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Vasco da Gama - PowerPoint by HC12091608473


									    Vasco da Gama

By: Carly Petruzzo and Kelsey
          Vasco da Gama’s Life
• Da Gama was born in Sines,
  Portugal in 1469.
• His real name was Dom
  Vasco da Gama
• He was the son of a
• Vasco da Gama was
  educated as a nobleman and
  served in the court of King
  Joao II.
• Da Gama served as a navel
• In 1492 he commanded a
  defense of Portuguese
  colonies from the french.
                  Before the Voyage

• Da Gama and his crew got together four ships before they
  set out on their voyage.
• Da Gama sailed on the flagship, Sao Gabriel.
• His brother, Paulo, was the commander of one of the four
  ships the Sao Rafael.
• The two other ships were the Berrio and the Starship.
• Most of the men that worked on ships were convicts.
                            The first Voyage

• He set out on July 8, 1497 from Lisbon, Portugal.
• De Gama went around the Cape of Good Hope on
  November 22 and sailed north
• He made various stops such as, Mombassa, Mozambique,
  Malindi, Kenya, and Quilmana.
• Next, he sailed along the east coast of Africa where
  conflicts between the Portuguese and Muslims arose
  because they already established the trading centers.
• Then, he left Malindi and Ahamd Ibn Majid (a famous
  Arab pilot) accompanied him all the way to India.
                    Arriving in Calicut, India
• Da Gama finally arrived in Calicut, India on May 20, 1498.
• Calicut was the main trading market of precious stones, pearls,
  and spices.
• When the Portuguese first arrived they were well received and
  accepted by the Hindu rulers.
• While Da Gama was there he was taken to a Hindu Temple for
  a great ceremony.
• The Portuguese goods that had been accepted in Africa were
  not suitable for the prestigious Indian market.
• And finally when Da Gama wanted to leave the Zamorin told
  him that he had to pay tax and leave the Portuguese goods in
  form of collateral.
• Da Gama was furious about this and on August 29, 1498 Da
  Gama and his crew left with all of there belongings and 5
          Arriving in Lisbon

• In September 1499 Da Gama and his
  crew arrived in Lisbon Portugal.
• On their way to Lisbon, it took longer
  than expected because many of the crew
  members died from disease.
• When he arrived back to Lisbon he
  arrived to a great celebration for himself
  because he was looked at as a hero.
               His second expedition
• He went out on his second expedition on February 12,
• Before he set out he got ready for an encounter with the
  Muslim traders.
• He set out with 20 well armed ships
• During his run in with the Muslims, he killed many
  innocent Indians and Muslims.
• The Portuguese took over his ship and took all of the
  important merchandise.
• After that the Muslims locked 380 passengers on their ship
  and set it on fire.
• It took 4 days for the ship to sink killing all men, women
  and children.
        The final trip to India
• During his final voyage to India, Da Game
  got sick and past away on December 24,
• Vasco’s remains were taken back to
  Portugal, where he was buried in the chapel
  where he had prayed before his first voyage.

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