Raising Capital in 1997

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					      Flatiron Partners
          Presentation to MIT

               Spring 2001

                Bob Greene
          Managing General Partner
              Flatiron Partners
257 Park Avenue South, 15th Floor, NYC 10010

 Who is Flatiron Partners
 Investment Philosophy
 Flatiron Portfolio
 How we work with Companies
 The Market Today
What Is Flatiron Partners?
 One of the leading technology venture
  capital firms in New York
 Founded in August 1996
 Focused on early and mid-stage,
  information technology companies
 Investment range $1 to $50 million
What Is Flatiron Partners?
 1996 fund capitalized at $150 million with
  two investors: JP Morgan Partners (JPMP)
  and SOFTBANK Technology Ventures
 Current fund capitalized at $500 million
  with JPMP as sole active LP
Our Partner:
  A global private equity organization with
  approximately $24 billion under management
  whose sole limited partner is The JP Morgan
  Chase Corporation.
  Since 1984, has closed more than 1,500
  individual transactions.
  One of the largest most active private equity
  groups in the world.
Flatiron Partners – the People
 Ten Investment professionals

 Diverse backgrounds

 Decades of VC, technology, Internet and
  media experience
Our Philosophy
 Invest in services, infrastructure/technology and
 Domestic, International
 Pervasive Computing

 Generally, invest at an early stage
 As often as possible, invest locally
 Work closely with management
 Use the strengths of partner: JPMP
Transactions - Content
 Geocities
 Starmedia Network
 TheStreet.com
 Gamesville.com
 Onlinepartners - gay.com
 Powerful Media – [Inside.com]
 Urban Box Office (UBO)
 The Industry Standard
 The New York Times Digital
Transactions – Services
 Multex.com
 iXL Enterprises
 Mainspring
 Comscore
 Acurian
 Electron Economy
 Return Path
 Resonate
 Ibiquity
 Reciprocal
 Portal Player
 AppGenesis
 Eshare Technologies
Transactions – International
 Starmedia Network
 Sina.com
 sportsya
 Patagon
 Submarino
 Mercado Libra
 Viajo
Transactions–Pervasive Computing
 Vindigo
 Fusion One
 Vertical One
 Quixi
 Kozmo
 Kinkos.com
What do Venture Capitalists
  actually do ….? ? ?
The Venture Capitalist’s Role
 … according to Flatiron

 We buy a part of the Company

 We are Owners

 We are on the Board of Directors
The Venture Capitalist’s Role
 … according to Flatiron

 We become Partners with the founders and
 We think like Owners

 We help with …Strategy, Recruiting,
 Raising money, Opening doors, High level
 sales intros, Going public, Merging, etc
An Analogy – A VC is a Producer
 A VC is like a Movie Producer

 We help find money, people, bankers,
 clients, the Board, etc.

 To Management, we are …friend, foe,
 shrink, cheerleader, teacher, idiot, partner.
The Market Today…
The Market Today
 To many questionable ideas funded the last
  few years
 Portfolio Triage

 Support or Euthanasia
The Market Today
 Hard to put together financings

 Investors focused on their portfolios

 Valuations down – a buyers market
 Invest more slowly

 Spend less & grow within your means

 Conditions and psychology start to improve
  later this year

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