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                                                   Eagle’s Eye                                              Vol. 14/No. 4

                                                R O C K Y                       P O I N T                          S E N I O R                                H. S.
                                                        82 Rocky Point–Yaphank Road, Rocky Point, NY 11778

                                                      Look Out Disney, Here We Come!
                compiled by
             Lisamarie Gavin

The PTA Meeting is on Tuesday, February 7,
at 7:30 pm at the middle school.
Second quarter report cards for students in
grades 6-12 will be mailed on Friday, February
Friends of Music will meet Monday, February
13, at 7:30 pm at the high school.
The Career Advisory Partnership will host
“Fiscal Fitness,” a workshop with Mr. Johann,
Wednesday, February 15, at 2:15 pm in the high
school library.
Schools will be closed Monday, February 20
through Friday, February 24 for Mid-Winter
The registration deadline for the April 1 SAT
exam is Friday, February 24. See guidance for
The high school shared decision meeting is
Monday, February 27 at 7:30 pm in the high
school auditorium.
The Board of Education will meet Monday,
February 27, at 7:30 pm in the high school audi-
The musical production of Anything Goes for
senior citizens is Tuesday, February 28, at 3:30
pm in the high school auditorium. Admission is
free to all seniors.                               by Ashley Audette
The athletic booster club meeting is Tuesday,
February 28, at 7:30 pm at the high school.        T    his month the varsity cheerleaders are trekking to
                                                        Disney World in Orlando, Florida, to compete at
                                                   the National High School Cheerleading Championship.
                                                                                                                work. At this competition eight seniors will be saying
                                                                                                                goodbye to high school cheerleading. The seniors have
                                                                                                                been building blocks for the program and amazing role
The high school musical production of Anything     Last year, they placed 35th out of 80 and qualified for      models for their fellow teammates.
Goes will be Thursday, March 2, Friday March       preliminaries.                                                  “I love my team like they are my sisters and my best
3, and Saturday, March 4, in the high school          “It was the most exciting thing I’ve gone through         friends,” said senior captain Amanda Motti. “Cheerleading
auditorium at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available       in my life,” said junior Brianna Reilly.                     has made me a better person and I have learned a lot.”
before and after school at the ticket booth.          This year the team is returning with a vengeance to          “I know that this is it. This is my last time to shine
                                                   make it to finals.                                           and help my team shine,” said senior captain Stacie
The registration deadline for April 8 ACT exam                                                                  Tiftitsoglou.
                                                      To make a bid to Nationals is a triumph in itself and
is Friday, March 3. See guidance for details.
                                                   is a great success for the team. The 16-member team             For most of the graduating seniors it is not saying
College information night is Tuesday, March        had to place at Regionals, where they earned the title       goodbye to a team, it is saying goodbye to a family.
7, at 7 pm in the HS auditorium.                   of Regional Champions. Then they were offered a bid             “I’m really going to miss them, but the memories will
                                                   to Nationals and began two months of sweat and hard          be something that I will take with me all my life,” said
Third quarter progress reports for students in     work to become “the essence of perfection.”                  senior captain Brittany Goldman.
grades 6-12 will be mailed on Friday, March 10.       Being in front of a crowd has never been a problem           All of the girls bring their hearts and souls onto the mat
                                                   for these girls. Performing is in their blood, no matter     both during performances and practice. It is this sense
The Rocky Point St. Patrick’s Day Parade is        if they are in the familiar Rocky Point gymnasium or         of responsibility and honor that make the cheerleaders
Sunday, March 12.                                  on a mat in Florida.                                         excited to be part of the program.
Friends of Music will meet on Monday,                 “It is an amazing feeling, being able to go to a place       “I love being a Rocky Point cheerleader because we’re
March 13, at 7:30 pm at the high school.           where you’re recognized as athletes, where other girls       such a close team. We have a lot of spirit,” said junior
                                                   know exactly what you went through to get there. They        Colleen Quinn.
Anyone interested in modeling for the April 5      know how hard you work,” said junior Deanna Gibaldi.            The varsity team will travel to Florida on February 10
CAP “Dress for Success” fashion show/                 With the anticipation and excitement for the plane ride   to compete for a top finish against 80 teams from dif-
workshop can see Mrs. Wilson for details.          to Nationals comes reflection over many years of hard        ferent parts of the country. •
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  SCCC Dorm Talks                                                     Capping Emissions to Clear the Sky
  Shot Down                                                           by Jessica Santiago

  by Antoinette Barrella
                                                                      S    enators from seven Northeast states finalized the Re from power plants today. The Bush administration has
                                                                           gional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, on Tuesday, De- adopted a hands-off approach when it comes to glo-

