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					                             Advanced Expository Writing

Dr. Gibson
Email:           (best way to get in touch w/ me at school)
Phone: 314-779-7926


   I.     Display Respect
          a. To me (do not talk while I am speaking)
          b. To your classmates (do not talk while a peer is speaking)

   II.    Display Integrity
          a. Do not cheat
          b. “Whatever you do … do it as unto the Lord”

   III.   Display Discipline
          a. Be punctual with your assignments
          b. Be punctual to class


I. Late Assignments -

   1. The WCA English Department accepts late essays for up to five days, with a penalty of
      10 percent deducted for each day late. Students receive a five percent deduction for a
      “same day late” essay.
   2. The WCA English Department does not accept late homework assignments.

II. Excused Absences -

   1. Students absent on the day in which an assignment is due or a quiz is given should hand
      their work in or complete that quiz upon their return to class.
   2. Students absent the day in which an assignment is given are required to make up the
      missed work within the number of days equal to the number of days absent. Please
      consult student handbook with questions regarding this policy.
   3. Students are responsible to collect assignments and/or notes missed during an absence.
   4. Essay rewrites and essay conferences are not optional. Your essay rewrite is due one
      week from the date of your originally scheduled conference with me. If you miss your
      scheduled conference, it is your responsibility to find another time in which to meet with
      me before your rewrite is due. You will receive a “first essay” grade and a “rewrite”
      grade. If you do not actually do a rewrite, you will receive your first grade minus 40%.
12th Grade Vocabulary Units:

   I.    Quizzes will be taken from the exercises in your vocabulary workbook.
         Thus, it is to your advantage to complete these exercises before the
         weekly quizzes.

   II.   Vocabulary quizzes will be given every Tuesday:
          Week One:          Vocabulary quiz on words 1-10 of Unit One
          Week Two:          Vocabulary quiz on words 11-20 of Unit One
          Week Three:        Vocabulary quiz on words 1-10 of Unit Two
          Week Four:         Practice vocabulary test on all 40 words from 1&2
          Week Five:         Vocabulary test on all 40 words from Units 1 & 2
          (Vocabulary quizzes/tests follow the same pattern throughout)
          (If you miss a Tuesday in which a vocab quiz or test is administered,
           be prepared to make it up on the day you return to school)
          (Vocab quizzes and tests include spelling as well as an understanding
           of the meaning of the words)

Grade Percentages each quarter:

Homework =        10%
Quizzes & Tests = 20%
Essays =          70%

Semester Exam will count toward 20% of your final grade

Everything I administer is out of 100 percentile. In other words, an 8 out of 10 is
                          Outline for the Year:


      I.   “A Rose for Emily”
       Essay Skills Set Focus:        MLA Format
                                       Proper Essay Structure

      II.   “The Story of an Hour”
       Introductory Paragraph only:   Highlighting Thesis Sentence

      III. “Gin Lane” and “Beer Street”
       Bodily Paragraphs only:       Mastering the “Claim,” “Support,”
                                      “Analysis” Method

      IV. “Into Thin Air”
       Essay Skills Set Focus:        Cohesiveness –
                                         a. Transitions
                                         b. Introduction of Quotes

      V.   “10 Things to Absolutely, Positively Change Right Now”
       Essay Skills Set Focus:        Content – Good Supporting Details
                                       Mechanics – Good Sentence Variety

      VI. A Doll’s House
       Essay Skills Set Focus:        Content –
                                         a. Critical Analysis
                                         b. Engaging, Original Ideas

      VII. “Quiz Show”
       Essay Skills Set Focus:        Expressing & Supporting Opinion

      VIII. Semester Final –
       Essay Skills Set Focus:        Putting it all Together

  I.       Definition Essay
            Essay Skills Set Focus:        Writing Effective Conclusions

  II.       Basic Grammar
  -      Commas
  -      Semi-colons
  -      Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
  -      Phrases
  -      Parallel Structure
             Grammar Test

  III.     “This I Believe” Essay
            Essay Skills Set Focus:        Writing Creatively

  IV.      Night
            Essay Skills Set Focus:        Solid Research Skills –
                                               a. Using Credible Sources
                                               b. Proper Parenthetical Citation
                                               c. Proper Works Cited Page
                                               d. Avoiding Plagiarism

