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									                                                                     Outdoor Fitness & Health Camp
                                                                                     July 9-13, 2012
                                                                                 SUMMER SESSION
                                                                               REGISTRATION DETAILS

The Program Overview has valuable information, please read it carefully.

5 days and 4 nights at Cispus Learning Center - $300.

Mail a complete, legible and signed Participant Registration/Medical Form for each person registering. (The form
may be completed electronically, printed, and appropriate signatures obtained.) Register only if you can commit to
the camp from start to finish! Full payment of $300, plus transportation if requested, must accompany the
Participant Registration Form.

    1. Participants may be transported by a school official, a parent, or an adult authorized by special permission.
    2. Depending on registrations, charter bus service may be available for an additional fee. If charter service is
       available the following rates apply:

                 From Spokane                  $75
                 From all other areas          $65

All cancellations received after May 31 will result in a non-refundable processing fee of $100. If cancellation is made
less than ten working days prior to camp (Monday, June 25, 2012), the full charge plus transportation will apply.
Participants will be charged the full amount if they leave early or do not show up. All cancellations must be received
in writing from a parent/guardian by the specified date.

QUESTIONS? For program information, contact Martin Fortin at fortin@awsp.org
           For registration information, contact Karen (karenj@awsp.org)
           Phone: 360.497.5323 FAX: 360.497.5324
                                                                                  Outdoor Fitness & Health Camp 2012
                                                                                        PROGRAM OVERVIEW
                                                                                       Sponsored by the Association of
                                                                                        Washington School Principals

2012 Fitness & Health Camp
Outdoor Fitness and Health Camp summer session is               Where is camp?
scheduled for July 9-13, 2012. The winter session is            The summer session is held at the Cispus Learning
scheduled for December 26-30, 2012. The intensive               Center, 12 miles southeast of Randle, Washington in the
curriculum (15 hours per day) is designed for students          Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The winter session is
interested in exploring the vast opportunities the outdoors     held at the Chewelah Peak Learning Center,
has to offer. They will learn how to skillfully and safely      approximately one hour north of Spokane near the 49
approach these adventures. Land based (only) activities         Degrees North ski resort. The Association of Washington
in outdoor sport skill building, leave no trace, wilderness     School Principals operates both facilities. Family-style
first aid and environmental etiquette are included.             meals are served in a dining hall, and participants are
Summer session includes hiking and backpacking. Winter          housed in dorms.
session includes cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.
                                                                How do I get there?
Students entering grades 9-12 students from across              Students can be transported to camp by their school,
Washington State will be eligible to attend. Students will      sponsor or parent. Student drivers are NOT allowed.
gain confidence and skills in pursuit of outdoor adventure.     Depending on registrations, charter bus service MAY be
They will respectfully and safely learn how to experience       available for an additional fee.
the outdoors with minimal impact on the environment
through experiential learning. This class aligns with the       What do I need to know?
power standards for Physical Education and meets state          The curriculum is five days, held during school breaks.
requirements for Classroom Based Assessments.                   Summer session includes hiking and backpacking. Winter
                                                                session includes cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.
There is a limit of 32 participants for this summer’s           Participants can earn one full semester credit with
session.                                                        successful completion of the camp and a follow-up
Who should attend the Fitness and Health Camp?
Camp is designed for students who want to earn high             An additional reason to attend
school Fitness and Health (PE) credit, and learn about          With the increasing requirements for credits to graduate
lifetime outdoor recreation and sport. We require that          from high school, many students find very little time for in-
they be recommended (sponsored) by a high school                depth study in areas of their special interest. The credit
teacher, administrator or counselor.                            earned by completing this course of study may open
                                                                opportunities during the school year for additional class-
What is the sponsor’s role?                                     work in many interest areas.
In order to attend the camp you will need a sponsor. A
sponsor is an adult who will vouch for your work ethic,         Registration reminders
your responsibility and your ability to successfully            Only register if you can commit to the entire camp
complete the rigorous academic and physical                     session from start to finish! We start at 3:00 PM on day
requirements of the camp. This person could be a                one and conclude at 11:00 AM on the final day.
mentor, teacher, counselor or administrator.                    Participants must be entering grades 9-12.

                                      Questions? Contact Martin Fortin, fortin@awsp.org
                             Additional information is available at www.awsp.org/learningcenters

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