   S    uffolk County Community College recently pro
        posed the construction of dorms for their cam-
   puses in Brentwood, Riverhead and Selden. County
                                                                      cember 20, 2005. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Ini- bal warming, and has rejected concrete cuts in emis-
                                                                      tiative, or RGGI, is an agreement to reduce global warm- sions. In November 2005, at a global climate-change
                                                                      ing pollution in their states.                               conference in Montreal, Bush’s handpicked delegation
   Executive Steve Levy vetoed the proposal to spend                     RGGI will cut heat trapping global warming emissions touted research into emissions-control technology, and
   $50,000 towards a study to investigate the possi-                  from the region’s power plants and create a new in- walked out of the conference’s negotiating session.
   bility of placing dormitories at SCCC.                             vestment in cleaner, more efficient energy technology.          “Personally, I think that Bush is making a huge mis-
      “It’s absurd to spend taxpayers’ money on dorms.                The policy is expected to lower utility bills by helping take by not controlling the amount of pollution that is
   This is a community college, and we have three                     consumers and businesses                                                                     put into the environment. It is
   satellite campuses to maximize convenience for all                 use energy more efficiently.                                                                 a travesty,” said junior Daniel
                                                          resi-          “The governors of these                                                                   Leckie.
                                                          dents,”     Northeastern states are send-                                                                  Global warming, caused
                                                          L e v y     ing a strong signal to other                                                                 mainly by carbon dioxide, is
                                                          said, ac-   states and other nations that                                                                proven to cause increased
                                                          cording     Americans are ready to                                                                       spread of infectious disease and
                                                          to Suf-     implement innovative solu-                                                                   worsened health impacts of air
                                                          f o l k     tions to meet the challenge                                                                  pollution.
                                                          Life.       posed by global warming,”                                                                      “Climate change is the great-
                                                            SCCC      said Dr. Peter C. Frumhoff,                                                                  est public health concern of this
                                                          w a s       Senior Scientist and Direc-                                                                  century,” said Dr. Cindy Parker
                                                          built       tor of the Union of Con-                                                                     of Physicians for Social Respon-
                        photo courtesy of sunysuffolk.edu with the    cerned Scientists’ Global En-                                                                sibility and a faculty member of
                                                                                                                                 photo courtesy of gettyimages.com
                                                          intent to   vironment Program.                                                                           the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg
    The SCCC campus has three satallite                   be      a      Each state will have its                                                                  School of Public Health.
                                                                                                        Global warming has been proven to cause
    campuses to maximize convenience for                  c o m -     own emissions limit derived                                                                    The effects on the environ-
                                                                                                        increased spread of infectious diseases.
    all of their students.                                muter       from an overall regional ob-                                                                 ment from global warming in-
                                                          college     jective that is based on emis-                                                               clude rising sea levels, increased
   for students in the surrounding communities. How-                  sions measurements from 1990. For example, the re- storm activity and intensity, extreme precipitation events,
   ever, in the last five to seven years, many com-                   gional emissions for New York would be capped at deadly heat waves, shifts in global weather patterns,
   munity colleges have started offering students the                 64,310,805 million short tons of carbon dioxide; out of ecosystem shifts, reduced crop yields and melting polar
   option to dorm there.                                              the seven states, New York has the largest allowance ice caps.
      Community colleges in New York have already                     of carbon dioxide emissions. Along with new pollution           “A technological solution sounds great, but we need
   started this pattern of adding dormitories to their                limits, the plan will use a market-based strategy to re- to do something soon, and this emissions cap gives an
   campuses. Schools such as Herkimer, Ulster, Ee-                    ward companies for producing less carbon dioxide than incentive to businesses to reduce emissions now, us-
   rie and even Orange County, have contributed to                    their emissions limit, and lower overall compliance costs. ing existing technology while we develop new tech-
   this new development.                                              Companies will need fewer pollution permits and can nology for a more permanent solution,” said physics
      “It would be a good idea to help the economy.                   sell excess, unused carbon dioxide emissions called “al- and science research teacher, Dr. Jeffrey Spahn.
   There would be more money in the system. It would                  lowances” to other companies.                                   The “Signatory States” have already encouraged other
   also enable students who live upstate or too far away                  “I’m glad someone has proposed an actual concrete states and regions to take an affirmative role in reduc-
   to drive to experience Suffolk County,” said En-                   plan, rather than dodging the issue and postponing the ing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. It is im-
   glish teacher Mr. Barry Molloy.                                    inevitable,” said senior Ian Czekala.                        portant to take action on the issues affecting the world
      Many students aspire to go to SCCC because it                      The seven Northeast states, or the “Signatory States,” now, however it is imperative to take prevention on is-
   is close enough that if they do want to live at home               have gained support from Bank of America, Staples, sues affecting the world twenty years from now.
   with their parents.                                                Keyspan, National Grid, Pfizer, Entergy, and The En-            Brad Heavner, director of the Maryland Public Interest
      Also, the price is very reasonable for parents and              ergy Consortium. Resistance has come from owners Research Group, demonstrates the need of prevention.
                                                                      of large coal fired power plants, as well as the New York “We can start working on solutions to this immense
                                                                      Public Interest Research Group, which feels Governor problem now, or we can sit on our hands and watch it
                             “SCCC” continued on page 8
                                                                      Pataki needs to set a cap on carbon dioxide emissions get worse – and pay for it later.” •

Mark Drive Decision Dangling on a String
by Jessica Santiago

A     t the Rocky Point Civic Association meeting at the
      Rocky Point VFW hall, many Rocky Point residents
debated and defended decisions to be made about installing
                                                                      said, “I use the stop signs!”
                                                                        To counter, a large group of other Rocky Point resi-
                                                                      dents, led by Brian Schulman, has posted its defense
                                                                                                                                             for public use and if they are paying for the roads, they
                                                                                                                                             want to use them. According to the website, Schulman
                                                                                                                                             has “reviewed the facts” and reported that the roadway
a “no-left-turn” sign onto Hallock Landing from Mark                  against     the     Mark      Drive   residents      on                safely and efficiently handles the local
Drive. Councilman Kevin McCarrick and the Civic board,                “www.SaveRockyPoint.org.” They feel it is a public road                traffic. “SaveRockyPoint.org” says those who do not
as well as representatives from the traffic safety depart-                                                                                   like it can exercise their freedom to move.
ment of Brookhaven, attended theWednesday, January                                                                                             “I think that people don’t understand how it is to live
11 meeting.                                                                                                                                  on that road because they don’t know how many people
  Residents living on Mark Drive and Janise Drive have                                                                                       actually utilize the cut-through,” said junior Gina Peterson,
been pursuing the issue of traffic control for almost five                                                                                   Mark Drive resident.
years. According to these residents, drivers do not stop                                                                                       Schulman, who was present at the meeting, has been
at the stop signs, creating dangerous conditions for those                                                                                   a Rocky Point community member for eleven years and
residing on the road. They have also referred to traffic                                                                                     has experienced first hand the “expansion and growth”
studies that show the high volume of cars, almost 2,000                                                                                      of the Rocky Point community. He also stated, “I real-
cars daily, that travel through the shortcut between                                                                                         ize times are changing and it’s a matter of time before a
Waldbaums and Hallock. Possible options besides a “no-                                                                                       line must be drawn.”
left-turn” sign include additional traffic devices like speed                                         photo courtesy of saverockypoint.org     Many community members openly communicated and
bumps, or creating a dead end situation, like Second and                                                                                     expressed their ideas – almost everyone had an
Third Avenues.                                                          Drivers who use Mark Drive as a daily shortcut
  Senior Vanessa Sotcheff disagreed with residents and                  think a “no left turn” sign may inconvenience them.                                         “DECISION” continued on page 7
                                                       F                   e a t u r e s
         Vol. 14/No. 4
        February 2006

