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Running Club by IPEn3Z4


									Running Club is open to all students at Owen Elementary School. We will
meet in the gym after school and finish at 4:30. We will run around the
sidewalk of the school and some meetings we will go out to the field. If
the weather is bad and the gym is available, we will stay in the gym. We
will keep journals, talk about goals, share articles with the students, and
focus on keeping a positive self-esteem as we move through the weeks.
Parents are invited to run/walk with us as is the Owen staff.

The focus of Running Club is fitness and developing life-long fitness
habits. We will eye the Still Shuffle which is run on April 29th. It is
totally optional for students to participate in and parents are responsible
for their own children. Owen staff is not responsible for registering or
monitoring students for the Still Shuffle. Even if the student is not
planning on participating in the Still Shuffle they may join us for Running

Please pick up students in the car rider parking lot (west side of school) at

Meeting Dates

   March 8, 15, 22
   April 5, 12, 26

I allow my child to participate in the intramurals after school on the dates
listed above.

Parent Signature: ____________________Contact #________________

Student Name: ____________________________________Class____________

May walk home: _________

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