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                                      Family Bar Instructions

Read all instructions before starting (Take your time)
       Thanks for buying from us, we hope your please with your new purchase.
       First of all, you should have the following parts:
       2 - Rear hoops (both are the same)
       2 - Front Bars (Each have 3 bends in them)
       1 - 51" bar (Notched on both ends)
       1 - 49" bar (Notched on both ends)
       2 - 33 1/2" Bar (Notched on both ends)
       2 - 31" Bar (Notched on both ends)
       2 - 27 1/2" Bar (Has 1 bend in it)
       10 - 4x4" steel plates

       First off, these bars are cut to a general fitting length and by no means ensure a perfect fit.
Careful measurement and trimming are needed for fitting them to your Bronco.
       Please note you will need to weld inside your Bronco, please cover anything you don't
want burnt Glass will be ruined if sparks from a grinder, torch, or welder get thrown onto it.
Have a fire extinguisher handy.

        Start by standing one of the rear hoops up inside the rear of the Bronco with the hardtop
installed, trim it down to fit inside the top and not rub. Remember there will be a mounting pad
under it! If the bars are fitting to a hardtop then they will clear a soft top, not the other way
        Trim both rear bars the same height, remove the hardtop. Now put the 4x4 pads under
each bars leg, fit them away from tailgate to your liking. Suggestion 3/4 away from tailgate. The
bars behind the seats can be moved forward and back to your liking. (Suggestion of around 1
1/2" - 2" from door jam opening. Center each bar so that there is an equal space from driver to
passenger side away from the quarter panel. Square them to the floor straight up, then measure
the distance for top spreaders (#2) and trim them as needed.
        Position lower pads away from the quarter panels 1/4" in each as you will need to lift roll
bar out later (don't make it too wide with the lower plates!) Tack weld bars into position. Now
take a front bar (has 3 bends in it) trim it so it is straight across the top with the rear bars and
spreaders. Driver and passenger bar can be moved away from dash as you want.
         Please note that our glove box won't open completely, usually enough to get your hand in
is all. E-brake is also hard to use, will need to fit e-brake over to gain access again. Fit both front
bars the same distance away from dash, remember too far back may make it hard to use window
knob handle.
         Stand about 20 - 30 feet away from your Bronco at different angles and look at the fit of
it, take your time! You only want to do it once and be happy when your done with it.
         Put lower 4x4 pads under front bars, give them room to lift roll bars out later. The top
spreader bar is 49 1/2" long, fit it back far enough so it wont hit your windshield wiper motor or
linkage. Lower front spreader is 51" long, it goes above the dash pad. Trim these 2 bars as
needed to get the desired space from the dash pad at ends. Make sure doors close and upper door
frames have clearance. Tack them together!
         Now carefully put your hardtop back on and check your work, make sure it all clears.
Remove hardtop, weld bars together so it can be removed from vehicle without breaking apart
the spot welds. Remember to weld on lower pads, also now fit the 2 short bars with 1 bend in
Once everything is tacked together, complete all welds and paint. Always wear a safety belt
when driving and have fun!

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