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The Division of Safety and Compliance (S&C)            allowed in the area containing suspected
functions in direct support of the mission of          material until it has been removed or
the University of Illinois at Urbana-                  certified as not having friable asbestos.
Champaign. The U of I is committed to                  Upon discovery of asbestos material during
providing safe and healthful facilities for            construction, notify the S&C representative
faculty, staff, students, and visitors. The            so appropriate action may be taken.
design and construction of new or remodeled
buildings / facilities shall conform to the            No asbestos-containing materials may be
following Construction Guidelines, most of             specified for installation or used as building
which         can      be         found       at       materials during any University building .          project. Bulk sample analysis of all building
                                                       materials that are considered assumed or
                                                       presumed asbestos-containing materials
    1. Aboveground      Storage    Tanks               must be analyzed by a National Voluntary
       (Emergency     Generators   Permit              Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP)-
       Form)                                           accredited laboratory and results provided to
    2. Asbestos                                        the Project Manager and S&C prior to
    3. Emergency Eyewash and Safety                    installation of those building materials.
       Shower Evaluation
    4. Laboratory Fume Hood Evaluation                 Lead Containing Materials: The U of I’s
    5. Lead                                            Lead Protection Program is administered by
    6. Storage     of   Flammable     and              S&C.    Lead screening should be done
       Combustible Liquids                             before construction to identify lead paint and
                                                       other lead-containing materials.         Upon
Fire Safety: The Office of the State Fire              discovery    of     lead   material     during
Marshal recognizes the Facilities and                  construction, notify the S&C representative
Services Code Compliance and Fire Safety               so appropriate action may be taken.
Department as the code authority for the U of
I. As the ‘Authority Having Jurisdiction,’ F&S         Radiation Hazards: The U of I’s radiation
Code Compliance and Fire Safety is                     protection program is administered by the
responsible     for    approving     equipment,        Division of Research Safety (DRS).           If
materials, an installation, or a procedure as          radiological materials are present, notify the
these relate to the National Fire Protection           DRS representative so appropriate action
Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code, the               may be taken. Information is available at
International Building Code, and references  
therein. For more information, see:        Environmental Compliance: The Division
.cfm. The design and construction of new or            of Safety and Compliance has developed an
remodeled buildings / facilities shall conform         ‘Environmental Checklist’ to identify potential
to the following Construction Guidelines:              environmental compliance requirements.
     1. Acceptance Testing Form for Fire               University      project    managers,      project
          Alarm Notification Appliances                coordinators, and professional services
     2. Application for Uniform Variance               consultants are required to complete and
     3. Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Outages               submit the checklist early in a campus
                                                       project's life cycle. The checklist is organized
Asbestos Containing Materials: The U of                into three parts that should be completed
I’s Asbestos Abatement Program is                      according to the project activities: new
administered by S&C.          This program             facility construction, demolitions/renovations
requires that any area within a U of I facility        and      new      facility  operations.      The
that is to be remodeled must be inspected              ‘Environmental Checklist’ is located on the
for the presence of asbestos containing                Safety and Compliance website under the
building materials (ACBMs) prior to                    Environmental            Management          tab:
commencement of work activities.           All
readily accessible asbestos should be                  iro_checklists.html
removed before construction work proceeds.
No workers or other activity should be

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