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									          4-H Opportunities
        Beyond the Club Level

              At the:
            County Level
            State Level
           Regional Level
           National Level
         International Level
       4-H Club Opportunities
     4-H Volunteer Opportunities

4-H…Helping You Put Knowledge to Work!
           4-H Opportunities Beyond the Club Level…
                 In Moultrie-Douglas County

4-H Ambassadors
4-H Ambassadors are youth in 7th grad and older who want to promote 4-H in their community.
Members learn to develop ideas that encourage fund raising, socializing, promotions, and
community service. Ambassadors plan their own social activities and participate in local parades
and school open houses.

4-H Workshops

4-H provides workshops on various topics throughout the 4-H year. Workshop topics vary from
year to year.

4-H Family Fun Night
4-H Family Fun Night is held each year during the 4-H fair. It features food, games and a night
of swimming. All members and their families are encouraged to attend.

4-H Week
Each year during 4-H week, we encourage clubs to participate in a window decoration contest
and promote 4-H in their schools and communities. We also include a family function, such as
bowling, for all members and their families to participate in.

Moultrie Douglas 4-H Fair
The 4-H Fair is held every year in July. This event gives our 4-H youth the opportunity to
exhibit the projects they have been learning about over the course of the 4-H year. It also
gives our members the chance to meet and form friendships with youth in other clubs and in
other communities.

The Sky is the limit!
We are always coming up with new and exciting ideas to encourage our members to “Make the
Best Better” and we want to hear your ideas too!
4-H Opportunities Beyond the Club Level…Regional
4-H Camp
All youth ages 8-16 years old are invited to participate in a week-long experience. Counties are assigned
camping weeks throughout the months of June and July. Youth are encouraged to attend during their
county week, but can attend another week offered. Registration materials are available in March from
the Extension office. 4-H Camp is located in Allerton Park in Monticello, IL.

4-H Mini-Camp
Mini camp is designed for those who would rather try a shorter version of the popular week-long
program. They get a taste of most everything offered at the regular week-long camp in a setting
tailored for younger campers. Activities include swimming, boating, fishing, crafts, sports, games,
animals, songs, hikes, campfires, and lots more. 4-H Mini-Camp is open to all youth, but will focus on
activities designed for kids 8-12 years of age.

Camp Counselors/Summer Program Staff
Each year 4-H members are hired to work at 4-H Memorial Camp as camp counselors and to coordinate
program areas such as Waterfront, Arts and Crafts, Outdoor Education, and Recreation. Other staff
hired includes Lead Female Counselor, Head Male Counselor, and Assistant Director and Camp Nurse.

Fish Camp
This fun filled (late April-May) weekend event is packed with fishing action and instructional workshops
for the beginning or intermediate-fishing enthusiast at 4-H Memorial Camp. Participants will learn how
to catch bass, bluegill, crappie, and catfish in the 16 acre fishing paradise. Campers will have lessons
available on fishing tips, bait, lures, knots, gear, boating, fish behavior, fisheries management, caring for
your catch. Prizes are given away at a special fishing derby on Sunday. This camp is open to any
adult/child “team”. Youth campers must be at least 8 years of age.

4-H Missions in Space Camp
This three-day program is a condensed version of the week long Space Camp experience. Seventh-ninth
grade 4-H members from Central Illinois travel to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville,
Alabama to learn about space technology, space agriculture and living in space. They are able to
experience what it is like to live and work in space though the time spent training on various simulators
and through a mock Space Shuttle Mission.

Regional Youth Leadership Team
Two 4-H’ers from each county form this team and plan ways to facilitate teen leadership building in the
EC Region. For the past few years, this team has held a Leadership Workshop, Food, Fun, and Not

4-H Equine Challenge
Each year the Edgar and Coles units host an Equine Challenge for EC 4-H’ers. The team event is usually
held in June at Rock-n-A Ranch near Charleston.
4-H Opportunities Beyond the Club Level…State Level

