algebra.

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Olmstead Elementary School

   Essential and guiding questions are designed and used to frame instruction and pique student interest.
   Instructional programs have been selected and implemented based on research and the needs of students.
   Student choice is offered in assignments and assessments.
   READ 180 is used to target struggling readers.

Developmental Responsiveness
 School culture is inviting and exemplifies a learning community.
 RAM time is a behavior incentive that capitalizes on young adolescents’ desire to socialize.
 Classrooms are student-centered and group work is used in many classrooms as a strategy to support
 Even though students remain in the same building there are planned activities that address the transition into
    the middle grades (e.g., Middle School Madness),
   A feeling of belonging permeates the building
   Teachers praise students with honest, sincere words
   Many extra/co-curricular activities for students
   The school is organized into small teams with the middle grades teachers as a team.
   Reality Store, Career Day, visit to a college campus, and a prevocational class help prepare students for
    their futures.

Social Equity
 Collaboration is utilized; whenever possible, allowing for maximum opportunities for the mastery of standards
    by all students.
 All students are grouped heterogeneously and their schedules are changed as needed.
 Family and community involvement is extraordinary.
 A strong sense of heritage has been developed and students are involved in community activities to support
   Teachers loop with students across sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.
   Teachers flex the schedule as needed to accommodate classroom activities.
   Discipline is fair and consistent and communicated to parents/families.
   A safe, secure environment has been created and maintained for all students.
   The school hosts numerous activities to bring parents and families into the school.

Organizational Support
   The district Professional Growth Academy provides support for new teachers.
   A weekly lesson plan template has been developed and has proved to be an effective planning tool.
   Students are dismissed early on Fridays to provide time for teachers to meet and plan.
   Students, teachers, and parents are knowledgeable of the school’s mission statement and students know the
    RAM pledge.
   Instructional rounds allow for teachers to gain ideas, view instructional strategies, and network with teachers
    in other district schools.
   Additional resources for the school are secured through grants.
   The leadership team facilitates communications within the school and provides for shared leadership.
   A Back-to-School Bash, held before the start of school each year, provides a time for families to meet their
    new teachers and for students to pick up schedules.
   The staff has a “no excuses” philosophy, and a belief that all students will succeed permeates throughout the

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