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Your Operation was_______________________
Your surgeon is Doctor_____________________.
Your post-operative appointment is__________________at _____________________.


      Eat a regular diet as tolerated. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your bowel movements
       soft. If constipated, increase fluids and take Metamucil (1 teaspoon in a glass of water or juice, 2 times
       a day) or use stool softener as prescribed until bowel movements are soft.

      Leave original dressings in place for 2 days then shower normally, pat surgical sites dry. Do not soak in
       the tub or swim for 2 weeks and staples and sutures are removed.

           Keep your incisions clean and cover with a dry gauze as needed for drainage or to prevent
            wound irritation from clothes. Wear a snug fitting or sports bra for 1 week.
           Tegaderm (clear plastic cover) should be removed in 5-7 days if still covering incisions.
           Steri Strips and collodion film (if present) will start to loosen and fall off in 1-2 weeks. Trim the
            loose ends as needed. Do not pull off.
           In most cases sutures will be underneath the skin and will dissolve in 2-4 weeks. When present
            above the skin sutures or staples will be removed in 1-2 weeks.
           If you have a drain in place, wash site with soap and water daily (may be done in shower) and
            cover with a dry gauze. Measure and record the drain output on a piece of paper 2-3 times per
            day. Bring this information to your follow-up appointment (see also JP drain care sheet).

      Wear a supportive or athletic type bra 24 hours per day for 7 days.

      No “bouncy” activities for 1 week. No lifting greater than 10 pounds (equivalent to a gallon of milk) for
       2-4 days. Slowly increase activity after surgery. Do recovery exercises as instructed to minimize side
       effects of surgery. Return to full work duty and activity when released by your doctor.

      Return to clinic or Emergency Department for fever greater than 101F, vomiting, incision redness,
       drainage, swelling, or increasing pain.

          o PIMC Surgical Clinic:                    602-263-1684
          o PIMC Emergency Department:               602-263-1508

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Additional Instructions: ______________________________________________________________________

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