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									    SUNDAY                MONDAY             TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY               THURSDAY               FRIDAY             SATURDAY

JUNE 10               JUNE 11            JUNE 12              JUNE 13                JUNE 14              JUNE 15              JUNE 16
8:30am: Yoga Flow -   6:00am: Spin       6:00am: Strength &   6:00am: Spin Xpress                         6:00am: Strength &   7:30am: Spin
MELISSA               Xpress - BRANDON   Conditioning -       - CATHY                7:30am: Spin         Conditioning - JIM   Xpress – CRIS
8:30am: Spin -        8:30am: Zumba -    CATHY                8:30am: Sculpt &       Xpress - COLLEEN     8:30am: Pilates
JULIA                 JENNY              8:30am: Just         Strength Intervals -   8:30am: SmartBells   Fusion - ANDREA      8:30am: Circuit
                      9:30am:            Weights - JANE       JENNY                  - ROSEMARY           9:30am: Just         Challenge -JENNY
                      SmartBodyFit -     9:30am: Zumba –      9:30am: Athletic       9:30am:              Weights -            9:30am: Zumba -
                      JANE               JENNY & NAOMI        Yoga - VALERIE         S.M.A.C.K -          NAOMI                NAOMI
                      9:30am: Spin       9:30am: Spin &       9:30am: Spin Xpress    NAOMI                9:30am: Spin -
                      Xpress-JULIA       Sculpt - CATHY       - JANE                 10:30am: Zumba -     CATHY
                      10:30am: Yoga –    10:35am: Boxing      10:35am: Abs & Butt    JENNY                10:30am: Zumba –
                      VALERIE            Express -            Xpress - JANE (45      11:30am: Yoga -      JENNY&NAOMI
                                         ROSEMARY             mins)                  VALERIE
                      6:00pm: MAX 45     (45 mins)            5:30pm: Zumba -
                      ROSEMARY           6:00pm: Strength &   LINDY                  6:00pm: Zumba -
                                         Conditioning -       6:45pm:Pm Zen-         GABBIE
                                         CHRIS                VALERIE


MAX 45 - 45 minutes of constant moving cardio, plyometrics, sprints, laterals, planks, pushups, resistance training,
balance and MORE! Not one class is EVER like the next. Stay for 10 more minutes and get a bonus of DCS10.
Deep Conditioning Stretch (10 minutes) for the whole BOD.
Sculpt and Strength Intervals - A high energy workout using an interval style training method, high and low
impact, to build muscular definition and endurance.
S.M.A.C.K - Step, Muscle, & Cardio Kickboxing - this class takes all of your favorite cardio classes and combines
them into one killer class!
SmartBells - Experience dynamic functional strength, cardio and core training using the SmartBell. This is
followed by strength resistance training for the core and upper body muscles on the mats using balls, bands or
SmartBody Fit - An intense workout designed to dynamic functional strength and cardio endurance, using the
SmartBell, steps and resistance equipment.
Zumba - A fusion of Latin, hip-hop and international music/dance themes that create an exciting and effective
fitness workout!!! Burn calories and work your core while doing basic and easy to follow moves.

Athletic Yoga (60 min or * 75min) - Vigorous training of mind, body and spirit. This practice combines elements
of several styles of yoga to create a free flowing style linking breath with movement. This takes place in a heated
Pilates - An exercise series performed on the mat, based on the regimen designed by Joseph Pilates. The class
is designed to increase core strength and improve flexibility.
Pilates Fusion - An eclectic combination of traditional Pilates exercises fused with modern, functional
strengthening exercises. Incorporates use of bands, pilates ring and other apparatus.
Yoga Flow (60 min) - This class focuses on the fundamental postures of Yoga. Combine breath and spirit with
movement while building strength and flexibility. While this class caters for the novice, all levels are welcome.

Abs and Butt Xpress - In 45 minute class you will intensely target and tone the abs and butt!
Circuit Challenge - In a circuit format, you will be challenged using various equipment and methods. Build
strength and core stability.
Just Weights! - An all over toning class which increases strength, flexibility and muscular definition. Varying
types of equipment may be used in this class to target all the major muscle groups
Strength and Conditioning - A high intensity workout that will challenge your strength, endurance and agility.

Spin - A group cycling class conducted on stationary bikes to develop cardiovascular fitness. All levels welcome in
this musically driven class.
Spin & Sculpt - Spin Xpress plus resistance training exercises to tone and shape your upper body and core
muscles, using bands, tubing and/or light weights.
Spin Xpress - A shortened version of Spin. A 45 minute class.
Please sign in for class. Please note that some classes have advance sign up and size may be limited.
Classes are closed 10 minutes after beginning and run approximately 55 minutes.
RFC reserves the right to change instructor, class schedule or fees without notice. Please check our boards and
front desk for last minute changes.
Please notify the instructor if you have any physical limitations or if you are pregnant.
We encourage everyone to work at his or her own pace.

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