Guiding New Drivers and Buyers                                                                                                                  Teachers
by Sal Nicosia                                                                                                                                  Actually Date?
B    uying a new car might be the most important
     thing on a student’s mind when he or she gets a
permit or driver’s license. But jumping into these
                                                                           long the car has been sitting for, and how many miles
                                                                           are on the engine. Be sure to do a full inspection of the
                                                                           body and interior for any visible damage due to rust or              by Kim Farley
things could cause a financial disaster for those that                     water. Check the brakes and tires of the car because they
do not know what to look for when buying a car.                            are expensive to fix or change.
  Getting a good, reliable first car is essential. Many
students are not experienced drivers so getting a brand
                                                                             If there are some worries about getting ripped off in
                                                                           price because there is no real way to know the car’s                 A    lthough it may seem a little far-fetched, teachers
                                                                                                                                                     have actually dated before. Here are some of
                                                                                                                                                their stories:
new Ford Mustang might not be their best bet. Not only                     worth, worry not. Kelly Blue Book, www.kbb.com, is
could someone not afford it on a wage working at Sub-                      a website that gives a complete value of any used car
way or McDonald’s, but also it is just not a smart first                   based on its condition, year mileage, and accessories that           “On my first date with my wife, we went to a hockey
car. The smartest first car that many students should                      come with the car.                                                   game. I passed the arena so I turned around and
look into is a used car.                                                     If the funds are there to buy a new car, then by all               slid on ice and my car got stuck. I had to ask her
                                                                           means, get that brand new ride. Some top new cars to                 to get out so I could push the car,” said science
                                                                           buy are the Chevy Aveo and Ford Focus, which are cheap               teacher Mr. Eric Matwey
                                                                           in price and reliable to drive.
                                                                             “I bought a brand new ‘04 Jeep Cherokee; it’s a great              “When I met my husband,
                                                                           car,” said Denis Karochopan.                                         he asked me if I believed
                                                                              Keep in mind that any new car will automatically de-              in love at first sight, and
                                                                           crease in value as soon as you drive it off the lot. So, if          I said, ‘no.’ We have been
                                                                           you are paying it with                                               married for almost 16
                                                                           monthly payments,                                                    years,” said science
                                                                           make sure you are                                                    teacher Mrs. Donna
                                                                           careful. If your car                                                 Shapiro
                                                                           is worth $17,000
                                                                           brand new and five                                                   “I worked in a restaurant
                                                                           months later it is sto-                                              for a long time and one of
   “I got a used car from my aunt. I love it because it’s                  len or crashed, the                                                  my regular customers,
girly and I didn’t have to pay for a running car,” said                    value will have al-                                                  who is now my husband,
senior Colleen Cain.                                                       ready significantly de-                                              came in and was doing a
   However, not every used car for sale by a private owner                 creased. You will                                                    crossword puzzle. The
may be suitable or in running order. Shoppers might want                   lose out on a great                                                  clue was ‘highest point’ and I looked over and told
to look for some specific things when buying a used car                    deal of money paying                                                 him the answer was ‘acme.’ The next day he came
from a private owner. Always check to make sure a Ve-                      back the dealer the                                                  back in and told me that I was wrong…it wasn’t
hicle Identification Number is present on the car. This                    full price of the new                                                ‘acme,’ it was ‘apex.’ Then, he asked me out,” said
is a type of social security number for cars; each one is                  car.                                                                 ESL teacher Mrs. Laura Flanagan.
unique. Perspective buyers can use this number on a                          So remember to be
website such as www.carfax.com, to check maintenance                       a smart buyer and to                                                 “I was a cheerleading coach and Mr. Basileo was
history of the car they are interested in. This way they                   follow some of this                                                  the co-wrestling coach with Mr. Winkler. So, one
know this car has not been driven into a lake or some                      information when                                                     of my cheerleaders figured she would do some
obscure event like that.                                                   looking for a car. It                                                matchmaking. I turned him down three times be-
   “I own a Cadillac that I bought used for about $800.                    takes research and ef-                                               fore we actually went out on a date. We will be
I fixed it up, got new paint on it, and it looks and runs                  fort to get a good deal, and a car that you will be happy            married 24 years,” said business teacher Mrs. Lynn
ill,” said junior Mike Frudakis.                                           driving. •                                                           Basileo.
   Other questions that are good to ask a seller are how
                                                                                                                                                “I was 17 and a senior. My boyfriend Craig and I
                                                                                                                                                went out one Saturday afternoon with another couple.
                                                                                                                                                We decided that we wanted a little time to ‘bond,’
                                                                                                                                                shall we say. So we drove to Greenbrook Park (in
                                                                                                                                                New Jersey) and parked. Both couples were kiss-

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
                                                                                                                                                ing when a 7-foot tall state trooper suddenly ap-
                                                                                                                                                peared at the driver’s side window. We got a park-
                                                                                                                                                ing ticket – kind of gives a new meaning to the term,”
                                                                                                                                                said English teacher Mrs. Theresa Arrigon.
by Danielle Walters
                                                                                                                                                “I once went on this terrible date on August 6, the

