Ponderosa Trails Homeowners Association

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					The annual meeting was held on
                                       Please visit the association’s website at
Thursday October 28th at the           ponderosatrailshoa.com
Radisson Woodlands Hotel.              The site contains the association’s
President of the Board, Bill Menard,   documents for convenient access and
gave a report to the membership.       printing as well as financial and contact
The report consisted of:               information. Through the site, you may
                                       contact your Board as well as the
    An operating and reserve
                                       management company. We will be using
       financial report                the website to save the association
    2009-2010 community               postage costs. Please fill out the online
       improvements                    survey regarding association issues and
    Community events                  performance.
    Projected improvements
   During the meeting the votes
   were tallied for the Board of
   Director’s election.
   Congratulations to Mickey            Your association is professionally
                                        managed by Sterling Real Estate
   McGuire and Dan Andersen as
   they were both elected. Thank        As the owner/broker of Sterling Real
   you to all the owners who voted      Estate Management, I would like to
   via absentee ballot or in person     invite you to personally contact me
   at the meeting.                      with any concerns or questions
   Please visit the association’s       regarding your association or
                                        management. I can be reached at (928)
   website to view the annual
                                        773-0690 or mike@sterlingrem.com.
   meeting minutes. If you have any
   questions, please do not hesitate    Sincerely,
   to contact Sterling Real Estate      Mike Hutchins
   Management.                          Mike Hutchins
                                                Neighborhood Reminders

     The 2010 Holiday Lighting
                                                     Maintenance: Please
    Competition will take place                       maintain your house
      on December 29th. Cash                        paint and fence stain to
      prizes will be awarded to                     keep the neighborhood
                                                           looking fresh.
             the winners!                          Any change to the
   The overall appearance and                      exterior of your property
     beauty will be judged not                     must be approved by the
                                                      Architectural Review
     just the quantity of lights.                  Committee (paint, sheds,
              Sorry APS!                            landscaping, etc) Please
            1St Place $100                        use the application found
                                                          on the website.
            2nd Place $50                         Parking: No parking on
            3rd Place $75                               landscaping. C of F
   This event is sponsored by                      winter parking ordinance

   SterlingWinter Reminders
                                                   is in effect, no parking on
                  Real      Estate                   streets Nov. 1-April 1,
   Management            &     the                        12:00AM-7AM
   Ponderosa Trails Events                       The next Board Meeting
Please remove snow from sidewalks as per
                                                    is unofficially scheduled
   Committee.         you would
the C of F If ordinance. Please visit
                                                  for Friday December 10th,
   like to serve you need assistance please
flagstaff.az.gov. Ifon the Events
                                                    2010 at 4PM at Sterling
call Sterling REM at 773-0690. We have a list
                                                             Real Estate
    contractors for you to contact
ofCommittee, please contact.
                                                         Management. All
   Board or tube in Mickey
Do not sled Member common areas of the
                                                          Members of the
association. who is also the
   McGuire                                          association are welcome
Keep heat on at all times to avoid frozen             to attend. Please call
   chair of the committee.
pipes.                                              ahead of time to ensure
   Mickey can be reached                             the meeting time was
   using the contact us page                             not rescheduled.
   at Ponderosatrailshoa.com.
   Thank you!

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