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236 Acres For Sale Boardman_ Oregon


									                        Boardman                      Race Track

                              236 Acres For Sale
                              Boardman, Oregon

                    It’s more than a vision, It’s a Goldmine…

                     Presented By: SellQuest Properties, LLc.

                                            •   236 acres for sale
           •   Selected location of Pacific Northwest Motorsports, groundbreaking October, 2007
                        •   Boardman needs housing to support projected growth
                                      •    The timing is NOW to invest

Linda Weber, Realtor                Bill de Lambert, Realtor             Michelle Plummer, Realtor                
Cell 503.780.2165                   Cell 503.209.2576                    Cell 503.869.0015
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2/1/2008                                  Page 1                              Confidential
Investment Opportunity
Boardman needs homes to support the growing demand of economic growth that is underway today.
Boardman has been selected as the new location of the Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park, offering 8
race tracks, thousands of employment opportunities, and putting Boardman on the map as the next
destination for race enthusiasts. Boardman is on the Columbia River about 2 hours 15 minutes east of
Portland and is easily accessible by Interstate 84, air, water, and rail to over 33 million prospective fans
living within a 600 mile radius in the United States and Canada that currently don’t have easy access to
NASCAR or IRL events.
The opportunity to invest is now!

Land Opportunity
   •   236 Acres, designated by yellow border below, Corner of Main St & Wilson Rd.
   •   Sales Price $5,950,000

2/1/2008                                   Page 2                               Confidential
Raceway Breaking Ground October, 2007

   •   Bill Gardner is leading the raceway development, one of the most influential people in
       the success of NASCAR, attracting the most powerful and influential people wherever
       he goes.
   •   Former NASCAR Cup Championship team owner, and managing general partner of Oregon
       International Speedway, and development leader of the Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park, Bill
       Gardner, says, “Everyone we’ve encountered in our quest to get the Oregon International
       Speedway project off the ground has been extremely supportive of the project.” (Bill Gardner’s
       DiGare Racing team won 43 NASCAR CUP victories with Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Allison as his
       drivers, including the 1983 NASCAR CUP Championship with Bobby Allison.)
   •   Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park / Resort (web site ) has been
       approved by the State Legislative, the Governer’s signature changing land use laws, and by the
       way local tax payers; ground breaking event to occur on October 25, 2007. Race track
       employees will need housing and will bring race enthusiasts to Boardman, creating additional
       economic value. First race projected to run in October 2008, that’s 12 months away.
   •   In May 2006, 78% of Morrow County residents voted in favor of designating a 40-square mile
       area as the Speedway Activity District, and to support the development by enacting an 8% sales
       tax on tickets and specific retail goods and services sold within the Speedway Activity District.
       The tax is unprecedented in the state of Oregon where there is no sales tax. 7.5% of the tax
       revenue will be designated to fund infrastructure and race-related facilities with the remaining
       .5% to cover the county’s administrative costs.(Article attached)

   •   Salem lawmakers gave green light to expedite land-use review 6-27-07 for the $500M project, re-
       designating some 7,500 acres originally designated for aeronautic industrial development or
       farming. $50M is dedicated to first phase of the project.

   •   On July 17th, 2007, The Governor signed and approved the land use for the Motorsports Park
       allowing the first changes in land use laws of Oregon since enacted, in the 1970’s.

   •   The Motorsports Park is to be part of the “high-banked NASCAR Sanctioned type super-
       speedway” designed to potentially accommodate premier oval-racing sanctioned events with
       an 80,000 plus seat grandstand, luxury and garage suites” etc. (May 27, 07 release of info)

2/1/2008                                Page 3                              Confidential
   •   Motorsports Park located on approx. 700 acres of the 4,000 acre master-planned park was
       purchased by the Oregon International Speedway from the adjacent Port of Morrow and the
       City of Boardman.

2/1/2008                              Page 4                           Confidential
Motorsports Club House
   •   Members Club Area
       Members and their guests will enjoy their own semi-private clubhouse with dining, bar, lounge
       and locker areas. There will also be a Members-only viewing deck, health club, outdoor
       swimming pool, golf putting green and tennis courts for the families to enjoy.

   •   Members Condo – Hotel Suites
       A total of approximately 55 condo units are expected to be built. There will be four different
       sized floor plans, ranging from approximately 500-900 square feet. It is proposed that 25-30 of
       these units will be made available for rental occupancy as condo - hotel suites.

   •   General Public Dining Area and Bar
       Visitors to the racing museum will be able to relax and enjoy the dining room for great Eastern
       Oregon cuisine and light refreshments

   •   Motorsport Club Pro Shop & Retail Store
       The retail store will have many racing related items and apparel for sale. There will also be
       a pro shop where you will be able to purchase racing and performance driving safety gear,
       such as racing suits, helmets, shoes, gloves, high tech neck supports, racing seats as well as
       many other items that will be available for purchase.

