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									To Kill a Mockingbird MCAS Essay Assignment                                 Name:
You are going to write a five-paragraph essay based on a character from To Kill a Mockingbird. This essay must address
the MCAS prompt below:

Often in works of literature, a character takes an unpopular stand on an issue. From a work of literature you have
read in or out of school, select a character that takes an unpopular stand on an issue. In a well-developed
composition, identify the character, describe the unpopular stand the character takes, and explain why the character’s
stand on the issue is important to the work of literature.

When responding to an MCAS writing prompt, it is vital to make sure you are answering every part of the question.
Notice that this writing prompt asks you to do three things in your essay:

    1. Identify the character you have chosen. This means to explain who he/she is in context with the story. Give
       the reader an idea of the kind of person you are writing about.
    2. Describe the unpopular stand the character takes. You will need to select a character that has had a conflict
       with his/her society over a choice he/she has made. This should be easy to do after reading To Kill a
       Mockingbird! Describe the choice this character has made that upsets other people in the book.
    3. Explain why the character’s stand is important to the work of literature. How does this conflict affect the
       story? What do other characters learn as a result of this character’s struggle? What does the reader learn?

How convenient. The MCAS question writers have given you your three body paragraphs. All you need to do is fill in the
blanks and add an introduction and a conclusion! A graphic organizer is provided on the back of this page. After filling
out the graphic organizer, the essay should write itself. HELLOOOOOO EASY TEST GRADE!!

 Criteria        90+                     80+                  70+                     60+                  50 and below
 Addressing      Student fully           Student identifies   Student identifies      Student identifies   Student inaccurately
 the Topic       identifies and          and summarizes       and summarizes the      and summarizes       identifies and
                 summarizes the main     the main idea,       basic elements of the   the main idea,       summarizes the main
                 idea, problem, or       problem, or          main idea, problem,     problem, or          idea, problem, or
                 question due to         question with        or question with        question with        question due to lack
                 thorough                nearly complete      partial accuracy due    partial accuracy     of comprehension.
                 comprehension.          accuracy due to      to limited              due to poor
                                         proficient           comprehension.          comprehension.
 Using           Student uses multiple   Student uses         There are good          Few and/or poor      Examples are not
 Examples        examples that are of    multiple examples    examples but not        examples are         given.
                 excellent quality.      that are of good     enough to fully         given.
                                         quality.             explain the student’s
 Organization    Essay contains 5 full   Essay contains 5     Essay contains 3-4      Essay contains 3     Essay is critically
                 developed               paragraphs, but      paragraphs;             paragraphs; some     incomplete.
                 paragraphs; each        each paragraph       paragraphs do not       may contain 3
                 paragraph contains at   does not contain 5   consistently contain    sentences
                 least 5 sentences:      sentences            5 sentences

 Mechanics       Essay has been          Essay has been       Essay contains no       Essay contains no    Errors seriously
 and             proofread carefully;    Spellchecked, but    more than 12 errors.    more than 16         interfere with
 Conventions     no more than 4          not proofread                                errors throughout    communication.
                 errors                  because more than                            relative to the
                                         8 errors exist                               length of the
                                                  Intro: ONE PARAGRAPH
 Topic or Main Idea Sentence:

 Who is the character?

 What unpopular stand did he/she take?

 Why is this important to the story?

                                           Body of Essay: THREE PARAGRAPHS
 Concluding Sentence:
 Identify the character                      Describe the stand           Explain why it’s important

 Details:                                    Details:                     Details:

 1.                                          1.                           1.

 2.                                          2.                           2.

 3.                                          3.                           3.

                                              Conclusion: ONE PARAGRAPH
 Topic or Main Idea Sentence (same as above but worded differently):

 Why did you choose the character you chose?

 Why was his/her stand unpopular?

 What effect did this have on the story?

 Concluding Sentence:

WHAT TO TURN IN:               This page and a VERY CAREFULLY EDITED final draft! Your heading
should be in the top left corner and should include your first and last name, the date, my name (Ms.
Freisberg) and your class period. If you type, use a 12 point (non-fancy) font and please double-space!

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