A     s Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, last minute                   “It’s just an added bonus to something already deli-              anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Then two
      shoppers may want a tip to consider buying dark                      cious,” said senior Scott Blasberg.                                  years later I called the girl back and asked her if
                                                  chocolate for their         There is at least three times the amount of cocoa in                                              she remembered me.
                                                  sweethearts this         dark chocolate than any other chocolate.                                                             She said she did, and
                                                  year. Researchers at        “There is a big taste difference in dark chocolate. Not                                           I asked her on an-
                                                  University Hospital in   that many people like it,” said senior Katie Smith.                                                  other date for August
                                                  Zurich, Switzerland         Not all chocolate is heart healthy. White chocolate, which                                        6 to commemorate
                                                  have found that eat-     a Harvard researcher pointed out, is “not really choco-                                              our two years of not
                                                  ing a small amount       late at all.” Milk chocolate may expand the hips rather                                              seeing each other
                                                  of dark chocolate ev-    than help blood flow.                                                                                and she said ‘yes.’
        photo courtesy of ruggedelegantliving.com ery day may lower           “I’m glad to hear that dark chocolate can save someone’s                                          We went bowling
                                                  the risk of heart dis-   life,” said senior Chelsea                                                                           and had a terrific
    Dark chocolate lowers the
                                                  ease, cancer, and        Canepa.                                                                                              time,” said social
    risk of heart disease, cancer,
    and high blood pressure.                      high blood pressure,        None of the instant co-                                                                           studies teacher Mr.
                                                  because it helps         coa mixes in the local                                                                               Steven Shultz.
                                                  blood vessels dilate     grocery store contain
and is filled with antioxidants that keep the arteries from                the flavanoids that im-                                                                             “One year my boy-
narrowing.                                                                 prove blood vessel func-                                             friend got me a bowling ball and bowling shoes for
   According to the researchers, eating two ounces a                       tion.                                                                Christmas. We are now married,” said math teacher
day will improve the blood flow. Sweet! Dark choco-                           So, consider getting                          photo courtesy of   Mrs. Jennifer Engelleau. •
late is full of flavanoids, which are chemical compounds                   some healthier chocolate
found in plants, that have been shown to promote other                     this year. This decision Dark chocolate is not only
cardiovascular benefits, including decreasing bad LDL                      could last your Valentine a delicious treat but is
cholesterol.                                                               a lifetime! •                 healthy too!
                         F               e a t u r e s
      54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                     Vol. 14/No. 4
                                                                                                                         February 2006

      Brendon Washburn                               Carissa Galetti                                    Jillian Pristach
            and                                           and                                                 and
       Leann Lavery                                   Matt Russell                                       Chris Dozier
 Anniversary 9-15-05                          Anniversary 10-17-03                                  Anniversary 5-5-05

 “We have so much fun together. I love the    “Matt is someone I got to know over time and        “My favorite quality about Chris is that he
 way Brendon cares about me.”                 his kindness and generosity made him stand          always tries to cheer me up when I’m
                                              out from the other guys. “                          down.”
 “What attracted me to Leann was the way we
 connected.”                                  “My favorite quality is how I can talk to           “Jill is someone I can talk to about any-
                                              Carissa about anything, and how understanding       thing. I love her!”
                                              she is. She is smart, beautiful and athletic.”

                               “For Everything You Do,

         Katie Hagmeyer                                 Laura Walsh                                       Michelle Side
               and                                          and                                              and
          Nick Tetrault                                 Peter Ragussa                                     Nick Salerno
 Anniversary 10-23-04                          Anniversary 3-2-05                              Anniversary 8-7-05

 “Nick and I are best friends. We never get    “I love how Pete makes me laugh and the         “I love that we can do our own thing; I am really
 sick of each other even if we have been       little things he does to show me he cares.      comfortable around Nick. I basically can do
 together for weeks.”                          He will do anything to make me smile.”          whatever I feel like doing.”

 “I love Katie’s eyes and smile. She is an     “Laurie and I get along really well. She        “Knowing that Michelle is always going to be
 amazing girlfriend.”                          has the most beautiful smile, and cute          there for me and knowing that her feelings will
                                               cheeks.”                                        never change keeps me with her.”

by Antoinette Barrella
   Vol. 14/No. 4
  February 2006
                                                 F        e a t u r e s

        Samantha Nicosia                                                                                        Victoria Vivonetto
                                                          Timothy McGreevy
              and                                               and                                                    and
         Nick Bushnell                                     Melissa Hayden                                          Rich Ferrer
 Anniversary 10-7-03                                                                                       Anniversary 2-11-05
                                                       Anniversary 1-20-04
 “What keeps me with Nick is that he puts up                                                               “ I get a kick out of it when he laughs really
                                                       “Tim has an adorable smile that is contagious.      hard at something and smacks himself in the
 with my antics and also accepts me for who I          You’re forced to fall in love with him!”
 am. We’ve had a lot of fun times together!”                                                               head. He has a great sense of humor, and he
                                                                                                           is just an amazing guy.”
                                                       “My favorite quality about Melissa is the way
 “What attracted me to Sami was that she’s not         she smiles, and how she is, for the most part, a
 like most girls I know. When we are together,                                                              “What keeps me with Vicky is the honesty
                                                       fun and bubbly person.”                             and trust, also her sense of humor.”
 there’s not a care in the world.”

        I Turn To You...”

       Samantha Ehrich                                          Robin Harris                                     Sabrina Cacciatore
             and                                                   and                                                  and
        Nick DeLucia                                            Jack Eso III                                        Ricky Clark
Anniversary 2-15-05                                   Anniversary 2-14-03                                 Anniversary 3-31-05

“We share the same interests and friends, so I        “What attracted me to Jack was his personality.     “I like listening to music with Ricky. I love his
enjoy just spending time hanging out with Nick.”      I was his best friend and went to him for every-    sense of humor because it’s hard to find anyone
                                                      thing, and then it was like, boom! I realized he    with humor like mine.”
“I love that Sam and I understand each other so       is the one for me!”
well and we never run out of things to talk about.”                                                       “Even with the distance, it’s still somehow easier
                                                      “It was her personality that attracted me to her.   and better to be with Sabrina than try to be
                                                      I am shy and Robin is outgoing.”                    without. I’m happy when I’m with her.”
                             E                 n t e r t a i n m e n t
            4321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                                                    Vol. 14/No. 4
            4321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                                                   February 2006

