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									     Mrs. Armstrong’s Classroom News
September 18, 2009
Volume 2, Issue 5
                                            Lexington Elementary School

                            This week we read the story            Next week’s spelling words are
                            Esmeralda and the Pet Parade in        from Chicken Little. The words
                            reading. The students learned          include: poultry, tough,
                            about sequencing events, using a       outsmarting, pounce,
                            dictionary, and making a character     doughnut, though, touch,
                            map. They also learned about           rough, ground, acorn, avoid,
                            homonyms. Next week’s story will
                                                                   escape, arrest, and trial.
Important Dates             be Chicken Little.
                            Reading logs will be collected
9/22- Picture day!          September 30th. Please make sure       In Social Studies we read about a
                            to fill out the sheet as your child    community in Mexico and
9/30- Purple Pride                                                 discussed how Mexico City is
assembly @ 8:30             reads their recommended 15
                                                                   changing. We had two review
                            minutes each night. Incentive prizes   days. During this time, the
                            will be given out after reading logs   students quizzed a partner using
Star Student of the         are reviewed and a new sheet and       their study guide, we played a
Week                        incentives will be added to the        vocabulary scrabble game, we did
                            reading log for October.               a baseball review game, and we
This week’s star student                                           used “clickers” to answer
was Grace. She showed                                              questions on the activboard.
the class pictures of her   In Math this week the students
family and read her         learned the properties of addition
                                                                   This week in computer lab the
                            (commutative- switch, associative-
favorite picture book,                                             students wrote about trees and
                            look for parentheses, and identity-    leaves for Flying Horse, practiced
Animal Hospital, to the
                            any number plus zero equals itself).   math facts, did social studies
class. I read a letter      They learned about estimating sums     review games, and did some
from Grace’s dad to the     and we reviewed adding double digit    activities on Study Island.
class.                      numbers. The students continue to
                            do the mad minutes three times a
Next week’s star student                                           We had a great time at the
                            week. Congratulations to Kendy and
will be Carley.                                                    homecoming parade and assembly
                            Tyler who have passed the first        today. Go Minutemen!
                            level! Please continue to practice
                            addition flash cards at home.
                                                                   Have a wonderful weekend!

                            In English the students learned        Mrs. Armstrong
                            about verbs in the past, present,      jarmstrong@lexington.k12.il.us
                            and future tenses. For Writer’s        309.365.2741
                            Workshop, they wrote about the         www.lexington.k12.il.us/teachers/jarmstrong
                            senses of smell and taste. I read a
                            little from Willy Wonka and the
                            Chocolate Factory and then the
                            students smelled and tasted a piece
                            of chocolate and wrote about it.

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