  V.       Personal Narrative Essay
            Essay Skills Set Focus:        Use of Lit. Elements in Writing

  VI.      Persuasive Essay
            Essay Skills Set Focus:        Art of Persuasion
                                            Effective Word Choice

  VII. In-class Prompt
        Essay Skills Set Focus:            Effective Response to Essay Prompt

  VIII. Final – Personal Reflection Essay
   Grading of Essays:

          I.         Technical Skills
                1)   Proper spelling & punctuation
                2)   Do not end sentences with a preposition
                3)   Avoid sentence fragments and run-on sentences
                4)   Do not over-rely on “to be” verbs
                5)   Good sentence variety; solid sentence beginnings
                6)   Effective use of parallel structure
                7)   Pronoun-antecedent agreement
                8)   Eliminate vague modifiers

          II.       Content
                1) Introduction gains reader’s attention
                2) Clear thesis statement
                3) Clear topic sentence begins each bodily paragraph
                4) Solid transitions (writer’s thoughts flow logically); good quote
                5) Details support each topic sentence
                6) Engaging, original ideals
                7) Conclusion wraps up essay effectively
                8) Effective word choice; creatively written

          III.       Format
             1)      Written in 3rd person (unless notified that 1st person is acceptable)
             2)      Proper header
             3)      Proper font, spacing, and tabs
             4)      Proper margins
             5)      Avoid contractions
             6)      Proper parenthetical citations
             7)      Sources cited properly on works cited page

How to Interpret Marks on an Essay –
            T1 = Improper punctuation or spelling
            C1 = Introduction not engaging
            F1 = Improper use of 1st or 2nd person in essay
         Essay Focus: After each essay, the focus points carry over to the next
         essay. In other words, in grading a student’s first essay, I will focus on
         three components of his or her writing. Those three components then carry
         over to the second writing piece, so that I will be focusing on six writing
         criteria (and so on and so on).

Semester One
  I.     Essay One:
         A. Technical Skills -    Proper spelling & punctuation
         B. Content -             Basic essay structure
         C. Format -              Written exclusively in 3rd person

  II.       Writing Exercise Two:
         A. Technical Skills -    Do not end sentences with prepositions
         B. Content -             Intro gains reader’s attention & Clearly stated thesis
         C. Format -              Proper header

  III.      Writing Exercise Three:
         A. Technical Skills -    Avoid sentence fragments and run-on sentences
         B. Content -             Clear topic sentence begins each bodily paragraph &
                                  Shows understanding of “claim,” “support,” “analysis”
                                  method (we will cover in class)
         C. Format -              Proper font, spacing, and tabs

  IV.       Essay Four:
         A. Technical Skills -    Do not over-rely on “to be” verbs
         B. Content -             Solid transitions & Good quote introduction
         C. Format -              Proper margins

  V.        Essay Five:
         A. Technical Skills -    Good sentence variety & Good sentence beginnings
         B. Content -             Good supporting details
         C. Format -              Avoid using contractions

  VI.       Essay Six:
         A. Content -             Good critical analysis and engaging, original ideas

  VII. Essay Seven:
         A. General =             Can express & support opinion

  VIII. Essay Eight: Semester Final
         A. General =             Putting it all together
Semester Two
  IX. Essay Nine:
       A. Content -            Conclusion wraps up essay effectively

  X.      Essay Ten:
       A. Technical Skills -   Effective use of parallel structure
       B. Content -            Creativity

  XI.     Essay Eleven:
       A. Technical Skills -   Pronoun-Antecedent agreement
       B. Format -             Proper parenthetical citation & Works Cited page correct
       C. General -            Credible sources used

  XII. Essay Twelve:
       A. Technical Skills -   Elimination of vague modifiers
       B. General -            Shows ability to use literary elements in writing

  XIII. Essay Thirteen:
       A. Content -            Effective word choice
       B. General -            Persuasive

  XIV. Writing Exercise Fourteen:
       A. General -            Able to respond well to an essay prompt

  XV. Essay Fifteen: Semester Final
       A. General -            Putting it all together

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