Code of ethics by IPEn3Z4


									Code of ethics            Landowner/hunter permission card
I hereby agree to
conduct myself
as a sportsman in the     Date______________________________________ No.__________
true sense
of the word and I         Name___________________________________________________
accept the
responsibilities which    Address_________________________________________________
are a part
of hunting and fishing.
                              City                     State            Zip
• I will not commit
any act of
                          Phone # _________________________________________________
vandalism on the
property.                 Vehicle make _________________ License #
• I will report to the
landowner                 Hunting license #__________________________________________
all such acts
observed.                 Landowner name __________________________________________

• I will not hold the     Property Description
landowner                 ________________________________________
responsible for any
accidents                 Dates permission granted
while on his/her          ____________________________________
                          Landowner signature
• I will not litter.      ________________________________________

            ------------------------------ CUT HERE ------------------------------

Stub for
landowner                 Date ____________________ No. ____________________

                          Date Permission Granted ____________________________

                          Name ___________________________________________________

                          Address _________________________________________________

                          Phone # _________________________________________________

                          Vehicle Make _______________ License #

                          Hunting License # _________________________________

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