Broadway’s Buzzing About Spelling Bee
by Ashley Audette

T    he Broadway musical, The 25th Annual Putnam
     County Spelling Bee tells the story of elementary
school children competing in a high-pressure spell-
                                                          she wants, Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre (Sarah
                                                          Saltzberg) who is trying to prove to her two fathers that
                                                                                                                                          pal Douglas Patch (Greg Stuhr) and comfort counselor
                                                                                                                                          for eliminated spellers, Mitch Mahoney (Derrick Baskin).
                                                          she is not a loser, and Leaf Coneybear (Jesse Tyler                               Spelling Bee is based on the play C-r-e-p-u-s-c-u-l-e,
ing bee. This show is an hour-and-forty-five minutes                                                                                      conceived by Rebecca Feldman and firstly performed by
of a non-stop laugh fest that had the entire audience                                                                                     her founded group, The Farm, which included original
in stitches. Songs like, “Pandemonium” and “My Friend
                                                                                                                                          Broadway cast members Folger and Saltzberg. Feldman
the Dictionary,” and great acting made the show such                                                                                      joined forces with William Finn for music and lyrics and
a treat.                                                                                                                                  Rachel Sheinkin for the book and was able to create the
   The décor in the lobby creates an auditorium-like
                                                                                                                                          musical version of Spelling Bee. The production traveled
atmosphere, making the audience truly feel like as if                                                                                     from Barrington Stage to Second Stage and has finally
they were in an elementary school, causing the ex-                                                                                        come to Broadway, causing a buzz in the theater com-
perience so much more believable. Upon entering, au-
                                                                                                                                          munity as it made its way through the ranks.
dience members can volunteer to participate as spellers                                                                                     Spelling Bee was as well received by the committees
in the bee. All volunteers answer a few short ques-
                                                                                                                                          who nominate the top awards in theatre as it was by au-
tions about themselves and their spelling ability. Af-
                                                                                                                                          diences. It received six Tony nominations and two awards
ter all the volunteers sign up, four are selected to be                                                                                   for Best Book, and Best Performance by a Featured Ac-
a part of the show. Those people get placed in a spe-
                                                                                                                                          tor in a Musical (Dan Folger). It also received one nomi-
cific part of the theatre and wait for the show to be-                                                                                    nation and one win for the Outer Critic Circle award for
gin. Once the lights go down, spectators are no longer                                                   photo courtesy of playbill.com
                                                                                                                                          Outstanding actor in a Musical (Dan Folger), two the-
watching a Broadway show, they are truly in a gym-
                                                                                                                                          atre world awards for Dan Folger and Celia Keenan-Bolger,
nasium watching an elementary school spelling bee.         The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee plays                               and four Lucille Lortel Award nominations with two wins
   The show tells the story of six young spellers, each    eight shows a week at The Circle In The Square
                                                                                                                                          for Outstanding Musical and Outstanding Featured Ac-
with their own personal struggles and triumphs.            Theatre.
                                                                                                                                          tor (Dan Folger). In total Bee took home thirteen nomi-
Throughout the show, spellers show and tell the au-                                                                                       nations and seven awards, making this play adaptation
dience what it is truly like to be a young student par-   Ferguson) who wants to prove to his family that he is                           musical into a huge success.
ticipating in a spelling bee. There is Marcy Park
                                                          not the dumb boy they believe him to be. Chip Tolentino                           I would one hundred percent recommend this show to
(Deborah S. Craig) who thinks she is the best at ev-      (Jose Llana), last year’s bee winner, and William Barfee                        people of all ages who are looking for a laugh out loud
erything, but does not know if being the best is what     (Dan Folger), who was disqualified last year because                            good time. The songs are cute, the actors are phenom-
                                                          of an allergic reaction, have a “friendly” rivalry. Olive                       enal, and the script is solid. The 25th Annual Putnam County
                                                          Ostrovsky (Celia Keenan-Bolger) just wants her dad to                           Spelling Bee plays eight shows a week at the Circle in

 Be Mine!                                                 come and watch her spell. These six spellers, plus the
                                                          four audience participants, are joined by Rona Lisa Peretti
                                                          (usually played by Lisa Howard, but I saw understudy
                                                                                                                                          the Square Theatre on 50th Street between Broadway and
                                                                                                                                          Eighth Avenue in Manhattan. •

 by David Bonner                                          Lucy Yien on January 7th), co-host, assistant princi-

 V    alentine’s Day is a day for
 couples      to    show      how
      much they love each other by                        Top 20 Love Songs
 getting gifts and going out. But
 dreaming is always fun...We
 asked Rocky Point students and                           by Lisamarie Gavin
 teachers who their celebrity val-
 entine would be.

