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RFP FY2012 Competitive FC:320 Supplementary Support to School by djH0mfF5


									Name of Grant Program: Supplementary Support to School Districts with High Concentrations of At-Risk Students            Fund Code: 320

                                      EVALUATION CRITERIA SCORECARD – (FOR ESE USE ONLY)

District Name:                                 information                     Score            Score                                   Maximum
                                                provided/      Score        Information     Information                                 Points
Name of Reviewer:                                                                                                         Awarded
                                               Information   Information   addresses all     addresses      Multiplier                 Available
                                                                                                                         (Score x
                                                 provided    is minimal        basic        all elements                                 (5 x
Date:                                                                                                                    Multiplier)
                                                 does not                    elements        thoroughly                                Multiplier)

Evaluation Criteria:                            0 Points      1 Point        3 Points         5 Points

Note: The minimum qualifying score for approval is 90, or the equivalent of earning 3 raw points in each area of the scoring rubric. Districts
receiving less than the minimum score may be asked to revise or elaborate upon certain areas of their grant application within a specific
timeframe to be determined by the Department during the review process.

1) The applicant described how funding                                                                      X4                         20
from this grant will support new at-risk
initiatives and interventions in the school
district and/or described how funding
from this grant will support current at-risk
initiatives and interventions in the school
2) The applicant explained the research                                                                     X3                         15
or known best practices upon which
initiative(s) is/are based.
3) The applicant describes the student                                                                      X3                         15
population(s) it intends to serve and
explains the criteria it will use to
determine eligible students for this grant.
Included in the description is the number
and grade levels of students the district
intends to serve. Applicant considered
targeting middle school students;
MassGrad grant recipients in particular
focused on middle school students.

4) The applicant described the proposed           X2      10
connection to or collaboration with
community or other organizations as part
of the proposal.
5) The applicant described the role               X2      10
parents/guardians will play in the
development of and/or implementation of
proposed initiatives.
6) The applicant explains how multi-              X2      10
faceted efforts to address the “whole-
student” are included in the grant
activities, such as supporting and
improving health, mental health,
nutritional, and fitness habits for
participating students
7) The applicant describes what success           X2      10
will look like for its district and how it will
use data to determine the impact and
success of this grant funding.
8) The applicant described the system             X2      10
the district will use to record/log student
participation in activities associated with
this grant and to keep track of other data.
9) The applicant describes its plan for           X2      10
grant coordination at the district and/or
school level, including the name and
contact information for the primary point
of contact.
10) The applicant explains how the                X3      15
proposed grant services complement
other funding and activities the district
may receive or participate in.
11) The applicant provides an                     X2      10
appropriate month by month timeline for
grant implementation that includes
benchmarks for implementing key
activities. Grant start dates are expected
to be around March 1, 2012.
The budget is filled out correctly,               X3      15
including numbers of staff, FTEs,
stipends, rates, etc. Each line item is
thoroughly explained.
                                                  TOTAL   Max
                                                          Points =


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