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					making connections through meaningful communication
                                                                                                          School of Art, Design & Architecture

The School of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Huddersfield realises the need to harness true creativity by interdisciplinary practice and
co-creative alliances, maximising the potential for industry, business and the community.

The ADA NETWORK – is a communication platform to encourage open source activity between the disciplines and the design industry; a user centred
environment which nurtures a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, placement, research activity and creative practice; inviting new tools and new roles
to achieve a ‘no boundaries’ approach to creative engagement.

All the disciplines within the School engage with industry specialists: 3D Design, Architecture, Communication Design, Construction, Contemporary Art,
Digital Media Design, Fashion, Interdisciplinary Art & Design, Interior Design, and Textiles, to establish valuable communities of practice to facilitate
effective communication, collaboration and ongoing innovation. All participants need to be involved in the formation of new design thinking if we are to
achieve successful innovative practice; enabling academics, industry partners and community organisations to meet each others future needs and address
contemporary design imperatives.

The ADA NETWORK was launched in September 07 by Sebastian Conran, Director of Products and Graphics for the Conran Group; Teo Greenstreet,
Chief Executive of the Media Centre; Julie Hanson, Managing Director of Brahm, Janet Webb, Human Resource Manager, SONY Entertainment, Liverpool.

CONRAN & PARTNERS                        BRAHM                                   The MEDIA CENTRE                         SONY
The Conran brand, globally               Brahm, founder and host to the Sh!      Teo Greenstreet, Initiator of            SONY, in collaboration with the
respected for their intelligent          Awards, recognises “Whilst we can       many regenerative and cultural           University of Huddersfield
approach to design and business,         be selling snacks for Kellogg’s we      developments, concerned with             through St. Helens College are
state:- “Creativity should incorporate   can also work with people like          creativity and learning in               ‘breaking down the barriers’
emotional, rational and business         Learn Direct, Yorkshire Forward,        organisations.                           establishing a model for success;
understanding…Design should be           Education and Skills on                 “We need an attitude of mutual           engaging industry and the
used to solve problems not wait until    collaborative projects with             understanding and respect for            community to assist learners in
problems come along, its all about       education, learning and                 building relationships and working       gaining higher qualifications and
perception and integrity – the role of   development themes.”                    together to develop a creative           employability skills.“Courses are
the designer is to try and leave the     Julie Hanson                            environment where ‘playfulness’ is       designed around our needs. Flexible
world a better place. ”                  Managing Director                       key to encouraging collaboration         times cause the least disruption to
Sebastian Conran                         BRAHM, Leeds                            and creativity – an overall attitude     our work schedules.”
Director of Products and Graphics,                                               and willingness to engage and            Janet Webb, HR Manager SONY
CONRAN AND PARTNERS,                                                             take risks”                              Computer Entertainment Europe
London and Brighton                                                              Teo Greenstreet                          “With the University of
                                                                                 Chief Executive                          Huddersfield supporting and
                                                                                 THE MEDIA CENTRE,                        validating our digital courses the
                                                                                 Huddersfield                             collaboration is now 3Dimensional!”
                                                                                                                          Dave Wood ST. HELENS,
                                                                                                                          MM Programme Leader
                                                      Highlights 2007/2008
The ADA NETWORK aims to highlight expertise and encourage good practice in the School of Art, Design and Architecture through the following events
and activities -

•The ADA Lecture Series is regular programme of events for students from all disciplines in the School - an opportunity to impart vital practical knowledge
 and insight to a new generation of designers and artists, in a shared environment. Embedding creativity, enterprise and employability skills into the
 curriculum via guest speakers and core skills workshops. Our partners contribute to the Lecture Series and participate in mid term review panels, creativity
 seminars, offer placements and much more…

•Creativity Cafes and Seminars, comprising informal discussion arenas and LEGO Serious Play workshops, provide academics and industry practitioners
 an opportunity to come together and explore new design thinking via discussion and constructive play in a multidisciplinary context, to gain a deeper
 understanding and the ability to challenge and redefine creativity, contributing to society by the desire to design for the real world!

•ADA Events Programme is open to all academic staff, students, graduates, industry and professional organisations. The programme hosts quarterly
 events with key speakers from the Creative Industries. These multidisciplinary partnerships have helped shape our approach to design and teaching in the
 21st century and we want to continue to guide our students in preparation for successful employment and effective contributions to the creative industries.

