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					            SAM HOUSTON
Mrs. Hammer
                                               By Robert Gear
 5th Grade

   Without Sam Houston, there would not be a Texas.

Birth                Early childhood   War of 1812         Election

1793                 1808              1814                1823
                                                           Sam Houston
                                                           decided to run
                     Sam Houston                           for U.S.
                     spent time with   Sam Houston         representative
On March 2, Sam      the Cherokee      was wounded         and became a
Houston was born     Indians when he   four times in the   US
in Rockbridge        was in            battle of Creek     Congressman
Country, Virginia.   Tennessee.        Wars.               for Tennessee.

Marriage               Resignation   Independence        The Alamo

1829                   1829          1836                1836
                                     On March 2,
Sam Houston                          Houston and
marries Eliza Allen.                 several other men
Eliza Allen goes on                  signed Texas’s      On March 6, 1,500
to leave Houston       Sam           Declaration of      Mexican soldiers
because he had a       Houston       Independence.       attacked the Alamo.
drinking problem.      decides to    Houston was         189 Texan soldiers
Later that year,       resign from   made                fought to the death
Houston marries        his post in   Commander and       defending the
Tiana Rogers.          Tennessee.    Chief.              church.

                               Texas enters the         Election for
Battle of San Jacinto          Union                    Governor            Death

1836                           1845                     1859                1863
On April 21, Santa Anna, the
commander of the Mexican
Army, cornered Sam
Houston’s troops. When the     On December 29, the      Sam Houston was
Mexican army rested, the       United States annexed    elected Governor
Texans attacked and            Texas. This led to the   of Texas after he   Sam Houston
defeated Santa Anna’s          Mexican war which the    left the U.S.       died on July 26,
troops.                        United States won.       Senate.             1863.
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Battle of Horseshoe Bend      Battle of San Jacinto
 • Sam Houston joined the     • Sam Houston decided to
   army in 1813 during the      let Santa Anna chase him
   War of 1812. In 1814,        east, which became
   Houston fought against       known as the Runaway
   the Creek Indians. He        Scrape. On April 21,
   was wounded in the leg       1839, after he was
   and ordered to leave. He     cornered, Sam Houston
   returned later and was       attacked the Mexicans
   wounded three more           when they stopped to
   times in a charge.           rest. The Mexicans were
                   Early Life
•Sam Houston lived with his
mother, his four older brothers,
a younger brother, his three
sisters, and his father.
•His family was poor because
his father was in the militia
and could not run the
plantation well.
•When he was fifteen he ran
away to live with the Cherokee
Interesting Experiences
 Later Family Life

Later on, in 1840, Sam Houston remarried to
Margaret Lea in Alabama. Margaret Lea
helped Sam stop drinking, and got him to
join the Baptist church. They were married
26 years until death. Sam Houston has a
peaceful family life with Margaret Lea. They
had eight children.

• Sam Houston led Texas army to victory
  over Santa Anna in the Battle of San
• He was the Governor of Tennessee and
• He was a Senator and Congressman.
• He became a military hero when he fought
  against the Creek Indians.

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