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									        Kindergarten Supply List

1 box of Crayola brand crayons

scissors (blunt tip)

pencils (pack of 10)

erasers (2 large size)

6 jumbo-size glue sticks

1 bottle Aleene’s Orginal Tacky Glue

   change of clothes (in a plastic Zip-loc bag
      labeled with your child’s first and last names; label
      clothing too)
     sweater, sweatshirt (to keep at school,
      labeled with child’s first and last names)
     snacks (for mid-morning snack every day)
                          First Grade
                          Supply List

 a backpack (label with your child’s name) (NO
  WHEELS) large enough to fill with books and
 a plastic pencil box (label with your child’s name)
  large enough to fill with crayons, scissors, and glue
 2 boxes of tissues
 2 boxes of crayons (boxes of 24)
 1 pack of 24 pencils
 1 pack of rubber pencil cap erasers
 1 pair of Fiskars scissors (child size) (label with your
  child’s name)
 8 JUMBO glue sticks (Please, NO gel sticks or liquid


                      Wish List Items
   1 bottle of liquid soap
   1 bottle hand sanitizer
   1 container of Clorox wipes
   a container of NEW tennis balls (We need these for the bottom of
    our chairs.)
   1 box of gallon-size zip bags
   1 box of quart-size zip bags
   1 box of sandwich-size zip bags
   1 box of snack-size zip bags
            WJ Gurganus Elementary
             2nd Grade Supply List

Sturdy backpack labeled with child’s name- no wheels please
  1.5 inch white binder with clear see-through front window
                         1 pack dividers
       2 boxes 12, 16 or 24 count crayons-please do not
                   exceed requested amount
         1 package sharpened #2 yellow wood pencils-
               no designs, glitter or mechanicals
                     1 package cap erasers
3 plain folders with prongs and pockets, any color- no designs
               1 pack wide ruled loose leaf paper
                    Blunt -tip child’s scissors
                  1 marbleized mead notebook
                       1 pink pearl eraser
                          4 glue sticks

                        WISH LIST
      These items will keep us clean while maintaining
             a healthy classroom environment.

                  2 bottles hand sanitizer
                Gallon or quart zip-lock bags
                       2 boxes tissues
                    2 bottles Lysol wipes
                 1 bottle antibacterial soap
                     1 can of Lysol spray
           Third Grade Common Supply List
          (A more specific list will be sent prior to school opening.)
                   1 Three ring binder (2 inch)
                   6 Individual subject dividers
                   2 Boxes of #2 pencils
                   1 Pack of erasers
                   Wide rule Notebook Paper

       Summer Activities to Promote Success in Third Grade

       Know all basic addition and subtraction facts. Use flash cards to
       Read, read, read! If your child has started reading chapter book,
please continue. If not, perhaps introduce your child to a small chapter book.
You might start by having the child read a page, then you read a page.
       All 2nd grade teachers have enrolled their students in Study Island.
They will send home login information. Please have them work in the 2nd
grade library this summer to ease the transition into 3rd.
       Any opportunity to write should be encouraged. Letters to a relative
or friend, stories, or maybe a short summary of a book are great chances to
keep them in gear!
       Have a great summer, and we look forward to working with you in third
       4th Grade Supply List

     3 inch binder with dividers
     2 inch binder with dividers
        4 folders with prongs
      2 boxes of yellow pencils
2 packs of loose leaf wide rule paper
      1 package of cap erasers
         3 composition books

         Optional Supplies
          Hand Sanitizer
           Lysol Wipes
   W. J. Gurganus Elementary School
        Fifth Grade Supply List
3 Inch Binder         2 Packs of Loose Leaf Notebook
5 Subject Dividers    1 Composition Book (Black &
2 Pocket Folders      2 Packs of #2 Pencils
Student Scissors      2 Glue Sticks
Box of 24 Crayons     1 Pack of Colored Pencils
Flashdrive            1 Pack (4) Dry Erase Markers

                     Wish List
                    Lysol Wipes
                 Quart Storage Bags

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