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Rugby Fitness by djH0mfF5


									 Rugby Fitness

Gosport and Fareham
                               Before exercise
•   Why warming up is important
•   To be safe, a physically active program should begin with a warm up period. The main purpose of warming
    up is to increase your heart rate slightly. This has two benefits: 1) it raises your core body temperature;
    and 2) it increases the blood (oxygen) flow to your muscles to prepare your body for more vigorous
    physical activity. Your muscles and tendons (which attach your muscles to your bones) will be more flexible
    for stretching after mild movement has raised your internal body temperature. This flexibility helps you
    increase the range of motion of your joints and may help you avoid injuries such as muscle tears and pulls.

•   How Long should I warm up?
•   It takes your body approximately 3 minutes to realize it needs to pump more blood to your muscles. Warm
    ups should last approximately 5 - 10 minutes and they should include stretching of large muscle groups
    (such as the quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders etc...)
               The warm-up and Stretch
•   A warm-up is very easy to do simply jog around a pitch or up and down a road. Remember warming up is
    about raising your heart rate gradually and safely, going up and down stairs would achieve this result.


•   Stretching is very important and will help reduce injury and also benefit you when playing in your

•   On the next few pages are just a couple of stretches that you could do, there are of course a great many
Side and waist
Back Stretch
Quadriceps (Thigh)
Some ideas for you to try

                               Muscle training
•   When performing any sort of physical training remember to only attempt what feels comfortable, if it
    hurts STOP!

•   Most of the following exercises work on the idea of 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

•   What does this means ? A set is usually 10 repetitions of the same activity followed by a 20 second rest
    then another set of 10 followed by a rest then a final set of 10.

•   Always try to perform the activity properly and importantly safely, at times finishing off the final set of 10
    might be difficult – this is good as you are working your muscles well.
                        Cardio training ideas
•   Press-up, sprint and alternate ball carry

•   Sprint with ball under one arm for 5 yards, then do one press-up, put the ball under other arm, sprint
    another 5 yards, do one more press-up, put ball under first arm, then sprints back to start position. This
    can be repeated as many times as you like or for a set distance. Have a small rest in between each go and
    then repeat anything up to 3 times.

•   Interval training

•   If you can get to a field this is an excellent way of improving your game fitness. The idea is to jog and sprint
    your way around a set course for example a rugby pitch. Start by the corner flag and jog to the half way
    line, next sprint from the half way to the try line, next jog along the try line, next sprint from the try line to
    the half way line, next sprint to the try line. At this point walk along the try line (recovery period) and get
    ready to start again jogging to the half way line. Repeat anything up to 3 times.
                                       Press ups
•   Press ups

•   Performed by themselves press ups are a simple but excellent way of building upper body strength. To
    start to build up your muscles it is recommended that 3 sets of 10 press ups ( 30 in total) are a good
    starting point. Remember to have a rest between each set this allows the muscle time to recover and also
    get you ready for the next 10.
                                              Sit ups
•   Sit ups

•   Sit ups are an excellent way of building stomach strength and therefore your core strength. However, it is
    important to perform this properly it is very easy to do them wrong and damage your neck – not good for
    a rugby player.

•   Remember to never place your hands behind your head always to the side. Your knees should be bent and
    as you sit up you are bringing your chest closer to the knees not your head. As with the press ups perform
    3 set of 10 (30 in total) this will help the muscle to build correctly and also allow you you a few seconds of
    rest between each repetition.
                      Alternate knee raises
•   Alternate knee raises

•   This exercise also works your core strength but unlike the other 2 exercises you can do as many as you can
    in 1 attempt with these. This means that you are working your strength and your muscular endurance.

•   In the same position as with sit ups lying on your back with your hands beside the head lift your legs off
    the floor and bend them up towards you. Now in the action of straightening and bending your legs see
    how many you can do, don’t go too quickly but get into a smooth rhythm.
                                        The plank
•   The Plank

•   Lie face down on mat resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor. Push off the floor, raising up onto
    toes and resting on the elbows. Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels. Tilt your pelvis
    and contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air or sagging in the middle.
    Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, lower and repeat for 3-5 reps.
                                      Cool down
•   Cool down

•   Finally, it is always important to have a cool down. This can be something as simple as walking around your
    house (if doing muscle work) or walking around a field or pitch (if performing cardiovascular work).

    •   Exercising should be fun but it must serve a purpose – hopefully this will be
                         making you a stronger, fitter rugby player.

                                 •    Remember if it hurts STOP

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