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									YMCA back at college?
Germanna, YMCA still interested in teaming up on campus fitness
center, but college must secure funding                           Featured Advertiser

Date published: 9/20/2005


Germanna Community College President Frank Turnage
would still like to see the Rappahannock Area YMCA
operate a fitness center on campus.

YMCA Chief Executive Officer Barney Reiley says that
would be fine with him, too.

It won't happen, though, until Turnage can raise the
estimated $4.5 million needed to pay for the construction
of the proposed indoor pool and fitness center on the
Locust Grove campus.

Both men agree that financing the facility must be handled by the college. The college has
raised about $130,000 in cash contributions in the past year and continues to seek donations.

"Farmer" Bill Meadows, who owns a chain of nurseries, has contributed $50,000 that is being
used for further fundraising, Turnage said. Other contributions, which can be made to the
Germanna Educational Foundation and designated for the fitness center, will be held until the
goal is met, he said.

Turnage added that some developers are "quite interested" in helping with the project. K.
Hovnanian Homes, which is interested in building 748 homes opposite Lake of the Woods, has
promised to donate $1 million toward the facility if Orange County approves its rezoning
request. That decision will not be made until early next year.

The state has contributed the site for the center, which is part of the school's revised master
plan approved earlier this year. The updated plan calls for a medical-education center on the
campus that will focus on health technology education.

"The community pool and fitness center provides a direct connection with the educational
function of the school," Turnage said. "It will be a community-based facility because there is a
strong base of community interest to do this."

Turnage spoke to the Lake of the Woods chapter of American Association of Retired Persons
yesterday to bring more than 150 members up to date on plans for the pool and fitness
center. Lake of the Woods had originally planned a covered pool inside the subdivision's gates,
but many residents are working for a community pool instead.

The YMCA was approached and agreed to partner with the college for the project two years
ago. But it pulled out earlier this year, citing commitments to major projects in other areas.
The YMCA is building new locally funded facilities in Caroline and King George counties and
plans a North Stafford facility, as well.

"We've not had as much progress in fundraising as I'd hoped," Turnage said. "But I really
believe that it will be a reality. It will take cooperation and teamwork."
When asked if the YMCA was still interested in partnering with GCC, Turnage said, "I believe if
someone handed me a check for a million dollars, Barney would definitely say yes.

"I believe the Y is very interested, but it's a wonderful organization with a lot going on right
now. I think it's hoping we'll succeed with our fundraising and they'll get involved again," he

"All that is true," Reiley said. "We're very interested, but they'll have to raise the money to
build the facility. It pains me not to be in the trenches with Frank, but it's not feasible at this
time with so much else going on."

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Date published: 9/20/2005

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