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                                                                                       ZUMBA Party!
How long is the class?                                                                          Gina Vazquez
                                           What do I Wear?                              Certified ZUMBA Instructor
                                                                                               (210) 900-3159

A traditional ZUMBA class lasts        Although this is an exercise class, ZUMBA is
about 60 minutes. Classes are          also a dance party! You can wear traditional
usually held in the evening, as this   workout wear, but make sure you are able to
is most convenient time for most       move freely. Have fun with it! The ZUMBA
people. The body begins to burn        website sells party-workout wear which is           Firestorm Fitcamps
more fat calories than carbs when it   specifically designed for exercise movement.           2506 Freedom
enters the aerobic stage of            You can also find these products on Ebay. For           Mon – Thurs
                                       a person who sweats heavily, I suggest                 7:3o – 8:30 PM
exercise—about 20 mins. So, 20
                                       materials       primarily     made       from
minutes to deplete carbs, and 40
                                       polyester/spandex blends. These blends have
minutes to burn fat!                   excellent moisture wicking property, which
                                       takes the sweat away from your skin, keeping
Did you know that 3,500 calories is
                                       you cool while you workout.
about 1 pound?
                                       Proper shoes are essential when working out.
Some classes are 30 -45 min. which     When doing ZUMBA, your shoes should have a
would limit the amount of fat          smooth bottom to allow
burning, but still is good for the     easy movements while
body. Shorter periods of exercise      doing twists and slide which
should be done in the morning          a great deal of ZUMBA
when the body does not have fat        choreography has. You can also wear your
                                       cross trainers if you buy
stores and can immediately begin
                                       ZUMBA carpet gliders,
to burn fat. You can find more at:     which will give you a similar
http://bodybuilding.about.com/od/      effect.
 What is ZUMBA?
 Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance-
 fitness class that incorporates Latin
 and international music and dance
 movements, crating a dynamic,
 exciting exhilarating, and effective
 fitness system. A ZUMBA class-
 known as Zumba Fitness Party –
 combines fast and slow rhythms that
 tone and sculpt the body using an
 aerobic/fitness approach to achieve a
 unique blended balance of cardio and
 muscle-toning benefits.
 Dancers and non-dancers alike           Where Did ZUMBA Originate?
 immediately and easily master a
                                                                                 Who is the Founder?
 ZUMBA class because previous dance
 experience is not necessary. A
 ZUMBA class creates a party-like        Alberto “Beto” Perez is the creative genius behind         Latin music tapes from his backpack, popped
 atmosphere that provides a non-         the ZUMBA fitness formula that has millions of             them into the sound system, and taught his first
 intimidating opportunity for non-       people amazed at the changes in their bodies, minds        ZUMBA class.
 dancers, new exercisers, or those who   and lifestyles.
 have previously hesitated to                                                                       In 2000, Beto decided to make the big move to the
 participated in group classes.          Beto began dancing as a young boy in his hometown          United States. It was a struggle in the beginning.
                                         of Cali, located in the southern part of Columbia,         Soon, in 2001, his innovative style caught the
                                         South America. As a teenager, he used his dance            attention of two entrepreneurs, Alberto Perlmam
                                         skills to help pay the bills by choreographing for local   and Alberto Aghion. The three men joined to
                                         artist and dancing in salsa clubs. He later won a          create ZUMBA Fitness, LLC, a global company
Party yourself                           scholarship into the prestigious Maria Sanford             based on Beto’s fitness philosophy.
                                         Brazilian Dance Academy. After graduation, he
Into shape!                                                                                         Beto travels the world showcasing the ZUMBA
                                         became an instructor at the Academy, specializing in
                                                                                                    philosophy. His phenomenal fitness success has
                                         Latin Dance. Beto taught Salsa, Merengue and
                                                                                                    been profiled on hundreds of television shows and
                                         Rumba classes. Later, his interests in physical fitness
                                                                                                    magazines including the Today Show, Fox News,
                                         led him to become a certified personal trainer and
                                                                                                    CNN, Time Magazine, World, Oxygen Magazine,
                                         group exercise instructor.
                                                                                                    People, and more. He now serves as the Creative
                                         One day, upon arriving to one of his classes, he           Director of the ZUMBA Education department and
                                         realized he left his traditional aerobics music at         oversees the raining of the ZUIMBA Education
                                         home. Improvising, he unpacked some of his favorite        Specialist Faculty.

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