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					Jonathan Adams                        321-298-6959 ||

                                                                 2302 E. Fayette St., Baltimore, MD 21224

Professional Profile

Creative programmer with a talent for learning new languages, tools, software, and applications rapidly.
Communicative team-member with a love of video games and the game industry. Pro-active coder with
ambition, and accountability to see projects finished. Known for the ability to inspire team members,
divergent problem-solving skills, and drive for excellence.


A.A., Computer Science -- Community College of Baltimore County, expected 2013.
Coursework Includes: Introductory and Advanced Database Development and Design, PL/SQL Database
Programming, Game Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Topics in Programming: Game A.I.,
Introductory and Advanced Java, and Calculus.

B.S., Psychology -- University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 2008.
Coursework Includes: Computer Animation and Maya Scripting, Introductory and Advanced Statistics,
Social Psychology, T.A. work for Topics in Psychology: Suicide Counseling, and Cognition in Humans.

Relevant Experience

Junior Developer -- Adcieo, LLC. ,2011 -- Present.
Adcieo is a technology strategy and web application company that services non-profit organizations
seeking web and social media visibility.

+ Utilized talent with DOM-Based Languages to implement ASP .Net, XML, and HTML pages as a primary
+ Team Specialist for Javascript, Jquery, Java, and C-Based Languages.
+ Worked hand-in-hand with the database developers to design and program unique web applications for
major non-profit organizations in the Baltimore/ D.C.-Metro Area.

Lead Designer and Developer -- Thrones of Iron, Personal Project, Present.
Thrones of Iron is an MMORPG game in development by a team of 12 people using the open software,

+ Responsible for development and programming of all parts of primary character data including
character attributes, skills, abilities and actions, and inventory base-system.
+ Managed a team of 4 programmers in the development of game data and sub-systems involving
character data, combat, factions, items and inventory.
+ Created a design-wiki which worked as a resource for all team members interested in the systems and
architecture of the game, and mantained all project management sub-domains on the Thrones of Iron
Jonathan Adams                         321-298-6959 ||

                                                                  2302 E. Fayette St., Baltimore, MD 21224

Lead Programmer -- The Red Planet, Game Programming Class, 2012.
A class-oriented project using Flash and ActionScript between a team of 4 students.

+ Created and implemented all math-based code for a top-down style shooter.
+ Resposible for creating simple boid-based A.I. scripts for enemy activity and movement.
+ Created the code behind the user interface.

Programmer -- The Hunger Dash, Adcieo Game Development, 2012.
A project for Adcieo, LLC. in an attempt to expand the business into the non-profit gaming sector. A rapidly
developed flash game created with minimal costs using the design and theme of a major client.

+ Responsible for all ActionScript and any code used in the project from beginning to final presentation.
+ Worked with designer to develop a fun and unique game that uses no combat, and integrated the
client's mission into the theme of the game.

Programmer -- DreamState, School Development Competition, 2010.
A game created in Unity3D for a School Game Development Competition. Developed a game over 3
months with a premis of three major design categories (Dreams, Time, and Moral Ambiguity).

+ Responsible for all code, which was developed in C#.
+ Created an XML parser and writer for the character data-system which worked as the primary game-

Technical Skills

Languages: C#, C++, Java, Javascript, ActionScript, HeroScript, jQuery, HTML/CSS, ASP .Net, DOM-Based
Coding (XML, HTML, ASP, WPF).
Software & Engines: HeroEngine, Unity3D, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Maya/3DS Max & Blender
(Scripting and Modeling), Ogre3D, Visual Studio.
Databases: Relational and Object Oriented Database Design and Development, PL/SQL, MS SQL, MS
Access, MySQL, Oracle 11g.

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