Early Release Request Form by HD4u6mus


									                             Early Release Request Form
Early release or late arrival is a privilege that may be granted to seniors who have completed or
are close to completing the 28 credit graduation requirements. All forms must be signed by an

    Juniors may only be granted early release if they are taking Flex class or with permission
     from an administrator.

By signing below, the parent and student are requesting to have early release with the
understanding that:
     It will only be granted if the student is on track to graduate with all requirements.
     In order to practice or compete in a winter or spring sport the student must earn at least
        3 credits in the fall semester.
     Having early release may compromise the student’s competitiveness when applying for
     Students will not be permitted to stay on campus once they are released. Students
        must have their own transportation to leave campus. They will

     Filling out this form does not guarantee that a Flex Class will be given to the student.

____________________________        _________
Student Name                         Grade

____________________________        _________
Student Signature                    Date

____________________________        _________     _____________
Parent Signature                      Date          Parent Cell #

____________________________        _________
Administrator Signature               Date

                                                        Office Use Only
Semester 1: _____ Period: ______
Semester 2: _____ Period: ______
                                                        Credits: ______________

                                                        Absences Previous Year:________________

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