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					Michael Holcomb
                                                                                         2817 Galena Ave.
                                                                                    Simi Valley, Ca. 93065
Video Game Artist                                                                            818.970.2631

•      Extensive background in video game development, 3D modeling/texturing and web design.
•      11+ years experience creating 3D and 2D art in video games for the PC, PlayStation 2 and 3,
       GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360 and the PSP.
•      Shipped 9 titles to date.
•      Proven track record for meeting tight deadlines and milestones on time without compromising art
•      Strong troubleshooting skills and ability to resolve complex art and technical related issues.
•      Able to work well under pressure and with deadlines.
•      Communicates effectively, both verbally and visually.
•      Strong understanding of game development and adept at learning new methods and pipelines.


Mass Media Inc. (Moorpark, Ca)
Oct.2001 - Present

•      Started as Associate Artist; given simple 3D assets to create.
•      Acquired more responsibility and charged with more complex tasks, including multiple mini-game
       environments, props, lighting, vertex lighting, UV/texture mapping and animation, vehicles and
       characters for a variety of games.
•      Gained the skills to create quality assets within a confined budget and time frame.
•      Helped conceptualize game assets for prototypes.
•      Mentored new artists in understanding company pipeline and workflow.

Gizmo Games (Los Angeles, Ca)
July.2000 - Sept.2001

•    Responsible for creating shell elements and 3D assets for prototyped games.


    3d Studio Max - Proficient                 Flash - Proficient
    Maya - Proficient                          Illustrator - Intermediate
    Photoshop - Proficient                     ZBrush 4 - Intermediate
    Michael Holcomb | michael@pixelDomain.net | 2817 Galena Ave. Simi Valley, Ca. 93065 | 818.970.2631


Art Institute of Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Ca)
Associate of Science Degree in Computer Animation

•     3D modeling, Animation, Drawing, Typography, Video/Audio Editing, Storyboarding, Graphic Design.


Midway I & II (Play Station Home PS3) - Mass Media, Computer Artist 2009-2010

Stuntman Ignition (PS2 port) - THQ/Mass Media, Computer Artist 2007

Full Spectrum Warrior 2 (PS2 port) - Mass Media, Computer Artist 2006

Full Spectrum Warrior 1 (PS2 port) - Mass Media, Computer Artist 2005

The Bible Game (XBox/PS2) - Mass Media, Computer Artist 2005

Nicktoons Movin’ (PS2: EyeToy) - MassMedia, Computer Artist 2004

Muppets Party Cruise (PS2/GameCube) - Mass Media, Computer Artist 2003

Shrek Super Party (XBox/PS2/GameCube) - Mass Media, Computer Artist 2002

Pac-Man Fever (PS2/GameCube) - Mass Media, Computer Artist 2002

Star Trek DS9: Dominion Wars (PC) - Gizmo Games, Computer Artist 2001

                                    *References available upon request*

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