Dear Colleague's by R96gPf3z


									Dear Colleague's

My name is Andrea Ayres I am campaigning to become a Supervisor of
Midwives. I have been a qualified midwife for over 4 years and I have work in all
areas of midwifery and have practiced overseas for 15 months. I have been
employed in this trust since 2011. I work in Serenity and Halcyon Birth Centre.
My passion is providing intra-partum care to low-risk women and I feel very
privileged to be part of the birth experience. My primary responsibility is to
provide women with a safe standard of care, providing them with all the
evidence so they can make an informed choice, feel in control of their labour and
birth, and give them and their families a positive birth experience. I have set
out below why supervision is important and why I feel I have the skills to be a

What is the purpose of Supervision?

Supervision is a statutory responsibility which provides a mechanism for support
and guidance to every midwife practising in the United Kingdom. The purpose of
supervision is to protect women and babies by actively promoting a safe
standard of midwifery practice (NMC, 2009).

What is expected of you as a midwife?

As a midwife your primary responsibilities are to ensure the safe and effective
care of mothers and babies, also to maintain your fitness for practice and to
maintain your registration with the NMC. The relationship between you and your
named supervisor should be enabling and supportive so that you can fulfil your

Why become a supervisor?

Supervision is a way of promoting excellence in midwifery care, by supporting
midwives to practise with confidence, therefore preventing poor practice. As a
Supervisor of midwives I want to know that all women are receiving high quality
care during their pregnancy, labour and birth regardless of mode of delivery. I
care deeply about midwifery and the future of my profession, so as a supervisor
I will be able to not only support and help facilitate continuing professional
development of my midwifery colleagues but also play a role in protecting women
by ensuring that midwives are fit for purpose.

What you should expect from a Supervisor?

As a midwife you should expect a supervisor to have certain qualities that
support and empower you to fulfil your responsibilities (NMC,2009) I feel I
possess those personal qualities which are required, I am approachable,
transparent, honest, enthusiastic, a good communicator, and professional at all
times. I am a committed midwife and through my continuing professional
development am able to evolve my own midwifery practise to be a competent
midwife who provides safe care.

What can women expect of a Supervisor?

Supervisors have a role in advising and supporting women who use midwifery
services; advocating for the right of all women to make informed choices and
providing additional advice to women who are experiencing difficulty in achieving
care choices. Supervisors must demonstrate how they ensure that women
influence the development of maternity services and also ensure that midwifery
care is responsive to local needs.

I hope I have demonstrated and conveyed my reasons for wanting to be a
supervisor of midwives clearly and concise to you all. That I have shown you my
motivation is to protect the women that we care for and I have the right
qualities to help, support and empower you as midwives.


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