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									                      ORA at Melbourne Beach, Inc
                       Board of Directors Meeting
                        Saturday, March 12, 2011
                            Recreation Hall
                                9.00 AM

Item l: Call to order: President Alice R. call the meeting to order
Item 2: All members were present.
Item 3: Meeting was posted as per Florida Statues.
Item 4: Only owners were present with the exception of the Manager.
Item 5: Election of new Director, Alice R. proceeded with the Voting for a new
          Director and stated we need 5 votes!
         Alice R. introduced herself as President and the rest of the Board,
         consisting of Bill H., Jim D., Stubby T., Tony K., Ed P., Pete C.,
         Sue B..
 Item 6: Comments from the chair: Alice R., new president said, She had big shoes
           to fill in her position as president. She also stated that she was a teacher for 17
           years and a homemaker. The Park is filled with very kind people, which she
           appreciates. She will be available, in the boardroom one (1) day a week,
           ( Thursday) between 10-12 am. There will be a signup sheet in the office
          If you wish to make an appointment to see her.
Item 7: Results of Election: Don S. brought forward the results of the vote.
Item 8: Motion to seat new Director: Motion by Alice R., to appoint Dennis
         McG. as a Director on the Board of Directors to ORA at Melbourne, Inc.
         This term will commence immediately and terminate in February 2012 at which
         time this seat becomes available for a one year term. Seconded by Sue B.. Carried.
Item 9: Secretary’s Report: Motion by R. True to accept the Minutes
          of the January 22, 2011 BOD Meeting, seconded by Jim D.. Carried.
Item 10: Manager’s Report: Charles read his report. (filed)
Item 11: Treasurer’s Report:
          1. Expenses/receipts Report read by Jim D.
          2. Reserve Funds         Report read by Jim D.
          3. Arrears, Leans over 90 days Report read by Jim D.
          4. Motion to transfer funds: Motion by Jim D. To reimburse
           $8,133.14 from the Merrill Lynch Reserve Account to the
           Operating Account. Seconded by Sue B. Carried
          5. Others: Motion by Jim D. to transfer $100,000.00 from
           The ORA Operating Account to the ORA Merrill Lynch Reserve Account,
           seconded by Alice R. Carried
Item 12: Committee Reports
           A. Buildings: No report
           B. Park Improvement/Long Range Planning: No report
           C. Recreation: No report
           D. Safety and Security: Filed
          E. Ombudsman: G. Strub read report
          F. Park Beautification: No report
          G. Covenants Enforcement Officer: No report
          H. Election/Ballot Committee: No report
          I. Park Directory Committee: Joan L. stated that the updated sheets for the
             Directory are in the office.
Item 13: Old Business
        1.Report on Owners Violations: The case is going forward on April 4, 2011
        2.Motion on Park Models: Motion by Jim D. to give the Owners a choice and to
          send to the owners for a vote the following changes to the Declaration of the
         Condominium of ORA at Melbourne Beach Inc. 12.1(d) Recreational Park
          Model Trailers may have exterior walls made of aluminum siding or vinyl. Only
          white exterior siding is allowed.
         12.1(e) Park models may have such roof pitch that is installed on a RPTIA
          approved trailer. This roof must not be a shed type roof but may be covered with
          rubber, metal or shingles of such type that will withstand at least 110 mile per
          hour winds. A roof overhang not to exceed four (4) inches is allowed. Seconded
          by Sue B. (much discussion followed) Carried with 1 no vote.
Item14: New business
       1. Motion to purchase chairs. Motion by Jim D. to purchase forty chairs for the
         Card &Craft Room at a price not to exceed $1,025.00 Seconded by Bill H.
       2. Motion to accept the “Administrative Rules & Regulations. Motion by R. True
          to accept the Administrative Rules & Regulations Seconded by Tony K.
       3. Motion to reaffirm the Continuing Resolutions, Motion by R. True to reaffirm
          the” Continuing Resolutions: seconded by Alice R. Carried
       4. Motion to accept the Abridged version of the Rules & Regulations Motion by
          R. True to accept the Abridged version of the Rules& Regulations. Seconded by
          Jim D. Carried.
       5. Motion to accept the “Frequently Asked Questions” Motion by R. True to accept
          the “Frequently Asked Questions” Seconded by Sue B. Carried
       6. Others: Motion by Alice R. to form a committee, headed by Ed P., to
          investigate and treat our lawns and train Our Personnel in proper care.
          Seconded by Jim D. . Carried
Item15: Items that Board Members would like to discuss only. No Motions can be made
          at this time.
       1. Evaluation of Manager: The BOD needs to set a date for Goals & Evaluation for
          the coming year!
Item16: Correspondence: Letters were received from the following:
       1. Ralph M. Re: lawn care
       2 .Owners 742 Carousel Lane Re: lawn care
       3. Owner 3333 Dockside Lane Re; lawn care
       4. Owner 3342 Dockside Lane Re: lawn care
       5. Owners 7343 Carousel Lane Re: the trashing of the library. It was decided that a lock would be
         on the Library door. The Library door can be opened with an Owners key.
        (the one that opens the Ocean Pool gates)!
Item17: Motion by Pete C. to adjourn seconded by Jim D. Carried
Item18: Open Forum for Owners
        Owner 790 Galaxy: we have no hand rails in our showers, as we are an aging
         population, can we put the hand rails in some of our showers?
         Owner 733 Carousel: Suggestion re: lawn care. Can we identify who has
         automatic sprinklers and assign crew members per street to make sure they are
         running when the Owners have gone home for the summer!
         Owner 432 Carousel Re: chairs from Card& Craft, what are we doing with
         Owner 504 Horizon: Friends are renting in park and they are wondering if we
         have some kind of warning system regarding Tornado warnings? Manager will
         speak to the Manager at the waste plant to see what they have!
         Owner 525 Horizon: regarding Rat issue, our pipes were eaten thru and
         $1000.00 later we have fixed our problem/ Is there a rodent control program in
         our park?
         Owner 697 Pier Lane: Rats come off the river and there is no way to control that!
         Di Con makes the rats thirsty!
         Charles G. Manager: We have had 4 units dealing with the rodent problem.
         Owner 525 Horizon: the company that corrected our Rodent problem says
         rats can get into a hole the size of a Quarter, put fencing around openings.
         Owner 361 Galaxy: There has been a bad odor coming from the waste plant
         this last week. what is causing it?
          Charles G. Manager says that the plants trucks are being cleaned out and they
          will fix the problem!
          Owner 361 Galaxy: Re: tennis courts: an Owner had to go to Flutie Park to
          play as there was no space available.
           D. McGovern could we leave 1 court open to guests? J. Day there was a
          tournament going on.
           Owner 800 Galaxy Lane: we have 576 owners, should they not be treated Equal?

                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                                Stubby True,
                                                         Secretary Board of Directors

Cc: Directors (8), Manager (1), File (1). Minute Book (1), Posts #1, #2,#3

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