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									Pradun Andrey
Birthday          May 4th 1988
Location          Omsk, Russia
Marital status    Single
Relocation        Prepared to relocate
Phone             + 7 923 673 4584
Languages         Russian – Native
                  English – Advanced
                  Czech – Beginner, learning

                 Senior Software/Games Developer, Team Lead
Profile                     Software Development Team Lead with more than 2 years of commercial
                            experience in Enterprise systems development and nearly 10 years
                            experience as independent game developer.
                            Innovative Team Lead, strong team player with good communicational skills.
                            Focused on J2EE and Flash platforms, multiplayer games and interactive
                            graphical software.
Professional Skills
                                 Experienced in development of enterprise systems and
                                  multiplayer games with a heavy client-server interaction.
                                  Both on server and client sides;
                                 Leading team of more than 10 programmers;
                                 Technical solutions preparation and estimation ;
                                 Planning and scheduling of a development process;
                                 Persistence and purpose orientation that allow me
                                  successfully complete my own projects;
                                 Experience in design and architecture.

March 2011 – present        Development Team Lead
                            Luxoft (                              Omsk, Russia
                                   Luxoft is a leading offshore software development company, the first
                                   CMMI-Level 5 company in Europe with 5000+ employees.

                            Leading of Java programmer’s team, developing solutions for the
                            world-largest aerospace company.
                            Managing the team, where I worked as Java-developer before
                                                                 Pradun Andrey – J2EE and Flash developer
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                     (see description in the next experience item);

                     My responsibility:
                        Planning of release development;
                        Technical solutions preparation and estimation;
                        Scheduling, tasks allocation, team supervision, driving and
                          so on;
                        Taking part in architecture and design;
                        Development. Especially Frontend, Web Services and
                          interaction with other systems;
                        Performing code review and code quality review (unit tests
                          coverage, style);
                        Communication with customers (English-speakers);
                        Collaboration with other expertise’s (testers, analysts,
                        People management, help team members to grow
                        Consulting other teams about Flex/Flash technologies and
                          integration with backends.

                     Major accomplishments:
                        Successfully managed development of 3 full and 2
                           intermediate releases;
                        Introduced new practices in team, such as agile-style stand-
                           up meetings and informal weekly technical meeting for
                        Improved level of collaboration between developers and

April 2010 – March   Java Developer
2011                 Luxoft (                             Omsk, Russia
                           Luxoft is a leading offshore software development company, the first
                           CMMI-Level 5 company in Europe with 5000+ employees.

                     Taking part in development of an Enterprise System on J2EE
                     platform for the world-largest aerospace company. The system
                     consists of several applications: Backend, Web Services, Frontend
                     and auxiliary tools.
                     It takes an important role in PLM-process (Product Live Cycle
                     management), communicates with other systems that are
                     responsible for geometry transformations and receiving data
                     from ENOVIA repositories;
                                                         Pradun Andrey – J2EE and Flash developer
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                      There are heightened requirements to application stability and
                      ability to work under high-loading, that’s why the system works
                      in cluster environment, supports horizontal scaling, and the
                      backend application consists of independent modules (OSGi-

                      Major accomplishments:
                         Took part in system re-architecture, that allowed to try my
                            design skills in practice and learn new technologies;
                         Since March 2011, I became a Development Team Lead in
                            this team (see experience item above).

                      My responsibility:
                         Development of software applications (Backend,
                           WebServices, Web-application);
                         Detailed design;
                         Defects fixing;
                         Unit-tests implementation, automotive testing support
                         Performing Code Review.

                      Main technologies:
                            J2EE, OSGi, Web Services(SOAP), JDBC, DB2 database,
                            Spring (core, MVC, security), JSF, JSP, Servlets, IBM Web
                            Sphere, Unix (AIX), Fitnesse.

July 2002 – present   Independent game developer                               Omsk, Russia
                                         Personal, mainly non-commercial game projects.
                                         More information on

                      Since 2002 I became working as independent game developer.

                      Initially it was only educational projects, later I had projects in
                      collaboration with other enthusiastic and creative people.
                      Presently, it became a commercial work; we have successfully
                      launched social game, and made few interactive software
                      solutions for international exhibitions.

                      The main areas of my projects are MMO games, social, casual
                      and mobile games (Android), interactive software.

                      List of projects is presented in projects page of my personal
                                                         Pradun Andrey – J2EE and Flash developer
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                   Currently my major responsibilities are:
                       System architecture and design (both client and server
                       Game-client side development;
                       Communication with artists, preparation of technical tasks
                         for art;
                       Art integration, prototyping;

                   Major accomplishments:
                      Successfully completed and launched social game project
                         Zooland, that is available in the Russian largest social
                       Not completed, but a really challenging MMO project
                        Cosmoreon, that taught me work in team and improved my
                        professional skills.

                   Main technologies:
                         Flash platform –for client side
                         C++, Java – for servers
                         .NET framework, C# - for tools
                         WPF, MS Surface, TUIO – multi-touch applications
                         Other frameworks: Andengine, HGE, Ogre, Irrlicht.
                         Artistic Tools: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Flash
Technical Skills
                   Java, J2EE:
                    Backend - OSGi, JDBC, interaction with web services, JMS,
                      huge XML parsing. Spring + OSGi integration(Spring DM);
                    Web development using Servlets, JSF, jQuery, Java Script,
                      Spring MVC;
                    Spring framework – core, MVC, security, Spring BlazeDS
                    Web services- JAX WS, JAX RPC, JAXB, SAAJ, wsdl;
                    Multi-threading, concurrency;
                    IBM Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat;
                    Testing - jUnit, Fitnesse, Cruise Control for continues
                    Databases: IBM DB2, MySQL , Apache Derby, Redis(non-SQL).

                                                     Pradun Andrey – J2EE and Flash developer
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                        Flash platform:
                         Excellent knowledge of AS3 and Flash platform;
                         Experience in different ways of integration with Java, C++ and
                           PHP server applications: binary and XML sockets, AMF, HTTP;
                         Optimization skills (memory, CPU, graphics), profiling.
                           Understanding of AVM2. Essential knowledge in Alchemy and
                         Experience in Social Network API’s (
                           Understanding and experience in Web Services;
                         Flex, Blaze DS, experience in integration with Java Backends.

                        Previous experience:
                         C++, boost, STL, CppUnit
                         HGE engine
                         Ogre Engine, Irrlicht

       2005-2010        Information Security Specialist
                        Siberian State Automobile and Highway academy (SibADI, Omsk)
                        Graduated with distinction

                2009      Conference: “Microsoft technologies in a theory and
  Tomsk State Polytechnic programming practice”.
               University First place in section “Automation Systems and Mechatronics”
                          With project “Traffic flows analysis system”

                                                         Pradun Andrey – J2EE and Flash developer
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