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Many economists are predicting that the energy management business will become one of the biggest growth
sectors within the global economy for the foreseeable future. One thing is certain; concerns for the environment
and the need to conserve energy are likely to remain high on the international agenda for decades to come with
companies receiving increased pressure from governments and consumers to become more environmentally

Since many countries will simply not be able to generate enough power to meet National demand over the next
decade, energy management is not an option – it is a must!

                        Motor Control
                        Electric motors are utilized in the production of almost every product we purchase and
                        yet, international research bodies calculate that "over 50% of drive-power energy
                        could be saved if motors and drive systems became more efficient." To satisfy the
                        growing demand for increased productivity and reduced CO2 emissions, governments
                        from all corners of the globe have identified not only the need for improved energy
                        efficiency, but also the barriers that sometimes hold companies back from investing in
new technology. Powerboss is Somar's intelligent answer.

Powerboss is unique by the extent to which it dynamically adjusts power to a motor as its load changes. It
constantly monitors the motor's load and calculates the exact amount of power required at any time - reducing
the amount of electricity used, increasing the life-span of motors, reducing maintenance requirements and
reducing the amount of Carbon Dioxide produced.

                           Lighting can account for 50% - 60% of the electrical energy costs of warehouse,
                           distribution and large warehouse type retail facilities. Somar has now introduced an
                           intelligent lighting fixture, which in can deliver savings in the region of 70% of the
                           lighting costs in this type of facility.

                            Not only is this a highly efficient luminaire, however it also takes account of the fact
that at most times, lighting is left on in all areas of a warehouse even when no one is working there. Additional,
in many warehouses natural light is present through roof lights; however the lights are always fully on.
Powerboss Eluma intelligently senses occupancy in each area of the warehouse and/or the change in natural
light and adjusts the light level and hence electrical energy usage accordingly.
                                               Here is a smart way to
                                         save up to 30% of your electrical bill

          The best Electricity Saver with the best results, the best quality & the best price in the market
                                                    Plug n Saved

                                    1.    Reduces your monthly electricity bill up to 30%
                                    2.    Stabilizes the incoming voltage
                                    3.    Plug and use - No Wiring Required
                                    4.    Built-in powerful lightning surge protector
                                    5.    Improve power factor and electrical efficiency
                                    6.    Environmentally friendly
                                    7.    Fully compliant with safety standards
                                    8.    Rapid Return on Investment

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