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LRF Multi Agency Flood Plan

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LRF Multi Agency Flood Plan


Section                                                                        Page

1.     INTRODUCTION                                                             3

2.     RELATED AND INTERDEPENDENT PLANS                                         4

3.     TORBAY COMMUNICATIONS                                                    5

4.     ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES                                               7

5.     COMMAND AND CONTROL                                                      9

6.     VULNERABLE PEOPLE AND GROUPS                                            10

7.     EVACUATION AND SHELTERING OF PEOPLE                                     11

8.     HIGH RISK COMMUNITIES                                                   12


Map 1 – Area Boundary, Fluvial Flood Zone 2 and MAFP HRC Locations
Map 2 – Area Boundary, Tidal Flood Zone 2 and MAFP HRC Locations
Map 3 – Key Transport Links, Fluvial
Map 4 – Key Transport Links, Tidal

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LRF Multi Agency Flood Plan


This Annex forms part of the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Resilience Forum - Multi-
Agency Flood Plan. It contains material specific to Torbay which may not be appropriate to
include in the overarching LRF MAFP. This Annex relates to the Local Authority area of Torbay

1.1       Aim

The aim of this Annex is to set out the detail that is specific to the multi agency response to a
significant flooding incident in the Torbay area.

1.2       Scope

This document is intended for organisations that would participate in and support, the response
and recovery of communities within the Torbay area affected by a flood incident.

This Annex contains details of Torbay specific;

      o    Related and inter-dependant plans
      o    Communications plans
      o    Roles and responsibilities
      o    Command and control arrangements
      o    Information about vulnerable people and groups
      o    Evacuation and sheltering of people (inc Strategic Rest Centres)
      o    Resources available
      o    Summary of High Risk Communities for which plans are not available.
      o    Area-wide mapping showing the location of High Risk Communities and access routes.

1.3        Organisational Responsibilities

All organisations involved in responding to a flood incident are to make their own arrangements
both internally and with outside organisations to ensure that they are able to respond.

1.4        Audience

The intended audience is all organisations that may respond to flooding within the Torbay area.
This Annex is primarily intended for use at Silver Control(s), although it may be of use to Gold.

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LRF Multi Agency Flood Plan


2.1      Plans Overview

This is the Torbay Annex to the Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Multi Agency Flood Plan.
Appended to this Annex are 3 High Risk Community Plans (under development). These are
defined as where the community is at risk from:

      a. Major Tidal/coastal flooding affecting more than 100 properties for 1 to 7 days
      b. Major fluvial flooding affecting more than 100 properties for 1 to 7 days
      c. Communities may also be considered for a High Risk Community Plan (HRC) if there are
         other risk factors such as high numbers of properties at risk of surface water flooding or
         flash flooding, or there are other factors which mean flooding is likely to have significant

The lists of these locations is contained in Annex K. The recommended list of plans will develop
over time as more information on risks to particular communities becomes available, particularly
in reference to rapid response (flash flooding) and surface water flooding.

         National               NFEF

                               MAFP             Combined Agency          Major Incident         Science and
      LRF Strategic                            Emergency Response           Media             Technical Advice
       Framework                                Protocol (CAERP)          Framework              Cell Plan

  Thematic plans,             Annexes                          Large Scale
                                to              Search &       Evacuation &        Recovery          Telecomm
     guidance                  MAFP            Rescue Plan        Shelter            Plan               Plan
 and arrangements                                                Strategic                             (under
                                                                Framework                           development)

      Torbay specific
     emergency plans              Plans

      Organisational          EA Local Flood           Category 1               Category 2
          plans               Warning Plans          Responder Plans          Responder Plans

          Other                 Sandbag               Community
          plans                 Policies            Emergency Plans

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Multi Agency Flood Plan


3.1    Radio Station Coverage

The following local radio stations can be used in Torbay:

     Palm 105.5 FM
     Heart 96.4 FM
     Radio Devon 104.3 FM

Palm 105.5 Coverage


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Multi Agency Flood Plan

Radio Devon 104.3 Coverage

3.2   Telecommunication Shortfalls

      Mobile Phone. Most networks will have patchy areas due to the hills and the whereabouts
      of different masts. The latest network coverage maps can be viewed on network provider
      websites. Total reliance on mobiles phones should be avoided.

      Airwave. There may be some areas not covered by fixed masts. This can be overcome by
      utilising mobile ‘pump-up’ masts and/or other handsets as re-broadcasting stations. The
      same strategy will apply should a fixed masts fail. Therefore, it should be assumed that
      Airwave will provide total coverage.

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Multi Agency Flood Plan


4.1    Roles and Responsibilities of Partner Organisations

Specific roles and responsibilities of LRF partner organisations can be found in Annex A of the
Multi Agency Flood Plan (MAFP). These are in line with those outlined in the Combined Agency
Emergency Response Protocol (CAERP) - Section 3.

4.2    Torbay Council & Torbay & Southern Devon Care Trust Response Structure

The diagram on the following page indicates how Torbay Council and Torbay & Southern Devon
Care Trust will co-ordinate their emergency functions and liaise with partner organisations
through the command and control structure.

Note: The response to rapid onset flooding will require greater flexibility as elements of the
command and control structure will take time to establish themselves.

