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									[Are you homeless? Working with
someone who is? We can help]            Safe ‘n Sound
1. By providing emergency overnight     Homelessness Initiative               Safe’n Sound
   shelter and connecting you with
                                        P.0. Box 162                         Homelessness
   services after a night rest.
                                        Owen Sound
2. Offer support and advocacy and       N4K 5P3                                   Initiative

[What else should I know?]              The Space (310 8th St. E.)                        ≈
We are always looking for passionate    519-470-SAFE (7233)
volunteers                              Emergency Housing and                 Safe ‘n Sound
                                        Support: 519-470-2222            Homelessness Initiative
We are very appreciative of all
                                                                        provides safe emergency
donations of any size                                                  H
                                                                         shelter and support for
                                        Our Email
If you have any questions about                                             homeless people, in
homelessness in your community or                                            partnership with
would like to find out more about how                                    community services, and
                                        Our Website
you can help – please call                                                 public education and
                                        Courtesy of Bruce Telecom
                                                                          advocacy for homeless
Safe’n Sound Homelessness Initiative
    Office: (519) 470-SAFE (7233)
                                        Our Funders
    Emergency Housing and Support       Ontario Trillium Foundation
              (519) 470-2222            Homelessness Partnering
                                                                       Safe‘n Sound is a not for profit charitable
                                        Strategy (HPI)                 community based organization, committed to
       4:30-10pm 7 days a week
                                        County of Grey                    ending Homelessness in Owen Sound -
       The Hidden Homeless                         [Did you know?]                                   [What are we doing about it?]
                                           Organizations that work with vulnerable                   Safe 'n Sounds trained volunteers
1.   Every community in Canada has
                                           people in Grey Bruce frequently refer to                  operate our emergency phone line (519-
     homeless people, even if you don't
     see them on the street.               the “hidden” homeless who are “couch                      470-2222) 7 days a week - after hours
2.   Most homeless people don't live on    surfing” or staying temporarily with
                                                                                                     and on weekend evenings between 4:30
     the street. More than 80% of          friends or family.
                                                                                                     and 10pm when all other services are
     Canada's homeless are improperly
     housed or on the verge of eviction.   Our incomes levels are below the average                  closed.
3.   About one-in-seven users of           for the province of Ontario
     shelters across Canada is a child.                                                              Safe 'n Sound provides emergency
4.   As women generally earn less than     Our educational levels are below average                  shelter in motels, including transportation
     men, women are more vulnerable                                                                  and breakfast up to four nights.
                                           for the province of Ontario
     to becoming homeless.
5.   Newcomers to the rental housing
                                           We have 5400 vulnerable households who                    We operate The Space -310 8th
     market, especially young people,
     immigrants and refugees, are          are at risk of homelessness because they                  St. East Owen Sound - providing basic
     often required to rent housing        are living on social assistance - Ontario                 needs to the at risk of homelessness and
     that they cannot afford. They are     Works and ODSP                                            the homeless, including support, referral,
     often one paycheck away from                                                                    advocacy and outreach.
     eviction.                             Approximately 5-20 homeless persons on
6.   Many seniors face eviction due to                                                               We work to Provide Public Education
                                           any given night in Owen Sound
     fixed incomes and increased rents
                                                                                                     and Awareness of homelessness in our
     and taxes.
                                           There is no emergency shelter facility in                 community
7.   Our young people also make up the
     hidden homeless - many are            Grey or Bruce at this time, other than
     fleeing abusive situations.           shelters for women fleeing abuse.                         [Our Community Partners]
8.   The working poor, often single
     parents with young children, end                                                                Y-housing and support
     up living in crowded housing as          To obtain a copy of The Report on Homelessness in
     they are unable to afford a decent       Grey Bruce – July 2008 - please call 519-470-2222 or   Grey Bruce Community Legal Clinic
     place to live                            view it at the Owen Sound Public Library or on our
9.   The hidden homeless are at risk          website                                                Canadian Mental Health Association
     of long-term physical and
     emotional harm. The longer anyone                                                               County of Grey
     remains homeless, the greater the
     social and economic costs.
10. As a society we all pay for the
     tragedy of homelessness.

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