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									            Harnessing natures goodness

Use Hemp to create perfectly balanced
            delicious foods
  There are different types of Hemp crops
                          Hemp - Cannabis sativa L.

              Marijuana            Fibre              Food

                                                      Finola crop height

Fibre Hemp
crop height
   There have been numerous recent
articles about the benefits of Hemp oil
               and seeds
         The benefits of farming Hemp

•   Prolific and sustainable crop, which
    grows easily in UK
•   Sown late April to May into warm and
    weed free seed bed.
•   Will out-compete weeds so Pesticides,
    fungicides and herbicides not used
•   Harvesting August to September
•   Good environmental credentials
•   Seed is extracted from the flower
    head then dried and cleaned
•   Seed is then cold pressed to extract
  Typical ratio of unsaturated fats in various oils

                                         Omega       Omega      Omega     GLA         SDA
                       polyunsaturate      3           6          9
   Type of Oil                                                           Gamma-
                       s as a % of Oil    Alpha-
                                                     Linoleic    Oleic   linolenic
                                                                                       c Acid
                                         linolenic                          Acid
                                                      Acid       Acid

  Hempseed Oil               81            22          55         9         4            2
    (Finola variety)

   Hempseed Oil
     (non Finola)
                             78            20          55         11        2            1

      Flax Oil
                             75            60          15        15        Nil          Nil

      Olive Oil              7             <1           7        75        Nil          Nil

Evening Primrose Oil         81            Nil         75         8         9           Nil

   Sunflower Oil             65            Nil         65        23        Nil          Nil
        Why can a daily supplement of
        Hempseed Oil be good for us?

• Clinically proven to control eczema
• Helps to ease rheumatoid arthritis
• Ease pre-menstrual tension
• Helps boost immune system and beneficial for depression
• Acts as an anti-inflammatory
• Helps to lower cholesterol
• Promotes a healthy metabolism
• Beneficial for foetal and infant development
• Helps to maintain good health and promotes healthier skin
 How can Hemp be used in food?

• Made into flour for baking, pasta etc.
• Oil for dressings, mayonnaise.
• Seeds for baking, dressings etc.
• Soaking hempseeds to produce a “milk”
  for creating non dairy foods such as
  cheeses, milk ice-creams, yoghurt etc.
                                 Product range
   Winner Best New Organic product 2002            Light and tasty Tagliatelli and Fusilli shapes
      Natural products industry awards             Made from Spelt and hemp seed flour
Luxury dairy free ice cream and no cholesterol     Low in Gluten
  Available in 4 flavours Vanilla, Choc-chip,
       Strawberry and Mint-choc chip
                                                                Hemp oil is one of the most
                                                             nutritious oils available, supplying
                                                             the body with the highest quality
                                                             essential fatty acids in the most
                                                                       digestible form
                                                                250ml Natural and Organic

                                                                   For those who prefer to take
                                                                   hempseed oil in capsule form

Short-listed Best New Organic product 2003       Red pesto with sun dried tomatoes (Vegan)
 Apple and Cranberry Hemp seed cereal bar         Green pesto made with basil (Vegetarian)
  Good source of Omega – 3 and Omega -6           Are nut free and great mixed with pasta
                                                              or used as a dip
                                     Organic Hemp and Spelt Pasta 250g bag.
                                •   Spelt although not gluten free can be
                                    helpful for those with wheat intolerance due
                                    to its lower gluten strength.
                                •   This pasta has a superb consistency, tastes
                                    great and unlike other wheat-free pastas
                                    has a superb texture which does not
                                    become sticky after cooking.
                                •   We offer two varieties: Tagliatelli and

  Organic Red Pesto 160g jar                              Organic Green Pesto 160g jar
                                                        This very popular pesto is
Tasty sun- dried tomatoes and                           based on the traditional recipe
soft seed make a full                                   using basil, sunflower oil and
flavoured red vegan pesto.                              vegetarian parmesan cheese.
A scrumptious change from the                           It is enhanced with the soft
original green pesto.                                   hemp seeds to give an extra
                                                        nutty flavour and added
Delicious on pasta and on                               nutritional benefit.
crusty bread.
                                                        Ideal on pasta, baked
                                                        potatoes, savoury biscuits or in
                                                        salad dressings.
Cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil
• Organic Hemp Oil 250 ml bottle
• Hemp oil is one of the most nutritious oils
  available, supplying the body with the
  highest quality essential fatty acids in the
  most digestible form.
• It is cold pressed and perfect for pasta
  dishes, stir fries, baked potatoes and can
  be made into a variety of delicious salad
• It must be kept refrigerated and will last
  up to 9 months.
• Once opened it must be kept refrigerated
  and will last up to 3 months.
• Oil comes in a dark bottle to prevent
  exposure to light)
Best New Organic product

                                     Supplies Hemp oil in an easy to
                                     digest capsule form
                                     4 to 6 provides 100% of RDA

Apple and Cranberry cereal bar
• Apples, cranberry, oats and
  puffed rice
• 15% shelled hemp seed
• Low in cholesterol and saturated
• Great source of Omega 3-6-9
Winner Best New Organic product 2002

                  Hemp Ice
                  •   This delicious frozen dessert not only
                      tastes great it is good for you
                  •   ‘Hemp Ice’ is made from the creamy
                      milk produced from crushed hemp seeds
                  •   Luxury dairy free ice cream and no
                      cholesterol and gluten free
                  •   Free from any artificial additives
                      colouring and flavours
                  •   Light and indulgent there are 4 delicious
                      flavours: Thriller Vanilla, mmmMint
                      Choc-chip, Scrummy Strawberry and
                      Double Dare choc-chip

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