Notes for 4 8 10 Enhanced Space meeting by R96gPf3z


									                                      Meeting Notes

    Draft Goal – Enhancing Existing Spaces and Create New Spaces That Foster
                 Increased Student-focused Learning Interactions


Jim Nolan started the meeting by summarizing what has occurred up to this point in the
development of the next College strategic plan. He also emphasized that the Steering
Committee was focusing on greatly enhanced student engagement so the discussion on
space should address this theme as much as possible.
Student-focused learning

*Library - Katherine Crohan
              - group study, need more w/technology
              - configurable space
              - presentation space
              - Learning Commons: writing, tutoring, etc. need planning
Physics       - coffee bar
has one?      - seminar rooms
              - PC cluster; students are still using desk top computers in the library

*Ralph Blasting
      1. Revisit and aggressively follow Campus Master Plan including deferred
      2. Creative Arts – need facilities where students from multiple disciplines can
         work together
      - Many students want creative arts as an option

*Mike Kelly
Office for Students w/Disabilities
        - Have maxed out our space for needs
        - Need resource center for students

*Holly Cheverton
       - tutoring space is about 2’x5’
       - 55 tutors; have to look for classroom space
       - can’t meet in private space – must meet in public
       - space needs: whiteboards, computers, etc.
       - “student focused learning” is what they do
       - ideally own one classroom setting and 2 small rooms

*John Enriquez – Institutional Benchmark
       - adopt benchmark for classroom usage
       - rooms should be driven by teaching needs
*Jim Booker
       – look at Art Lidsky study

*Eric Bremier
       - current classrooms are woefully undersized

*Karen Quaal
      - Strategic plan needs to emphasize that we are following a facilities master plan
      - space is a crucial issue

*John Felio
       - sustainability efforts; greener spaces
       - need for non-program space

*Mary Ellen Gilroy
      - study should be done on how existing space is currently used

*Ned Jones
      - Athletic complex: need wellness learning environment, health service, public
        Safety, etc.
      - The top of the student applicant pool is growing and getting better and better;
          quality of space is more important to these students, especially creative arts
      - Look at old dorms before they become a problem; they are almost there

*Ayisha Lovell
      - need to re-evaluate existing spaces

*Mel Beach
      - bring back lounge space in the dorms

*Eric Breimer
        - remarked about a trip to look at aspirant institutions: lot more shared facilities
at aspirant schools as opposed to silo attitude about space

*Pat Trutty-Coohill
         - John Enriquez has helped Creative Arts by providing aspirant school space

*Holly Cheverton
       - shared learning space in student center
       - informal student studying and gathering spaces
       - go green, possible grant money

*Mike Papadopoulos
      - master plan is the way to go
         - study how we currently utilize spaces
         - where are we trying to go, space has to be linked to it
         - need more parking! Faculty, student, visitor

*Mike Fogarty
- need to design buildings that are flexible for future needs

*Jim Booker
       - increase student interaction; learning happens between people
       - Colbeth faculty are removed from academic podium and need to be brought
back to it

*Ned Jones
      - Strategic Plan needs to inform and/or re-vision Campus Master Plan

*Mark Frost
        - hard to find Academic spaces on Siena campus; Siena Hall seems to be an
administrative building
        - revisit Master Plan
        - benchmark space; have space standards
        - people have to be forthcoming about space
        - Air quality, temperature controls tied to deferred maintenance
         - check for gaps in IT infrastructure
         - Lighting, furniture
        - Athletics facility is too small for 18 Division 1 teams, lockers and fitness areas
are also inadequate
        - student services are scattered all over
*       - any functions on campus that can be located off campus?
        - tuition rates need to rise if we are going to expand our physical plant quickly
        - space utilization committee needs to be created

         - Everything mentioned showed up on Noel-Levitz student survey: benchmark?

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