Peer Tutor Training�Workshop Two Assignment by p3qM75z


									                                  Tutor Session Contact Sheet

BC staff complete grayed input boxes. Tutor completes all other input boxes.
Date Assigned: 1/7/05                Student: Jane Doe                    BC Staff: Carlen/Scott

Tutor:                               Meeting Date:                        Meeting Length:

              Material to be Covered                        Workbook           Video   Online    Other

1. Video #1—5:49 in (4:44 long) Dallas Farmer                                   X

2. Issue #1—Meet Dallas Farmer p. 11                            X

3. Issue #1—Fine Tune Your Writing p. 11                        X

Session Goal 1:

Session Goal 2:

Session Goal 3:

Questions Student Has:

Questions Tutor Has:

Session Preparation/Outcomes Checklist:                                                    Yes     No
1.   The tutee and I began the session in casual conversation.
2.   My preparation was adequate to help tutee with assignment.
3.   I was comfortable with the material for the tutor session.
4.   I made a plan with the student for the session.
5.   We followed our plan.
6.   The plan was effective for completing the assignment.
7.   We stayed focused on the lesson.
8.   The student completed the assignment.
9.   The student was actively engaged in the tutor session.
10. I did most of the talking in the session.
11. I summarized what we had done at the end of the session.
12. I used praise to reward and encourage student.

                    Peer Tutor Training—Workshop Two Assignment

                                  Creating a Writing Plan

Use an assignment (from Tutor Contact Sheet), TV411 Materials, and Graphic
Organizers to Complete a Writing Assignment.


1. View Video, #1 – Milestones: Dallas Farmer

   Tape Location: 5 minutes, 49 seconds—Length of Segment: 4 minutes, 44 seconds

2. Workbook Issue 1—Meet Dallas Farmer, page 11

   Read the article about Dallas Farmer.

   Fine Tune Your Writing: Write about something that you know how to do that’s
   complicated. Write it for someone who doesn’t know. For example, you could
   explain how to drive a car to somebody who doesn’t know how. You could explain
   how to make your favorite dish to somebody who can’t cook. Explain how to put
   something together, take something apart or how to get somewhere.

3. Use the following graphic organizers to assist you in completing the writing

      Use the scatter diagram graphic organizer to develop (brainstorm) ideas and
       details for your writing assignment.

      Use the five-paragraph essay graphic organizer to write a first draft of your


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