   •   Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park Museum
       The museum will house an exclusive collection of unique sports cars, racing cars and
       motorcycles along with other racing-industry memorabilia. The area dedicated to the museum
       will be open to the general public for a fee.

   •   The Pacific Northwest Motorsports Park Banquet & Meeting Area
       Includes approximately 10,000 square feet of area dedicated to corporate or private events
       and meetings. This is an ideal venue for events servicing up to 500 people.

   •   52 of 150 garage/suite lots are already under contract, reserved, sited around PNMP’s road

Destination Resort
   •   First destination resort of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.
   •   Las Vegas climate, average 9 inches rainfall per year.
   •   Planned: an RV village and campground, golf course with course side homes and condos,
       miniature golf, and driving range, water and amusement parks, hotels, motels, retail centers and
   •   Estimated 3,000 waterfront condos projected in future to support vacationers
   •   163 mi. from Portland, 2 hours and 35 min, on I-84 & the Columbia River. Along that drive, see
       world famous Multnomah Falls, the wind surfing capital of the world at Hood River, and Google
       future headquarters in The Dalles.
   •   Offering: clean beaches on the mighty Columbia River, great fishing (walleye, sturgeon and
       bass), jet boating, discovering the Heritage Trails (walk the Oregon Trail and the Lewis & Clark
       Expedition), abundant wildlife. There are more than 80 miles of groomed off-road trails for
       motorcycles, four-wheelers and 4-wheeled drive vehicles.

2/1/2008                                    Page 5                             Confidential
   •   Marina attracting a wide spread of water sports enthusiastics & RV park. A public day-use area,
       boat launch, boat slips, and camping along the Columbia River in 143 acre site.

   •   Boardman Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, and Boardman business community have been
       working hard to build this community and are available to help you. They are fielding numerous
       inquiries from interested businesses daily and are saying “we’ve waited a long time for an
       opportunity like this, and we’re ready to make the most of it.”
   •   Boardman is part of the Eastern Oregon hunting mecca with numerous outdoor activities.

New Businesses - Creating Jobs, Creating Need For Housing
   •   Top industries: Food processing, agriculture, utilities, and tourism (irrigated agriculture continues
       to expand in the farmlands surrounding Boardman: Potatoes, onions, wheat, mint, dairy, hay
       and hybrid poplar trees)
   •   Port of Morrow, encompassing more than 12,000 acres is adjacent to Boardman, featuring the
       second deepest port in Oregon, is currently under negotiation to expand its workforce. Over
       1000 current jobs today.
   •   New Bank of Eastern OR breaks ground in Boardman, positioning for new building, expanding
       commercial and consumer business being generated from all the development; says they are
       investing in the future of the city of Boardman—more revenue
   •   Multiple new ethanol plants located in Boardman, where the demand for corn is met (“No one
       else can compete with us in yields” says Oregon State AG Research Center supervisor, Phil
       Hamm—more jobs
   •   Largest Employer—Lamb Weston foods, 400 employees (06)
   •   Tillamook County Creamery Association invested more than $50M into a Boardman satellite
       cheese plant (2006).
   •   New saw mill in Boardman, hiring 150 employees ($35M plant), making it the largest on the West
   •   New RDO Calbee potato snack plant, hiring 90 employees
   •   New tire recycling plant (into oil, steel and carbon black), hiring 45-50 employees ($50M plant)
   •   2700 acre Airport Industrial Park centers around a 150 ft wide, 4200 ft long general aviation
       landing strip (727 landing capability)

2/1/2008                                  Page 6                                 Confidential
Additional Documentation Upon Request
   •   City of Boardman Main Street “Downtown” Development Plan
   •   City of Boardman Transportation System Plan
   •   Development Code for the City of Boardman
   •   Boardman Demographic Profile

Resource Links On Internet (Motorsports Park Website) (Offer by SellQuest, resource for additional information) (Chamber of Commerce) (Parks and Recreation) (City of Boardman) (Port of Morrow) (SellQuest Properties Website)

Next Step
For more information, please contact one of the team members below. Boardman is a Goldmine. The
time in NOW to invest. Thank you for your time.

Linda Weber, Realtor                 Bill de Lambert, Realtor       Michelle Plummer, Realtor           
Cell 503.780.2165                    Cell 503.209.2576              Cell 503.869.0015
Office 503.674.4900 x324             Office 503.674.4900 x302       Office 503.674.4900 x304

2/1/2008                               Page 7                            Confidential

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