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Multi Agency Flood Plan

                                                      TORBAY COUNCIL / TORBAY (& SOUTHERN DEVON) CARE TRUST ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE

       STRATEGIC CO-ORDINATING GROUP                                                                    TORBAY COUNCIL
                                                                                             STRATEGIC EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT TEAM
          TC Chief Executive + Admin Support                                                                                                                                      TORBAY COUNCIL RECOVERY TEAM
        TCT / T&SDCT Director + Admin Support                                                                 Commissioner (Chair)
                                                                                                            + Support Officer (Admin)
                                                                                                                                                                                     Commissioner (Chair) + Loggist

                                                                                                  Mayor / Deputy            Elected Member/s
                                                                                                                                                                                         Elected Member Rep.
          TC Liaison Officer + Admin Support                                                        Executives Heads / Service Managers
          TCT Liaison Officer + Admin Support
        T&SDCT Liaison Officer + Admin Support
                                                                                                                                                                                    Local Strategic Partnership Rep.

          OTHER MULTI-AGENCY BRONZE                                                                                                                                                     Community Safety Rep.
                     Flood Warning                                                                      TORBAY COUNCIL
               Evacuate At Risk Properties                                                   TACTICAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT TEAM
                    Search & Rescue                                                                                                                                                          Tourism Rep.
               Save Life & Treat Casualties
                 Pump Out Flood Water                                                                          Incident Manager
                 Maintain Utility Supplies                                                         (Street Scene Manager or Executive Head)
                                                                                                                                                                                         Communications Rep.
                                                                                  TOR2 Senior Manager                             Engineering / Drainage Rep.
                                                                                + Support Officers (Admin)
               TORBAY CARE TRUST
                   (Public Health)                                                                                                                                                           Finance Rep.
                                                                             TOR2 OOH Call Centre Support                          Operations Control Centre
                                                                                                                                   Duty & Assistant Controller

                                                                                                                                                                                          Legal Services Rep.
            (Adult Social Care)

                                                                                                                                                                                         Spatial Planning Rep.
                  Incident Manager
                      (Director)                        TOR2 OPERATIONAL SUPPORT                                 HARBOURS                            ON SCENE LIAISON OFFICERS
                                                        Watercourse & Gulley Maintenance                      Safety of Navigation                      Street Scene Inspectors
                                                        Road Closures / Street Cleansing /             Public Safety on Harbour Estate
                                                                                                                                                                                     Torbay & Southern Devon Care
                                                             Sand Bag Deployment                     Protection of Harbour / Marina Assets
Chief Operating Officer           On Call Manager/s                                                                                                                                            Trust Rep.

        Loggist                       Secretary
                                                                                 SHELTERS / REST CENTRES                           PUBLIC INFORMATION                                          TDA Rep.
                                                                            Organised by Torbay & SD Care Trust                  Communications / Design
                                                                             with support from Torbay Council with             Customer Services Call Centre
                                                                            Transport, Child Care, Housing, Parking                  Street Wardens
                                                                                            and Pets.

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Multi Agency Flood Plan


Torbay Council will fit into the agreed multi-agency Command and Control structures below.

5.1    Single Location Flood Incident

                                               (at Middlemoor)

                                          Paignton Police Station or
                                  Heavitree Road Police Station, Exeter

       Bronze                   Bronze                              Bronze         Bronze
      Function                 Function                            Function       Function

5.2    Multi Location Flood Incident

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Multi Agency Flood Plan


6.1   Vulnerable People

Vulnerable people lists are held and maintained by individual organisations and establishments
and will be made available to the SCG / Silver upon request. Information on vulnerable people
within Torbay can be accessed by contacting the Torbay & Southern Devon Care Trust On Call
Manager. Torbay Council also has access to this list.

6.2   Vulnerable Sites

Detailed locations of facilities / buildings for vulnerable groups (e.g. schools, nurseries, care
homes) but not individuals’ homes are contained, where necessary, within the High Risk
Communities Appendices. Map 1 & Map 2 of the Torbay Annex (Featuring Area Boundary, Flood
Zones and MAFP HRC Locations) show the location of the High Risk Communities in Torbay.

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Multi Agency Flood Plan


7.1     Evacuation and Shelter

Specific evacuation and shelter information in relation to flooding is contained within the High Risk
Community Flood Plans. Where necessary includes information on:
     Locations of Shelters and Rest Centres
     Dry Transportation Routes and Roads At Risk from Flooding

7.2     Shelter / Rest Centres

Whilst early notification is not always possible, the Police should alert Torbay Council at the
earliest opportunity if they consider that an evacuation is likely to take place. Early notification is
important as it provides the time needed to alert staff, to consider options and to prepare shelters
or rest centres for receiving evacuees.
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Multi Agency Flood Plan

Where available, information should be provided on the approximate number of people being
evacuated, and the length of time the shelter will be required.

As soon as the decision is made to evacuate, the Police should request that Torbay Council open
shelters or rest centres to accommodate displaced people.

The decision as to which facilities will be used will be reached by discussion between the Police
and Torbay Council. Torbay & Southern Devon Care Trust will work in partnership with the
Council to provide humanitarian assistance at shelters or rest centres.

A detailed Rest Centre Plan (“Supporting People in a Major Emergency”) is held and maintained
by Torbay & Southern Devon Care Trust. Torbay Council also retains a copy of this plan. It should
be noted that it could take up to 2 hours to set up a rest centre and there may only be enough
resource available to manage and support two rest centres. The provision of multiple shelter
facilities may provide the best option if the duration of a flood event is likely to be short term.

Maps 3 & 4 (Key Transport Links) show the location of Strategic Shelters & Rest Centres within
the Torbay area.

7.3   Transportation Routes

If transport, specialist or otherwise, is required by the Police for the evacuation they will ask
Torbay Council to arrange this.

All agencies should be aware that roads, which may be required for transporting their own staff or
evacuees, may not be passable. Reference should be made to the Key Transport Links (Map 3 &
Map 4 of this Annex) and the Transport / Evacuation Maps included in the High Risk Community

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Multi Agency Flood Plan



                Location                                     Status
Brixham                                  Under Development
Paignton                                 Under Review
Torquay                                  Under Development

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