State Judging Contests
In mid-June, the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana hosts judging contests in livestock, dairy,
poultry, and horses as well as skill competitions in forestry, horticulture, and rocket launching. The
horticulture contest also includes a public presentation component as well as an identification component.
Dairy and livestock quiz bowl competitions are also held. Winners of these events become candidates
to compete in Invitational Judging Contests held at the Illinois State Fair in August as well as in national
competitions. All 4-H members are eligible to participate in these competitions.
In addition to the mid-June contests, these are the other contests.
        Illinois 4-H Hippology Contest
       Comprehensive horse educational contest for 4-H members that includes horse judging plus skill-
       a-thon stations and a written test and slides.
        Illinois 4-H Horse Bowl Contest
       Academic quiz bowl competition among Illinois 4-H members that previously qualified through
       regional competition.
        Illinois 4-H Horse Judging Contest
       Judging of halter and performance classes, plus oral reasons for those individuals trying out for
       the State 4-H Horse Judging Team.
        Illinois 4-H Horse Demonstration/Illustrated Talk Contest
       4-H Demonstrations and Illustrated talks help youth gain self-confidence to develop their ability
       to demonstrate their skill or activity and share it with others and to develop skills in effective
       organization and presentation.
        Illinois 4-H/FFA State Tractor Operator's Contest
       This event is sponsored by University of Illinois Extension in McLean County. The top 4-H
       participant will represent Illinois at the National 4-H Tractor Operator's Contest as a part of
       the National 4-H Engineering, Science and Leadership Event held at Purdue University

Illinois Jr. Leadership Convention
The Illinois State 4-H Youth Leadership Team plans and coordinates Jr. Leadership Convention for the
Illinois 4-H members who are currently in 7th or 8th grade. Participants go to a variety of workshops -
focusing on building delegates' skills and knowledge as young leaders in their local 4-H clubs and county
4-H programs. While learning new things to take back to their counties, they’ll also have a great time
meeting other junior high delegates at the other special events that are planned. Special entertainment,
speakers, a dance, and loads of fun will keep them smiling and motivated to go home and try all the things
they have learned!

Illinois 4-H Leadership Convention
This special event for high school teens is held in late June. It includes a weekend of educational
workshops and inspiring speakers. Teens from across Illinois gather together to meet new friends, learn
skills to take home to their local communities, recognize outstanding 4-H members, and have a great
time. This convention is planned by a state committee of teens and is open to all youth in Illinois, ages
Planning Committee for Illinois Leadership Convention
 See Illinois Leadership Convention above. 4-H’ers apply and interview for this committee.

E.D.G.E. Conference
The E.D.G.E. Conference: Experiencing Discovery, Growth & Excellence
Here is a program just for our Illinois 4-H and FFA Jr. High members! The E.D.G.E. program is a
leadership and personal development conference designed specifically for 7th and 8th grade students.
The conference deals with topics such as personal strengths, social skills, choices, goals, community
involvement, and WIIFM (What's In It For Me?). Delegates leave E.D.G.E. with a better understanding
of themselves and how to deal with day-to-day choices. E.D.G.E. is held in the fall of the year

Premier 20 Leadership Conference
Sponsored by Illinois Farm Bureau & their Affiliate Companies, this is an award Conference for ten 4-H
members and ten FFA Section Presidents. Leadership development is the focus of training. It is
available to Outstanding Teen Leaders, age 17-18. For more information, see http://www.4-

Legislative Connection
Hundreds of 4-H members and Illinois 4-H Ambassadors meet with legislators at the State Capitol each
spring. The 4-H Legislative Connection event is scheduled to give 4-H members the chance to meet with
their state government representatives and learn about the legislative process. The purpose of the
event is to educate the lawmakers about the Illinois 4-H program and to give 4-H members a first-hand
look at how laws are made. This event showcases the 4-H Legislative Ambassador program in Illinois.
Hundreds of 4-H members have volunteered to serve as ambassadors responsible for developing,
implementing and evaluating a year-round plan to inform their state legislators about 4-H happenings in
their district. The 4-H Legislative Ambassador teams seek to develop stronger relationships with
government officials and strengthen communications and leadership skills of the members. Invitations
to Legislative Connection come from the State 4-H office to State Fair Superior Award Winners.

4-H Legislative Ambassador Program
4-H’ers accepted to this program help with Legislative Connection and seek to develop stronger
relationships with government officials and strengthen communications and leadership skills of the
members. Application forms are available at http://www.4-h.uiuc.edu/opps/volunteer.html.

State Fair Junior Department Advisory Committee
Extension staff, adult volunteers and youth serve on this committee to provide advice for the non-
livestock aspects of the Illinois State Fair Junior Department (4-H). This includes the areas of
promotional windows, project exhibits, staff and dormitory. Applications are available at http://www.4-

State 4-H Youth Leadership Team
The Illinois 4-H program offers older 4-H members and recent 4-H alumni an opportunity to play an
active part in Illinois 4-H programming as part of the State 4-H Youth Leadership Team. 4-H members
and alumni, ages 16-21, are selected to assist with state 4-H events, offer teen programming suggestions
and become involved in their own way on the state level.
Performance Showcase
Members may enter individual or group acts via video tapes to be selected to perform at the Illinois
State Fair.