 ““If I had a date with a celeb-
 rity, it would be Nick Lachey. Now
                                                                                                  1    . “I Don’t Want to
                                                                                                          Miss a Thing” by
                                                                                                                                           1   . “I Don’t Want to
                                                                                                                                               Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith
                                                                                                                                           “I could stay awake just to hear you breathing.”
 that Jessica is gone I know I have a chance.”                                                     “I could stay awake just                2. “21 Questions” by 50 Cent
                     -Senior Sam Spallina.                                                         to hear you breathing.”                 “You know my style, I say anything to make you
                                                                                                   2. “21 Questions” by 50                 smile.”
                     Angelina Jolie--her lips are                  photo courtesy of geocities.com Cent                                    3.“Every Time We Touch” by Cascada
                     very nice.”                                                                   “You know my style, I                   “Cause every time we touch I get this feeling, and
                     -Sophomore Mike Eso                  “I Don’t Want to Miss a                  say anything to make you                every time we kiss I swear I
                                                          Thing” was played in the
                                                          film Armageddon.
                                                                                                   smile.”                                 could fly.”
                     “Jessica Simpson--our off-                                                    3.“Every Time We                        4. “You Should Let Me Love
                     spring would be gorgeous.”                                                    Touch” by Cascada                       You” by Mario
                     -Senior Brian LoRusso                “Cause every time we touch I get this feeling, and                               “Baby you’re a star, I just
                                                          every time we kiss I swear I could fly.”                                         wanna show you are.”
                   “Aubrey from Making the                4. “You Should Let Me Love You” by Mario                                         5. “With You” by Jessica
 Band, she is B-E-A-utiful.”                              “Baby you’re a star, I just wanna show you are.”                                 Simpson
 -Senior Matt Geib                                        5. “With You” by Jessica Simpson                                                 “Sometimes it’s hard to
                                                          “Sometimes it’s hard to breathe just knowing you                                 breathe just knowing you                  photo courtesy of
 “Ms. Campbell; she is a celebrity in my heart.”          found me.”                                                                       found me.”
  -Junior Larry LoRusso                                   6. “All My Life” by KC & Jojo                                                    6. “All My Life” by KC &        “I’ll Be Seeing You”
                                                          “And all my life, I’ve prayed                                                    Jojo                            was featured in last
 “Nicole Kidman--she has a                                for someone like you, and I                                                      “And all my life, I’ve prayed year’s romantic film
                                                                                                                                                                           The Notebook.
 nice figure.”                                            thank God that I, that I finally                                                 for someone like you, and I
 -Freshman Darren Andretta                                found you.”                                                                      thank God that I, that I fi-
                                                          7. “We Belong Together” by                                                       nally found you.”
 “Matt Damon--I smile every                               Mariah Carey                                                                     7. “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey
 time I see him.”                                         “Who’s gonna take your                                                           “Who’s gonna take your place, there ain’t nobody
 -Senior Brittney Bolbach                                 place, there ain’t nobody                                  photo courtesy of
                                                                                                                                           better, oh baby, baby, we belong together.”
                                                          better, oh baby, baby, we                                                        8. “Satisfy You” by P. Diddy and R. Kelly
                                                                                                         Mariah Carey, 36, is
 “David Beckham--because he is                            belong together.”                              still singing strong.
                                                                                                                                           “Ain’t no tellin what we could grow to, let it be
 gorgeous.”                                               8. “Satisfy You” by P. Diddy                                                     known, I told you and I’ma be there for whatever
 -Junior Laura Iannotti                                   and R. Kelly                                                                     you go through, my love’s true.”
                                                          “Ain’t no tellin what we could grow to, let it be                                9. “Back To One” by Bryan McKnight
 “Johnny Depp, his mysteriousness intrigues me.”          known, I told you and I’ma be there for whatever
 -Spanish teacher Ms. Danielle Campbell •                 you go through, my love’s true.”
                                                          9. “Back To One” by Bryan McKnight
                                                V                   i e w p o i n t s
        Vol. 14/No. 4             321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
       February 2006

Letter from the Editor                                                                                                             Mark and Hallock
by Courtney Bihn                                                                                                                   at Crossroads
                                                                                                                                   “DECISION” continued from page 2
  A      s           an              opening