A VISIT to ATTIK                         STUDIO AKA                               A PERSONAL JOURNEY                       TINKER FISHER AWARD
Brand Engineers Kevin Coatman            “It all stems from a harmless            Dominic Goodrum, a successful            The ADA NETWORK celebrates
and Matt Kenyon took part in the         obsession with sideshows”                designer and multimedia graduate         the success of second year
Lecture Series exploring the             Marc Craste (BAFTA) award                from the School of Art, Design           Digital Media Design student
‘Commercial Reality’ of ATTIKs           winner for ‘Jo Jo in the Stars’          and Architecture, spent his              Emma Williams who won 1st
work. Students were invited to           and Senior Animation Director at         placement year with NAVY BLUE            Prize of £2,000 from the Tinker
visit the Leeds studio to undertake      Studio AKA, London, enthused             in Edinburgh, then TONIQ in              Fisher Scholarship Fund to
a portfolio critique and overview        students with his wonderfully dark       London. After graduating he              attend ‘Siggraph’, in Los Angeles
of the project management and            creations, taking them through his       gained employment with POKE              the largest computer animation
client liaison process by Emma           inspiring creative journey of film       London. Dom, now a senior                festival in the world.
Hesling, Director of Client              shorts, commercial advertising           designer, returned to share his
Services – Invaluable and                and video animations.                    personal journey, offering
inspiring feedback for our                                                        students his ‘Top Ten Tips
students, with an invitation to                                                   for Success’.
return again next year…
a great success all round.

•ADA NETWORK Website and e-learning platform, provides a dynamic and valuable internal resource tool for both students and staff
 Collaboration                              2008/09

We invite industry and creative communities to consider their own vision for the future and join us in nurturing innovative practice to
improve our creative profile by forming proactive, sustainable, innovative partnerships through the ADA NETWORK

• Promote your business through the Lecture Series
• Share your industry expertise
• Enhance your creative team by engaging with our placements programme
• Offer live project opportunities transforming your business practice and creative agenda, improving the possibilities for innovation

                                                                                                                          Ways to Engage

                                                                                                                                          CREATIVITY CAFES:
                                                                                  This cross School activity at the University which brings together the Schools
                                                                                   of Education and Professional Development, Computing & Engineering and
                                                                                        Art, Design and Architecture. This collaboration invites university-wide
                                                                                                academics to participate with industry professionals in informal
Welcome to the School                                                                                                                         discussion forums.
of Art, Design & Architecture…
                                                                                                          CREATIVITY SEMINAR with LEGO Serious Play:
“We have a clear mission in the School to foster the next
                                                                                        An opportunity for academics and creative industry specialists to come
generation of creative practitioners who will maximise their
                                                                                 together and explore complex issues, resolve conflict, develop strategies and
contribution to the cultural, social and economic well-being of
                                                                                      form teams. Play with a purpose, helps us innovate and manage change,
society. We do this through valuing reflective and critical
                                                                                 making connections in order to realise the creative potential in education and
approaches to the exchange of ideas.
                                                                                   creative industry partnerships…Join us in the new creative arts building this
All staff are researching or engaged in professional practice to
ensure the curriculum is current and relevant to today’s needs
                                                                                                                           ADA NETWORK Lecture Series:
and fits the ambitions of our students.
                                                                                 A term-time weekly open forum for showcasing and advice, allowing students
                                                                                 to engage with industry professionals and benefit from real world scenarios, a
Our students are ready for employment or further study due to the
                                                                                 chance for industry to prepare the next generation of design professionals for
unique way we structure our courses, reflecting the way in which
the creative industries work, thereby offering students a multitude                                                                            the workplace.
of experiences in real life situations. We work closely with
employers and professional statutory bodies to ensure all                                                                      ADA EVENTS PROGRAMME:
graduates of the School develop creative, technical,                                       This coming terms programme will encourage more interdisciplinary
entrepreneurial and cognitive skills as well as business                               collaborative events – a broader opportunity to engage with high profile
knowledge and understanding.”                                                                                    industry leaders from a variety of design fields.

                                                                                           If you are interested in becoming a member of the
                                                                                                   ADA NETWORK PLEASE GET IN TOUCH…
                                                                                                                         see back page for full contact details
Making Global Connections through                                                                             placement & graduate                                          Success