Legacy of Leadership Scholarships
Current 4-H members who are high school seniors or in their last year of 4-H membership are
encouraged to apply for the Legacy of Leadership Scholarship. The application deadline for this merit-
based award is in March. Scholarships may be used for expenses for further education programs,
including trade schools, junior colleges, colleges, or universities. Additional information and application
forms may be found at the local University of Illinois Extension Office or at the U of I Extension 4-H
website at http://www.4-h.uiuc.edu/events/scholar.html.
         4-H Opportunities Beyond the Club Level…National

National 4-H Conference
A select group of 8-9 Illinois teens travel to Washington, D.C. each spring to participate in this working
conference. Delegates from throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico spend time attending
workshops and working on action plans for the national, state, and local levels. Some limited sightseeing
is included. The first opportunity to attend this trip is provided to the teens serving on the State 4-H
Youth Leadership Team Open spaces are filled by application to provide a diverse Illinois delegation
that represents various areas of the state, 4-H access systems, ethnic groups, and male/female ratios.

National 4-H Congress
The National 4-H Congress hosts over 1200 youth delegates from across the United States and its
territories. Illinois youth who are State Award Winners from state records in a specific curriculum
area may attend National 4-H Congress.

National 4-H Congress Design Team
Youth that have attended Congress have the opportunity to apply to serve on the National Design Team.
The National Design team plans and helps coordinate National 4-H Congress.

National 4-H Dairy Congress
This four-day event showcases the dairy industry for 4-H members from across the country and Canada.
The conference is held during the World Dairy Exposition in Madison, Wisconsin, in late September.
Illinois delegates are selected to attend as State 4-H Award Winners in Animal Science who
specialize in Dairy projects. 4-H delegates who attend are exposed to new dairy science technology
and dairy-related businesses and institutions. Through a combination of workshops, speakers, educational
field trips and interaction with other dairy-oriented youth, 4-H members gain information they can use
to strengthen their futures in the dairy industry.

National 4-H Technology Leadership Conference
Goals for this conference include building information technology into 4-H programs nationwide through
focused education, networking, outreach, and commitment to continued action, cultivating an environment
where delegates share ideas, gain information, and develop approaches to strengthen technology
programs, generating team strategies to increase information technology literacy in underserved
populations, and extending the impact of the conference by implementing individual, community, and
state action plans. Youth attend this conference as part of a state team: see http://www.4-
h.uiuc.edu/events/event053.html. Find information about this conference at http://4hntc.4-h.org/.

Citizenship Washington Focus
Travel to Washington, D.C. for one summer week filled with fun, new experiences, sightseeing, and
learning about our nation's capitol and the governmental process. Delegates stay at the National 4-H
Center. Illinois offers this trip on alternate years. CWF is open to high school teens aged 15 and above.
National 4-H Center
4-H families can make reservations to stay at the National 4-H Center while visiting Reservations can be made during the busy time
2 weeks before arrival, and may make advanced reservations at other times of the year. For more information check out the National
4-H Center web site - http://www.4hcenter.org/default.aspx.

            4-H Opportunities Beyond the Club Level…International
                              See http://www.4-h.uiuc.edu/opps/internprog.html.

IFYE Ambassador
The IFYE Ambassador program is a four to five week opportunity for young people ages 15-19 to
experience living with host families in other countries. This program enables young people from around
the United States to increase their global understanding and to improve their leadership and
communication skills. Participants either explore the international aspects of their 4-H programs or
concentrate on cultures as they live with host families and gain language ability. Available countries vary
from year to year.

Eight State Exchange
4-H'ers, ages 16-20, travel to Australia, Norway, Finland, or Russia with others from eight Midwestern
states. Participants live with one host family and do some group touring. The University of Minnesota
coordinates this program.

IFYE Representative
The IFYE Representative program is an in-depth experience for persons 19-30 years of age to live with
families from countries in all areas of the world. The program is designed for 4-H alumni who are
interested in an extended living experience for three or five months in the host country. It provides
young adults an opportunity to learn about and participate in4-H or similar youth programs abroad,
improve language skills, and develop study interests.

Outbound National 4-H/Japanese Exchange
4-H'ers, ages 12 to 18, may participate in the outbound program for a one-month stay with a Japanese
host family. A chaperon accompanies the group to and from Tokyo and is available for consultation during
the stay. Application forms are available from all local 4-H offices.

Be a 4-H Host Family
One of the most exciting opportunities of Global Education programs is hosting the young adults who
come to this country every year from all over the world. Most 4-H families find the experience both fun
and educational. It also gives 4-H greater visibility in the community. Opportunities are available for
sharing life with a Japanese child or adult, an IFYE Ambassador, an IFYE Representative or a
professional staff member from another country. Urban as well as rural families are invited to host.
Host family visits usually last three to four weeks. Applications are made through 4-H Youth Specialist.
Inbound IFYEs visit during the months of June through December while Japanese participants visit in
July and August.
Inbound 4-H/Japanese
The arrival is mid-July for a one-month stay. Host families wishing to participate may apply through the
local 4-H office. Host families receive orientation and assistance throughout the home stay.

