Lifetime Fitness Syllabus by WG8WhXTs


									                    Lifetime Fitness Syllabus
                          Mrs. Gravatt
                       Physical Education
Activities: May include but are not limited to the following:
Skating            Weight Lifting             Running
Fitness Walking Bowling                       Juggling
Fitness Yoga       Urban Orienteering         Slow Pitch Softball
Flag Football      Hygiene                    Frisbee Golf
Ultimate Frisbee Golf                         Relays
Volleyball         Basketball                 Wii Dance

Fieldtrip Costs: $30

Grade Weights:
Daily Assessment/Participation:                    65%
Written Quizzes, Notebooks, Projects, Skills Tests 35%

Calendar: Please visit the BTW magnet webpage, click on school
staff/faculty, scroll down and click on Shelly Gravatt, and then click on

Make-up work: For 1-3 days of being absent or sick students may go to
any school related performance or a teacher approved event and get a signed
program to turn in for credit within 3 days of the absence/illness. Students
who are present at school but are not participating due to illness MUST have
a note from parent.
                  Absences/illnesses over 3 days will be assigned written
work. Student MUST see teacher to receive this make-up work.

  1. Students will be prepared daily. PE Clothing, tennis shoes,
     pedometers, etc.
  2. Students will demonstrate good attitudes.
  3. Students will have an open mind trying new educational opportunities.
  4. Students will work with ALL students well.
   5. Students will inform teacher immediately if injured, ill or being
      bullied in any way.
   6. Students will be responsible for their actions, words, and lack thereof.
   7. Students will handle PE equipment as instructed ONLY.

Rules and Procedures:
  1. Come to Room 100 A, pick up PE items, leave backpacks in room.
  2. Get on PE bus. Sit QUIETLY.
  3. Dress out upon arrival in locker room.
  4. Go to gym and follow all instructions for the day.
  5. Report pedometer score
  6. Locker room to dress in
  7. Bus to ride back to school
  8. If you miss the bus, go directly to the front office and report.

Forms: Many forms and announcements will also be on my webpage.
Please check the webpage if you have questions.

We have permission to utilize the Kershaw YMCA on Fairview Avenue
between Carver Sr. High and Carver Elementary. We are transported there
by an MPS school bus. We also use AUM’s Frisbee Golf Course, Bonnie
Crest Country Club, Bama Lanes, Looney’s Skating Rink, Eastdale Mall and
many other facilities in our instructional days.

Contact Information:
School email: Shelly.Gravatt@MPS.K12.AL.US
If you have an emergency then call the school at 334-269-3617 and they can
transfer you to my cell phone.

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