LEGO & 3D Design                  JAGUAR &                          ANNA SUI &                        GALERIE WOLFSEN &                FASHION SHOW 2008                 FOSTER & PARTNERS
“We only recruit the most         Textile/Transport Design          Fashion Communication             Contemporary Arts                An amazing success once           SMC ALSOP &
talented students and benefit     A unique and successful           New York                          Denmark                          again for final year students,    Architecture
from their high level of design   collaborative live project with   “Tanya O'Hare interned in the     Final year Fine Art student      an opportunity to showcase        "We were attracted to
skill and knowledge of the        BA(Hons) Transport and Textile    Design Department at Anna         Amanda Spawforth, spent          their ranges at the Lawrence      Huddersfield by the
latest techniques – new ways      Design students who               Sui where she assisted with       her placement year in            Batley Theatre, a sell out        International Pathway and its
of brainstorming, visualizing     redesigned elements of the XF,    fashion show preparations,        Denmark working at Galerie       event with many new               new Foundation programme.
concepts and approaching          the new premium luxury            maintaining collection planning   Wolfsen, who have since          graduates already accepting       We were motivated by
challenges. Our interns do the    saloon. Ian Callum and Kim        documents and corresponding       purchased her paintings which    opportunities from the top        stimulating study trips,
same design work as our other     Challinor (former                 with manufacturers. She had       will be included in a show of    names in fashion! Ryan            including Malaysia and
designers and have a great        Huddersfield students) were       an excellent attitude and often   contemporary artists at the      Heard won the Fashion Idol        Jordan, as well as the
impact on our product lines,      involved throughout.              stayed late or worked             gallery in Denmark.              competition organised by the      inspiring and colourful studio
with many now seeing their        Impressed by the creativity and   weekends to help get the job      “Our course has a strong         Textile Centre of Excellence,     work and the multinational
own LEGO boxes on                 professionalism of their work,    done. Through her experience,     vocational element and           Ryan’s prize was £500 and         crowd of people we
shop shelves.”                    Jaguar have awarded               we feel that Tanya gained a       Amanda has shown how             12 months in the Textile          encountered. Following our
Mike Ganderton,                   Transport Design and Textile      deeper understanding of the       business can make real sense     Centre Incubator Unit.            graduation we spent a year in
Creative Director                 Design students work              fashion apparel design process    by providing professional                                          the Netherlands. We are now
LEGO Denmark                      placements in their studio.       as a whole while developing       career opportunities”                                              back in the UK, working for
                                  Course Leaders;                   her professional and inter-       Bob Partridge                                                      Foster & Partners and SMC
                                  Hugh Colquhoun,                   personal skills.”                 Course Leader Fine Art                                             Alsop and continuing to
                                  Transport Design                  Thomas Miller, Senior                                                                                dream of the next step."
                                  Nicola Redmore,                   Assistant to Anna Sui,                                                                               Tim McGinley and
                                  Textile Design                    New York                                                                                             Aggeliki Aggeli

DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN              FITCH &                           URBAN OUTFITTERS &                PLUS ONE &                       BEIJING OLYMPIC STADIUM           TEXTILE CRAFTS
Brahm a leading                   Interior Design                   Communication Design              Interdisciplinary                Architecture                      Graduate Jason Donnell has
Communication Agency in           Fitch’s Mike Roberts (left)       New Graduate Rob Loeber           Art and Design                   Alan Chow has just                been awarded first prize in one
Leeds host the Ssh! Awards        and tutor Rod Adams with          armed with a first class          University Centre                completed the first year of the   of the Bradford Textile
which celebrates student talent   Interior Design student           honours degree in                 Barnsley                         Diploma in Architecture –         Society prizes for ‘Crossing
in the region, awarded First      Jennifer Robinson who is          Communication Design                                               winning the First Year Prize.     the Boundaries’. He was also
                                                                                                      Tom Martin, 2008 graduate
Prize of £500 in the Digital      currently on placement            recently begun working with                                        Previously he spent two years     awarded The Bradford
                                                                                                      and photo realist painter from
category to Nicola Owen,          at Fitch.                         Urban Outfitters, London.                                          working in Beijing for Arup       Textile Society Presidential
                                                                                                      the Interdisciplinary Art and
final year Multimedia             “We are really pleased with       “Robert's work stood out from                                      Associates on projects for the    prize of £300 for the highest
                                                                                                      Design course at the
Design student.                   Jennifer and are looking          the crowd. His work is exciting                                    Olympic Games. He has now         standard and ingenuity of
                                                                                                      University Centre Barnsley
Computer Arts Magazine            forward to working with more      and engaging, and he                                               returned and continues to         entry.
                                                                                                      had his work bought from his
Graduate Showcase 2008            students from Huddersfield        presented a wide range of                                          work for Arups whilst
                                                                                                      final year show by PLUS ONE
have published illustrative       who continue to produce a         skills including: typography,                                      conducting research for his
                                                                                                      Gallery and is currently being
work by Chris Moran, another      high standard of                  photography, design                                                dissertation and Final Design
                                                                                                      exhibited at their venue in
successful final year BA(Hons)    innovative work.”                 and animation.”                                                    Thesis. Alan will return to
                                                                                                      Pimlico, London.
Multimedia Design student.        Mike Roberts,                                                                                        Huddersfield in September to
                                                                    Chloe Wolfe-Cowen
                                  Associate Design Director,                                                                           complete his Diploma and
                                                                    Website Graphic Designer                                           become a fully qualified
                                                                    URBAN OUTFITTERS,                                                  Architect.
enhance the Creativity of your                                                                     ADA NETWORK

business, Engaging with people                  in
Innovative ways

                                                                                                            Tracy Lannon
                                                                                                         Project Manager
Want to be involved?                                                                                  Tel: 01484 471303

If you would like to be involved with us,                                                                Lorraine Elsdon
either participating in the NETWORK                                                                     Project Secretary
                                                                                                      Tel: 01484 472527
Lecture Series, or maybe you are                                                             Email:
looking for placement students,
graduates or research and development
assistance.                                                                               ADA PLACEMENT UNIT

The ADA NETWORK can ease the
journey to successful creative
                                                                                                       Linda Whiteley
…please get in touch…                                                                           Placement Coordinator
                                                                                                    Tel: 01484 471091                                                            

“A multidisciplinary approach to all endeavours is key to true creative engagement and successful innovation…”
Tracy Lannon                                                                                                 08746

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