that there is no need to worry. The Cheerleaders really
        to this letter I would just like to inform everyone
                                                                    if a person does not have a significant other, the day is
                                                                    still fun. Friends buy each other candy with cute little
                                                                    teddy bears, and families even exchange presents. A sig-       opinion. Shouts from numerous senior citizens resid-
are going to nationals, and dark chocolate really is good           nificant other is not the only loved one in a person’s life.   ing in the community stood out, for example when one
for you. Eagle’s Eye, unlike Newsday has made sure                     Dating is funny; just read through some of the teacher      resident since 1962 said, “I have seen many changes
that the information in this issue is completely factual,           dating stories. Teenage dating is hysterical. High School      as a resident, and this is one change [no left turn] I don’t
though it isphoto by Sal Nicosia to predict the longevity of high   relationships are just crazy. For example Mary-Joe could       want to see.” Many of the older citizens said they uti-
school relationships.                                               be going out with Billy-Bob for a whole month. They            lize the cut-through as a convenient way in and out of
   On Wednesday, January 4, Newsday, which in the past              have their little one month anniversary dinner, chat online    the Waldbaum’s shopping center, and believe, “not all
has been known to be very credible, printed a false story.          every night and he even comments on her myspace pic-           traffic should be on major roads.”
Not only was it completely backwards, it also was the               tures saying how hot she is (this is some real “love”).           “Rocky Point is a community with many senior citi-
cover story. People all over smiled and were overwhelmed            Then two days later Billy-Bob decides he’s not interested      zens – they should not be forced into congestion on 25A
with joy when Newsday’s front cover exclaimed “Miracle              in Mary-Joe because he is “madly in love” with her best        when they can
in the Mine.” The article stated that twelve miners had             friend Betty-Anne. So Mary-Joe and Betty-Anne have             take the back
survived the horrific and disastrous incident that took             a little catfight that ends their friendship. Two days later   road, and nei-
place in West Virginia. The truth was, those twelve who             Billy-Bob decides he would rather be single. High school       ther should the
were said to be saved were actually killed. Newsday was             dating is so confusing. I can never keep track of any of       young learning
not just outwardly lying. The information that the twelve           these relationships . Check out the photo spread on pages      drivers of our
were saved was given by West Virginia’s governor, though            four and five; these high school couples seem to be able       community,”
later it was proven to be false.                                    to keep it together, except for those who I hear didn’t        said community
   I have no idea how a newspaper could let this be printed.        make it to press time. Sorry.                                  member [2005
One of the editors or someone on the staff of Newsday                   It seems like people toss around the word “love” too       Civic Member
should have noticed that the cover story was completely             often. Love should be that head over heels, always on          of the Year] and
wrong. It is ridiculous and an insult to the families of            your mind, can’t sleep feeling. Not that “well, there isn’t    business
the twelve who died.                                                anything else to do so I will settle for this kind of atti-    teacher, Mrs.
   To get off the subject of the embarrassing incident,             tude.” Not to be pessimistic, but honestly that feeling is     Susan Wilson.
let’s discuss Valentine’s Day.                                      not found in high school the majority of the time, and if         Senior Matt
   I personally love Valentine’s Day. To all of the buy-            anyone disagrees and feels they have found it then I say       Fabian agrees
ers, make sure to buy dark chocolate, it’s good for you.            they are lucky.                                                with Wilson. “It
I personally prefer milk chocolate though, especially co-              So eat lots of dark chocolate, listen to some love          will just cause
                                                                                                                                                                            photo by Sal Nicosia
conut filled. If anyone wants to win over the editor in             songsand have a romantic, amazing Valentine’s Day. •           traffic some-
chief, I would not mind chocolate.                                                                                                 where else.”         Traffic devices, like the sign
   I dislike the prevalent attitude that Valentine’s Day is                                                                           According to shown above, are a possible
pointless unless you have a boyfriend or girlfriend.Even                                                                           the Brookhaven compromise for those involved
                                                                                                                                   Town Board in the Mark Drive dispute.
                                                                                                                                   meeting held on
                                                                                                                                   December 20, 2005, Councilman McCarrick, who sup-
Prom Cancellations Result of Unfair Worries                                                                                        ports the “no-left-turn,” did not have much support from
                                                                                                                                   his colleagues, and thus did not push any plans
                                                                                                                                   forward. He also withheld any decisions due to the strong
by Kim Farley                                                                                                                      feedback he received from community members.
                                                                                                                                      The few Mark Drive residents who were present at
P    roms          have       already       been
    celled at two Long Island schools, Kellenberg Me-
morial High School and Chaminade High School. I be-
                                                       can          and the last game of their season because they were caught
                                                                    hazing younger students and urging them to drink at a
                                                                    party. This type of action of punishing only students in-
                                                                                                                                   the meeting stood by their posts and were not easily
                                                                                                                                   persuaded by the many community members rallying
lieve this is very unfair. Proms are a junior and senior            volved is a good idea and should be applied to the prom        against them. When it comes down to the wire, the Mark
privilege and tradition. They are nights that many will             punishment. School administrators should not cancel            Drive residents ultimately want traffic to slow down
remember throughout their lives and always look back                prom for the whole student body because some students          and abide by the traffic regulations, whether it takes speed
to. They should not be cancelled because a few bad apples           misbehaved, just like Syosset did for the football pro-        bumps or a “no-left-turn” sign.
         Photo by Sal Nicosia
ruined it for the bunch.                                            gram because some of the students misbehaved.                     Mr. Paul Rogalle, Assistant Director from the Divi-
   Some of the schools’ administrators’ reasons are that              “As an entirety, I’m against it, but I wouldn’t mind if      sion of Traffic Safety, was present at the Civic meet-
prom costs too much money, creates too much com-                    they decided to make some changes. However completely          ing, along with Director Ms. Lynn Weyant. The duo
petition between students, and many of the post-prom                canceling it seems a bit drastic,” says Ashley Matrisciano,    stressed that attention on the Mark Drive issue is based
parties are dangerous. While this may be true, school               Kellenberg senior.                                             upon the premise of the three “E’s”; engineering, en-
administration should not be involved in regulating or                Schools should try to find a different solution to the       forcement, and education.
supervising after prom parties; their concern should be             prom problems. They are only creating more problems               “We are taking corrective measures to control the
to keep students safe and protected during school func-             by canceling proms. They could ask students for their          uncontrollable driving behavior, to ultimately improve
tions, not before or after. I think that acting this way is         input or maybe hold a meeting for all the students and         traffic safety,” said Rogalle.
a nice gesture but canceling the event is ridiculous, es-           parents to brainstorm ideas on how they can solve the             Although no decision on the “no-left-turn” was made,
pecially for the kids that have looked forward to prom              problem. If they try to compromise, maybe they can all         McCarrick promised community members that their ideas
for most of their high school career. Because one gradu-            come to an agreement. •                                        would be presented to the Town Board. McCarrick
ating class before them misbehaved, it is being taken                                                                              comforted many when he said, “We [Brookhaven Town
away from them? I do not think that is right.                                                                                      Council] would never take action without coming back
   More than a dozen football players from Syosset High                                                                            to the community.” The next meeting for the Rocky
School were suspended from football for the last week                                                                              Point Civic Association is February 8, at 7:30 pm in the
                                                                                                                                   VFW Hall. •

       Eagle’s Eye                                    Newspaper Adviser
                                                       Ms. Jessica Rubin
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                                                                                                                                               disruption of school will not be published.
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                                                           S           p o r t s
             4321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                                Vol. 14/No. 4
             4321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                                               February 2006

