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									Civility Experts Worldwide Announces Opening of In Good Company Etiquette Academy

Civility Experts Worldwide, a leader in civility training, has announced the opening of In Good Company
Etiquette Academy through partner organization Every Girl Can Canada™. The flagship location will open
in Winnipeg in November 2011. To complement the opening of the Academy, Every Girl Can Canada™ is
launching a series of social and life skills training programs for young ladies aged 5-18. These programs
will cover topics such as image, health, confidence, values, character, social etiquette, communication
skills, civility, cultural competence and respect for others. Growing up can be a difficult experience for
girls, but at Civility Experts, we know that providing young people with the knowledge and tools needed
to be socially skilled boosts confidence, builds self-esteem, and helps them to present themselves more
positively. Civility Experts is proud to promote Every Girl Can™ Canada Affiliates Program and training for

About Civility Experts Worldwide

Civility is a conscious awareness of the impact of one’s thoughts, words and actions, combined with a
continuous acknowledgement of one’s responsibility to ease the experience of others. Civility involves a
consistent effort to adopt and exhibit civil behaviour as a non-negotiable point of one’s character.

A commitment to choosing civility and striving daily to practice what she preaches has made Lew Bayer,
President of Civility Experts Worldwide and Director of Affiliate Operations for Every Girl Can Canada™,
an internationally recognized leader in her industry. For the past fourteen years, Lew has lead the team
at Civility Experts – now 30 affiliates strong with representation in 12 countries – and has earned the title
of Canada’s leading expert on civility in the workplace. She is also founder and Executive Director of the
Centre for Cultural Competence, and President of the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium.

Civility Experts offers a range of services to help reduce the cost of organizational incivility, including
civility training, Train the Trainer certification, workshops and webinars, business etiquette training,
books and materials, workplace assessments, social intelligence/cultural competence coaching, keynote
presentations and much more. To learn more about Civility Experts, visit

About Every Girl Can Canada

Girls aged 5-8 can attend Little Miss Manners, in which they will develop the skills needed to become
successful at school, socially, and in all aspects of life. “Knowing what is expected in social settings
boosts confidence,” states Lew Bayer, President of Civility Experts Worldwide, “and having a clear
understanding of social rules helps little girls show respect and earn the respect of others.” For young
ladies aged 9-13, worries about image and how the world views them can leave them feeling
uncomfortable about themselves. In unfamiliar social settings, this can seriously impact self-esteem and
confidence. Girls in this age bracket can take part in Every Girl Can, an 8-part social and life skills
program designed to introduce the “rules” for meeting social expectations, fitting into the world, and
build confidence, social competence and self esteem. For young women aged 14-18, finishing high school
can be a scary as well as an exciting experience. Learning what is expected in various social settings such
as mixing with friends, job interviews, and dating can boost confidence and help young women present
themselves positively. The 8-part Backpack to Briefcase Finishing School prepares young women to
expand their book smarts and increase their social savvy in the real world. All programs will begin in
November 2011, and a special offer of a 50% discount off any package will be honoured if
registering by October 20, 2011.

Contact Information

Lew Bayer, President and CEO, Civility Experts Worldwide
Toll free: 1-877-810-0278
E-mail:  Web: 

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