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									What will happen when my programme
finishes?                                                                                      Weight Loss Clinic
You will be offered individual follow-up and
further support as required.

Can I submit the fees to my private
health insurance company?                            We hope that many of your questions          DEPARTMENT
Dietitian and physiotherapy sessions can
                                                     have been answered within this leaflet,
be submitted via your Health Insurance               but should you have any further queries
Provider, ‘Day To Day Medical Expenses’,             then do not hesitate to contact us.
for partial reimbursement. Outstanding
fees can be submitted on your Med 1 Tax              To make a booking please ring
Form see www.revenue.ie

                                                     Dietitian 021 4941930
                                                                                               Healthy eating

In the interest of fairness to all patients &
                                                                                                for a healthy
clients, and to ensure the smooth running of
the practice, a strict booking policy has been
                                                     Physiotherapy      021 4801630
o No refund is repayable once you have
    started the programme.
o If you do not attend a session (i.e. fail to
    cancel in advance) you will be docked a
o The package is valid for one year from
    purchase date. After this it is subject to fee
    revisions/service alterations.
    For those paying on an as you go basis,
    €20 will be charged for non-attendance.                   Bon Secours Hospital
                                                               College Road, Cork.

                                                      Dietetics Department: Tel. 021 4941930
Getting the balance right!                           Sessions 2-6                                       Diet and exercise prescription programme
                                                     30 minute dietitian consults;
Dietary intake and physical activity are two                                                            This 12 week diet and exercise programme
major lifestyle factors that can be modified to      o We will discuss dietary choices and health       incorporates fortnightly exercise sessions with
facilitate weight loss.                                behaviours following on from your last           a Chartered Physiotherapist and the Dietitan.
Our Healthy Lifestyle Programme involves             o Individual goals will be reviewed at each        Diet programme: outlined on previous pages
individual assessment of current dietary intake        session to help you to lose weight slowly and
and lifestyle risk factors. Underlying medical         safely.                                          What do the exercise sessions involve?
conditions such as Diabetes, IBS, raised                                                                You will attend fortnightly, each exercise
cholesterol, Coeliac disease and so forth can        Session 7                                          session consists of one hour of individually
be incorporated in your personal diet plan. In       A follow-up evaluation and monitoring session is   tailored exercises supervised by a Chartered
addition to dietary changes, lifestyle goals are     offered 1-3months after the 12 weeks are           Physiotherapist.
tailored to you individually.                        completed.

It is recommended to use this package                What will I achieve?                               What will happen at my first exercise session?
fortnightly for 12 weeks.                            On completing the programme it is hoped that       Your Chartered Physiotherapist will outline
                                                     you will:                                          the programme and set achievable goals.
                                                     o Be able to identify and challenge existing       You will be assessed so we can identify your
What will happen at my first appointment?                behaviour and attitudes towards food and       current capabilities, this involves a simple walk
                                                         activity.                                      test. This test will then be repeated at the end
 Your first appointment takes up to 1 hour with      o Have improved your knowledge about               of the course to show your improvements.
a dietitian. We will review your medical condition       healthy food choices.
and symptoms, vitamin and mineral supplements        o Increase your awareness of lifestyle risk
and:                                                     factors, such as exercise levels, smoking or   What will I achieve by exercising?
                                                         excess alcohol intake.                         Following the programme it is hoped that you
o Weight, Height, Body Mass Index and waist          o Develop more self-confidence about healthy       will:
  circumference measurements.                            food choices and exercise levels.              o Have improved your fitness level
o Assessment of total amount of Body Fat,            o Achieve some weight loss and set your goals      o Be in a position to lead a more active lifestyle
  metabolic age and basal calorific                      for the future.                                o Develop more self confidence
o Review your current eating behaviour and
  ‘motivation to change’.                            What does it cost?                                 What does it cost?
o Discuss you current diet and lifestyle habits      Package price €300, saving €75                     Package price €650, saving of €125 on pay
  such as exercise, smoking and alcohol.             or you can pay as you go;                          as you go option.
o Set personal goals for change.                     €75 for initial consult
                                                     €50 for reviews

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