Year-Long High School Exchange
Illinois hosts high school students from Japan. They arrive in August, enroll in local high schools with
Junior and Senior status. Families provide home stay and support for the youth. Students provide their
own medical insurance, spending money for school and personal supplies.

                                     4-H Club Opportunities
Recognition Opportunities for 4-H Clubs and Groups
The organized club or group is a very important part of the 4-H program. Members work and play together
while developing group skills. Recognition as a club for group activities can build group unity and pride. It also
encourages club program building with goals that the group can work toward. The Recognition for Excellence
Program also offers award opportunities to clubs and groups for participation, progress toward goals, meeting
standards of excellence, and for competition between clubs.
        Club/Group Report
       Clubs can select an area to concentrate on the entire 4-H year. These areas include: Animal Science, Personal Development,
       Mechanics and Technology, Home and Family, Community Involvement and Global Awareness, Food, Nutrition and Health,
       Plants and Soils, and Environment, Natural Resources, and a special category for 4-H Focus on Character. Clubs complete
       an application and clubs are recognized on the county and state levels. Club patches are provided for winners.

          Club Standards of Excellence
       Clubs complete 11 of the 14 standards and are recognized with a patch on the county level.

          Progress Achievement Award
       Clubs set goals at the beginning of the year and share with county office. If goals are successfully met and reported, a club
       patch is awarded.
    4-H Volunteer Opportunities Beyond the Club Level

County Leader Training
In addition to their training they receive when they first volunteer, leaders are invited to attend additional and supplemental leader

Valued Volunteers—An Illinois Volunteer Program
For 2006-2007, all leaders can participate in a new program, Valued Volunteers. This year, the 6-part orientation level of this
program is open to all leaders, and the 2nd level is being piloted. The orientation level includes topics such as volunteers role in 4-H,
club organization, program planning, positive youth development, communications, and experimental learning. The more advanced
level includes such topics as behavior management, fiscal policies, risk management, ages and stages of development, involving
families in 4-H, making meetings fun, parliamentary procedure, public presentations, and working with committees and officers.
Recognition will be given for completion of 6 lessons in one level. If you are a volunteer for 4-H in the East Central Region, contact
Ruth Ann Vokac (vokacr@uiuc.edu or 217.333.4901) for more information.

Regional 4-H Leader Training
Every year a Regional Leader training is planned for several counties to learn and share ideas to help make their club leadership a
success! This is a great opportunity to learn from other leaders. The next Regional Leader Training will be held in 2007. In the East
Central Region, this training will be held at Parkland College’s Noel Ag Center on March 24, 2007. The plans for this year are to
offer many of the segments of the Valued Volunteer Training.

North Central Regional 4-H Leaders Forum
An enterprising volunteer with a positive attitude, optimistic outlook and determination can do great things and affect many people.
This conference will spark your creativity, boost your confidence and energize you to be an even better volunteer than you already are.
Adult and teen volunteers, experience educational sessions related to youth development and working with adults. Participate in social
events. Listen to motivational speakers. Take part in a tour and meet many new people.

All adults are invited to help chaperone and participate events at any functions! 4-H is a family affair! We appreciate parents and
leaders support to make the program successful!

Assist in judging of Illinois 4-H Award Applications and County 4-H Record Judging
Want to learn more about County and State Award applications? Don’t feel that you understand what types of things should be listed
in categories? By assisting with record judging, you will learn a lot and gain a new understanding of award applications! This will
also help you bring ideas back to your own 4-H club and/or county to prepare great award applications! You don’t need to be an
experienced person with record applications to volunteer! Volunteers are asked to not have any personal ties with applications they
are judging.

All adults and youth are welcome to serve on a variety of county committees that coordinate programs and/or activities for the county
4-H program. If interested in helping, please contact the Extension office.

Fair Volunteer Opportunities
There are many volunteer opportunities at fair time! From serving as a secretary for a judge, as a superintendent, helping with any fair
activities! Check with your 4-H leaders or the Extension office for more information!

Club Leaders
Any adult may volunteer to help at the local club level. Contact your 4-H organizational leader to see how you can help!

                                             Prepared by Tina Veal, Youth Development Educator, McLean
                                Updated Fall 2006 by Ruth Ann Vokac, Youth Development Educator, Champaign Center

                            University of Illinois ● U.S. Department of Agriculture ● Local Extension Councils Cooperating
                              University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.

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