Lab Report Outline by HD4u6mus


									                                  Mrs. Fleming’s
                              Lab Report Outline

Name ___________________ Date __________ Class/Hour_________
(Write in complete sentences. The report must be typed or in blue or black ink. If typed,
please email to

1. Problem (What question are you investigating?)

2. Hypothesis (What do you think will happen based upon prior experience, research, or
teacher insight?)

3. Materials (List the supplies needed to conduct the experiment.)

4. Procedure (List the steps followed to complete the experiment.)

5. Data/Organization/
Interpretation (What did you see, hear, or smell? You should use a graph, chart, and/or

6. Summary (Explain the results using science vocabulary. Answer any questions that
were on the lab sheet directions.)

7. Further Questions (Good scientists always think of something else they'd like to try!)

   8. Experimental Design Elements are Identified.
         a. Control Group
         b. Constants
         c. Independent Variable
         d. Dependent Variable

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