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									Year 8 Homework Project
   Physical Education

  Am I doing enough?

                              Learning Outcomes

Perform a range of aerobic and anaerobic exercises with control, accuracy, and
sound technique. Understand how these impacts on your fitness and health.

Pace their effort well to meet the needs of a range of activities by understanding
their own fitness needs and levels.

Pupils identify what they need to do to improve their own fitness.

Identify strengths/weaknesses in their own and others’ performances, and select
an appropriate focus for improvement. Explain how the exercise they are using will
affect performance.

                               Year 8 Homework Project

During this project we would like you to be able to identify the differences
between Physical Activity and Leisure activity, find out how much time you spend
on each of these and analyse the effects that they will have on your general health
and fitness.

Task 1

What are the definitions of Physical Activity and Leisure Activity?

               Physical Activity                         Leisure Activity

Give 3 examples of each

               Physical Activity                         Leisure Activity
   1.                                         1.
   2.                                         2.
   3.                                         3.


Task 2

The most recent government guidelines suggest that every young person should be
participating in 5 hours of Physical Activity per week.

Using this website find out the following:

   1. What are the aims of the Change for Life project?

   2. Why has the government introduced this?

   3. How do they suggest people change their lifestyles?

   4. Suggest ways in which the 2012 Olympics may have also encouraged this

          Year 8 Survey on Participation in Physical Activity

Task 3

  1. In school how many hours a week do you spend in Physical Education?

  2. What activities do you do in your Physical Education lessons?

  3. Do you attend any after school clubs? If so what?

  4. How many hours a week do you spend in after school clubs?

  5. Outside school do you attend any clubs or participate in any other sports? If
     so which activities?

  6. How many hours a week does this take up?

  7. What other leisure activities do you do outside school?
          Activity                   tick/cross                hours spent per week
     Watching telly
     Playing computer games
     Listening to music
     Other please state…………..
  8. How much time do you spend on your homework per week?

  9. In total how much time do you spend taking part in Physical Activity? (not
     including leisure activities)

                Personalised Timetable of time spent in Physical and Leisure Activities

                  7am-9am       9am-3pm      3pm-4pm          4pm-5pm     5pm-6pm       6pm-7pm      7pm-11pm

     Monday                                  Trampolining                 Watching
                                             Club (1hr)                   T.V (1hr)






Task 4- Complete the above table in as much detail as possible identifying the activities which you participate in.
Use a different colour to show which activities are leisure and which are Physical as shown above.

                    Analysis of own survey and timetable

Task 5

Write a paragraph in the space below stating the following:

      How many hours of Physical Activity are you actually doing per week?
      How does this compare to the government guidelines?
      What effects will low levels of Physical Activity have on your body in the
       long term?
      How could you change your habits or sacrifice leisure time to increase your
       levels of Physical Activity?

Task 6

Using all the information you have gained from this project complete a new
timetable below showing how you are going to include 5 hours of Physical Activity a
week. This should be realistic and should be something you are working towards in
order to ensure that you are leading a healthy and happy life.

                                Revised Personal Timetable

            7am-9am   9am-3pm      3pm-4pm       4pm-5pm   5pm-6pm   6pm-7pm   7pm-11pm








                        Student Assessment Form
Your opinion is valuable to us so that we can assess the quality and relevance of the
Homework Project to make improvements for the future. Please fill in the survey
below to allow us to do this.

Did you find this Homework Project (circle):

         Too Easy       Easy     Just Right      Difficult    Too Difficult

Was this Homework Project explained clearly enough in lessons for you to
understand what to do?

Did you feel this Homework Project was relevant to what you have been learning in
your PE lessons?

What have you learnt from completing this Homework Project?

If you could improve something about this Homework Project what would it be?

                            Level Descriptors

LEVEL ATTAINMENT                                  EXAMPLE
3     Pupils select and use skills, actions       e.g. I can pace myself
         and ideas appropriately, applying        appropriately in aerobic
         them with co-ordination and control.     activities.

4        Pupils link skill, technique and idea    e.g. I understand the value
         and apply them accurately and            in different training
         appropriately. Their performance         methods.
         shows precision, control and fluency.
5        Pupils select & combine their skills &   e.g. I can measure the
         ideas & apply them accurately and        different aspects of my
         appropriately, consistently showing      fitness, and know how to
         precision, control and fluency.          train to improve some of
6        Pupils select and combine skills,        e.g. I can plan a fitness
         techniques and ideas and they apply      session.
         them in ways that suit the activity
         with consistent precision, control
         and fluency.
7        Pupils select & combine advanced         e.g. I am successful in
         skills & technique, adapting them        fitness because I am able to
         accurately and appropriately to the      raise my improvement
         demands of the activities. They          throughout my fitness
         understand how to improve their          programme.
         own fitness levels.

                         FEEDBACK SHEET
Yours and your parents’ / guardians feedback about this PE coursework would be
much appreciated.





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