It’s All In The Family
by Courtney Bihn
                                                                                                                                             compiled by
I  t is exciting to have a successful baseball team like
   the Yankees representing your state, but it is even
more thrilling when the pitcher of the team is a member
                                                                                                                                             Kim Farley
of your own family. Left handed pitcher Ron Villone,
cousin of Rocky Point sophomore Kevin Tobiassen,                                                                                             Schedule
was traded from the Florida Marlins to New York’s
own Yankees on December 16.
    ”I am really excited, because every year there are                                                                    Boys’ Basketball 7-6
rumors of the Yankees wanting him and now he is
on the team. For him to finally be on my favorite team                                                                    2/3      5:45 PM Sayville @ R P
is just awesome,” said Tobiassen.
                                                                                                                          2/7      5:45 PM R P @ Comsewogue
  Villone, who grew up in Edgewater, New Jersey,
has been a long time Yankee fan. He attended his first                                                                    2/10     6:00 PM R P @ Eastport/South Manor
Yankees game in 1976, when New York was start-
ing a run of four American League pennants and two                                                                        2/14     6:15 PM East Hampton @ R P
World Series titles in a six-season span. He remem-
bers watching Ron Guidry, his current pitching coach,                                                                     Girls’ Basketball 2-8
pitch and Don Mattingly hit.                                                                                              2/2      4:00 PM R P @ Sayville
  The thirty-five year old, six foot three, two hun-
dred and forty five pound, father of two made 79                                                                          2/7      5:45 PM Comsewogue @ R P
combined appearances with the Florida Marlins and
the Seattle Mariners in 2005. In 52 games with the                                                                        2/10     8:00 PM R P @ Eastport/South Manor
Mariners, he posted a 2-3 record with a 2.45 earned                                                                       2/14     6:15 PM R P @ East Hampton
run average and limited left-handed hitters to a .213
batting average. While on the Marlins, he started off                                                                     Bowling 8-2
with eight straight scoreless outings and did not let
one run pass between June 21 and July 25. He played                                                                       2/2    3:30 PM R P @ Southampton
27 games with the Marlins and was 3-2 with a 6.85                                                                         (East Hampton Lanes)
ERA. In 2004, he was named the Mariners’ Most
Valuable Pitcher by the Seattle chapter of the Base-  ball Writer’s Association of America.                               Wrestling 10-1
                                                               Villone has joined a bullpen that includes two other       2/3      5:45 PM R P @ Sayville
                                                            new pitchers, right-hander Kyle Farnsworth and
                                                            left-hander Mike Myers, and includes holdover right-          Boys’ Lacrosse
              Ron Villone’s                                 handers Tanyon Sturtze and Aaron Small.
                                                               “He’s versatile. He can spot start, he can long
                                                            relieve, and he can situational lefty. He has the ability
                                                                                                                          3/15     3:30 PM R P @ Sachem East

              Major League                                  to do all of those without complaint, and that’s at-
                                                            tractive,” said Yankee’s general manager Brian
                                                                                                                          Girls’ Lacrosse
                                                                                                                          3/15     3:30 PM Middle Country @ R P
                Career                                      Cashman according to Espn.com.
                                                               Villone’s cut fastball gave left handed batters trouble    Softball
                                                            in 2004. Villone also uses a changeup and a hard
                                                            slider. The Mariners really liked Villone’s fearless          3/16     4:00 PM R P @ Mattituck
                                                            approach to pitching. He goes after people and isn’t
    1992-95- Villone joined the Seattle Mariners            afraid to go inside the plate.                                  Check www.sectionxi.org for other dates and
    1995- Traded to the San Diego Padres                       “His greatest talent is his ability to come in and                more recently scheduled games.
    1996- Traded to the Milwaukee Brewers                   get lefties out. He can go six innings or just go in
    1997-98- Played for the Cleveland Indians               and get one guy out. He is one of those few pitch-                       COACHES: Email updates to
    1999- Signed as a free agent with the Cincinnati        ers out there to hit a home-run,” said Tobiassen.                        eagleseyesports@yahoo.com
    Reds                                                       There are many benefits Tobiassen gets from his
    2000- Traded to the Colorado Rockies                    $1, 950,000 salaried cousin.
    2001- Exchanged for Jay Powell of the Houston              “Now he has 81 games, so I am sure I will get
    2002- After seven months on the Astros, signed as a
                                                            to go to some free games,” said Tobiassen.
                                                               Tobiassen does not see his cousin very often, but
                                                                                                                         Varsity Baseball
    free agent with the Pittsburgh Pirates
    2003- Signed as a free agent with the Arizona Dia-
    mondbacks and in the same years was released by
                                                            when he does they have a good time.
                                                               “I’ll usually see him about once or twice a year.         Preparing Already
                                                            He’s a great guy, because he does not care that I
    the Diamondbacks and signed as a free agent with        ask for an autograph and a picture every time I see
    the Astros                                              him, and we play wiffleball sometimes,” said                 by David Bonner
    2004- Signed as a free agent with the Seattle Mari-     Tobiassen.

    A pitchers. Then on December 16 he was traded to
                                                               Villone’s future career on the Yankees looks bright.
    2005- Acquired by the Florida Marlins for two double As a pitcher for his favorite childhood team he should
                                                            have the drive to complete a successful season.
                                                                                                                         T    he       Rocky      Point       varsity      baseball
                                                                                                                              will look to make a deep run into the playoffs this
                                                                                                                         year. The team returns four year starter Anthony Anzalone,
    the New York Yankees                                       Along with all of the other Yankees fans, Tobiassen       who was third in the county with a .500 batting aver-
                                                            is rooting for him.                                          age, Dan Buruwa who
                                                               “I hope he can help win the Yankees a champi-             had seven wins last year
                                                            onship and that I pray he does not mess up.” •               and Mike Krieger who
                                                                                                                         excels on both sides of
                                                                                                                         the field.

Suffolk Dorms                                                Other students have a different opinion on whether or
                                                           not SCCC should add dorms to their campuses.
                                                                                                                           In a new league this
                                                                                                                         year the team will face

                                                             “It’s a good idea to build dorms. It will give students     the likes of Kings Park,
                                                           the chance to get away from home, while still not going       Comsewogue, and Islip. This year’s team is very dedi-
                                                           too far. I would dorm at SCCC if they offered it,” said       cated and spends many hours a week throwing and hit-
                                                           senior Vinny Firrello.                                        ting. Hopefully all this work will pay off and the team
“SCCC” continued from page 2                                 Though the proposal was vetoed, there are many op-          will find itself winning games.
                                                           posing views on their construction. As SCCC receives more       “The camradery on this year’s team is excellent, there
students who are paying tuition.                           students from outside of Long Island, the question of         are a lot of seniors with experience, and there is much
  “I don’t think it’s called for. All the students live    whether there should be dorms at the local school could       better leadership compared to last year,” said senior short-
close. It would only be more money and most stu-           be brought up again. •                                        stop Matt Geib.
dents choose to go to SCCC to save money,” said                                                                            Through all the hard work and dedication, the team
senior Robin Harris.                                                                                                     should have a successful season behind their talented
                                                                                                                         coach Mr. Aschettino and a team full of veterans. •

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