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					Tuesday         SLO Assessment Fair I          12:30p-2:30p       Board Room
October 23                                                        Compton Center

                SLO Assessment Fair II         4:00p-6:00p        East Lounge,
                                                                  Student Activities
                                                                  Center, ECC
Wednesday,      SLO Assessment Fair III        12:30p-2:30p       East Lounge,
October 24                                                        Student Activities
                                                                  Center, ECC

Thursday,       SLO Assessment Fair IV         12:30p-2:30p       East Lounge,
October 25                                                        Student Activities
                                                                  Center, ECC

Friday,         Assessment of Student          9:00a-2:00p        East Dining Room,
October 26      Learning Mini-Conference                          ECC
                (See the back of this flyer
                for more information).

At the SLO Assessment Fairs, you will be able to:
        Learn more about Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments
        Work with colleagues to create Student Learning Outcome and
          Assessment Proposals
        Design an assessment instrument or evaluation rubric
        Ask the Zen Team for advice, clarification and feedback on any
                stage of the SLO Assessment Cycle or any related issue

   All of this while:
        Drinking zen tea (other flavors will be available)
        Eating snacks
        Listening to relaxing music
        Earning FLEX CREDIT

 So come by yourself or bring a team of your colleagues and zen your way into
                            SLOs and Assessments

                    Registration is not required for the fairs.
                    The SLO Assessment Coordinators and
                The Assessment of Learning Committee Present:

                           Friday, October 26, 2007
                               East Dining Room

9:00-9:45am       Sign-in and morning refreshments
10:00-11:00am     Guest Speaker: ***Dr. Marilynn Filbeck***, Coordinator of
                  University Assessment and Program Review, CSUN
                  Topic: Authentic Assessment
11:15-12:30pm     Break-out Sessions—workshops and informational talks given by
                  campus faculty from various disciplines
12:30-1:15pm      Lunch
1:15-2:00pm       ECC Faculty Panel
2:00-3:00pm       Hands-on workshop to write SLOs and assessment plans (one
                  hour extra flex credit)

    Get up to 5 hours of flex credit! (4 hours for the conference; one hour for
     the hands-on workshop.)
    Lunch included!
    Hear ***Dr. Marilynn Filbeck*** speak about Authentic Assessment!
    Experience workshops and informational talks by ECC faculty!
    Learn about what is happening on campus in the area of SLOs and
    And most of all... zen out with your colleagues...

  Registration required for the mini-conference. You may register by email at or by phone at Ext 3872. Remember to identify the
        program title, date and time. Confirmations will be sent by email.

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