Summer Arts Festival 2012 Registration Form by 6499YA


									                 Summer Arts Festival 2012 Registration Form
                              For kids, completed 1st – 5th grade
                                               June 25-29
                                      Registration Instructions
       For children who have completed 1st through completed 5th grade –* must be 7 yrs. old
        by Sept. 1 – (conventional school)
       A form must be filled out for each child
       Electives are filled on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis – we cannot “hold spots”
       Forms MUST be signed by parent or legal guardian when submitted
      Cancellation Policy: If your child is unable to attend, please notify us as soon as possible.
                  Refunds will only be issued if notification occurs by June 11, 2012

                      Elective Descriptions
                       All electives subject to change –- if necessary, you will be notified
 Stack Attack! – Become a seasoned stacker; increase your agility, concentration and speed! Sport Stacking
  involves up stacking and down stacking cups in pre-determined formations at lightning speeds! Either solo
  against the clock or head-to-head with your friends, will you become the next champion?
 Sew What? – All it takes is colorful fabrics, a pattern, maybe some fun buttons, a needle & thread, and
  you’ve created a treasure that will last a lifetime.
 Art Expressions – 5 days, 5 different types of art - What will you create?
 Tooling Around – Hammer, band saw, screwdrivers, pliers, sander, nuts and bolts; just some of the tools
  you will use to create a unique and creative birdhouse.
 Pottery 101 – Learn how to create simple pots as well as decorating (glazing) some ready made pots. Finish
  out the week with some not-so-traditional ways to make clay vessels.
 Kolorful Kitchen – Learn the basics of meal preparation and create some delicious recipes you can fix at
 Soap-sations – It’s baack!! This ever popular and great smelling workshop returns to the SAF line-up with
  even more soap-sations to learn!
 Twisted Books – Come join the fun as we deconstruct and upcycle old books into new & exciting things.
 Paper Beads, Etc. - Learn how to make beautiful paper beads from decorating the paper to designing the
  beads then putting it all together into a unique piece of jewelry.
 Sketchbook Adventures – Explore drawing and sketching techniques as a way to describe what you feel.
 The Beat Goes On - Hi-hats, snare, trap set, conga, sticks, brushes, fills and strokes – what do all these
  words have in common? Drumming! Learn the basics of playing the drums and keep the beat going!
 How Sweet It Is! – Learn the proper techniques on how to ice a cake. Then, working with various tips,
  outline patterns, border techniques and some introductory fondant cut-out work create a sweet masterpiece!
 We Have Ignition! – Blast off into SAF history while having fun learning about rocketry and aviation.
 Button, Button, Who’s got the Button? – Create stuff that uses buttons in a whole new way to make fun,
  one-of-a-kind projects.
 Creative Science – Science can be full of great surprises and discoveries. This workshop is guaranteed to
  bring delight to the heart and mind of the inquisitive learner! Fun!
 Piece by Piece – What happens when you use a bunch of little tiles, or squares, or rocks, or shells, or broken
  dishes, or gems mixed with a little mortar and grout? A beautifully designed work of art called a mosaic!
 Frontier Days – From cast iron cooking, log cabins, wagon trains, and skipping stones in the pond, discover
  what life was like to live on the frontier.
                                   Turn in this form with $25.00 fee

Name________________________________________ girl  boy

Age _______ Grade completed _________________ Staff Kid 

Address ______________________________________________

Phone _______________                                                         Zip __________

Parents’ names _________________________________________

Church Affiliation _______________________________________

Allergies ______________________________________________

Physical challenges _______________________________________

Medical Release Statement: In the event of an emergency, I give permission to the staff to obtain whatever
medical assistance/treatment is deemed necessary for the safety of this child.
Signature ____________________________________________________ Date ___________________

Emergency Contact: (name & Phone #)


                                          Elective Choices
1st Session: 1. __________________________
                                                                                  - For Office Use -
                2. __________________________                             Date turned in: ____________
                                                                          Paid:  reg.  tshirt  raffle
2nd Session: 1. __________________________                                Total: ___________

                 2. __________________________

IMPORTANT: Check your age group choices carefully. Electives are not offered both times for
both age groups – only once. Failure to make accurate choices may result in a delay of processing
                                                                       Mail this form & fee to:
 T-Shirt Order Form Price: $10.00
                                                                    Summer Arts Festival Registration
Choose size:                                                              The Journey EFC
 youth small (6-7)                 adult small                         4700 N. Swan Rd.
 youth medium (8-10)               adult medium                      Tucson, Arizona 85718
 youth large (12-14)               adult large
 youth x-large (16-18)         (substitutions may be necessary)
      1st Elective Session-CHOOSE ONE
  Grades 1-3                   Grades 4-5
The Beat Goes On             How Sweet It Is
Sew What?                    Twisted Books
Pottery 101                  Creative Science
Tooling Around               Sketchbook Adventures
Soap-sations                 We Have Ignition!
Stack Attack!                Art Expressions
Kolorful Kitchen             Paper Beads, Etc.             Raffle Tickets
Button, Button               Frontier Days                   1 for $1
Piece by Piece                                               7 for $5
      2nd Elective Session- CHOOSE ONE                      15 for $10
  Grades 1-3                Grades 4-5
                                                     Enter for the opportunity to
How Sweet It Is              The Beat Goes On
Twisted Books                Sew What?
                                                     win items autographed by
Creative Science             Pottery 101              some of today’s leading
Sketchbook Adventures        Tooling Around               Christian bands!
We Have Ignition!            Soap-sations
Art Expressions              Stack Attack!           Winning tickets will be drawn
Paper Beads, Etc.            Button, Button            during the week of SAF
Frontier Days                Kolorful Kitchen
Piece by Piece                                         Proceeds will benefit the
                                                       SAF scholarship program

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