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									         Up The Creek
           The Monthly e-newsletter of that Hillbilly
          Gang At The Blue Ridge Mountain Chapter
                  (#696) of Trout Unlimited

                                   February 2010

                             Coming Up For the Gang:

   February's Meeting to Cover Bamboo Rods: Our next meeting is
Feb. 13, 9 am, at the Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center with Bill Oyster as
the guest speaker on hand crafting bamboo rods.

   Amicalola DH Stocking Day:              Come on out and help dump more fish in the
Amicalola River's delayed-harvest fishing and enjoy fun with fellow TUers!!

   Fellow Blue Ridge TU'ers:

 The WRD Fisheries Section is asking for volunteers to help stock the
 Amicalola Creek delayed harvest section. Below is the information
 concerning the planned event.
When and where:
February 3rd at 1:00pm.
Meet the WRD stocking truck at Hwy. 53 parking area. We'll stock there
first, then go up to Steel Bridge.

Rain Date:
We'll do our best to make it happen on the 3rd, but if that's not possible,
we'll try again on February 10th.

What to bring:
1) A completed and signed volunteer waiver release (attached below in newsletter) .
You will not be allowed to participate without submitting this waiver!
2) A five gallon bucket (a top is helpful), or other suitable container.
3) Boots or waders (not a requirement, but you'll be a lot more dry and
4) Consider bringing a change of dry clothes in case you do get wet.

Additional Information:
Water flow will most likely be high, so be prepared and don't take chances
(we need you for future stockings).
You can help at one site or both, but if you're going to both, you will need
to provide your own transportation to the sites.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have additional questions, feel
free to call or e-mail me.

Perry Thompson
Trout Stocking Coordinator
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife Resources Division
Region II Fisheries Mgt.
3695 Hwy. 197
Clarkesville, Ga. 30523
Phone: 706-947-3112 ext 102
Fax: 706-947-1342
                          President's Message
                            By Mike Holloway

   Our first group outing of the year was planned for the weekend of
January 30th, but old man winter changed our plans for us. Not only did
we get up to 4 inches of snow over much of Fannin County, but the
upper Toccoa was trying real hard to be a whitewater adventure area.
Joe DiPietro, Bob Borgwat and Chapter VP Carl Riggs floated the river
from VanZant’s Store to Shallowford Bridge on Thursday, and it took
them less than 4 hours to make the trip! The flow rate was 886 cfs,
which is more than twice the safe level for wading. The good news is
they found that the stockers are still in the delayed harvest area and are
still uneducated, so we are going to try it again next month. Mark your
calendar for February 27th for an outing to the Toccoa delayed harvest
   What are you going to do when old man winter keeps you off the
water like it did this past weekend? Many people like to tie flies when
the weather is not cooperating, and find it is almost as relaxing as being
out there on the river. Don’t know how to tie flies, or need to brush up
on techniques, material selection etc? We can fix that! Our next
beginners tying class was due to start this Thursday, February 4th, but it
will be delayed for two weeks. Therefore, you still have time to sign up.
The class will start on Thursday February 18th at 6 p.m. and will run for
4 consecutive Thursday evenings at the Unicoi Fly Shop here in Blue
Ridge. The cost is $39.95 and it covers all the materials and equipment
you will need. If you have not purchased any equipment don’t worry.
We will spend part of the first session discussing equipment so you can
make a more informed choice. The shop will provide all the equipment
you will need for the class, so there is no hurry to buy until you try it
out. I will be the primary instructor for this class series, so if you have
any questions, or if you would like to sign up, just shoot me an e-mail
and I will be happy to answer you. Please register with me or the
Unicoi Fly Shop ahead of time so we will know how many to expect.
   Finally, don’t forget about this year’s Dream Trip to Idaho. It
includes 5 days of guided fishing on the Madison and Yellowstone, 6
nights’ accommodations, some amazing fly gear and $1,000 spending
money for the trip. Tickets are still available for the drawing, but they
are going fast. You can pick yours up at the February meeting, or e-mail
Carl Riggs at criggs@weatherall.com. Carl will get them out to you
asap. Don’t wait long. Tickets are $10 and sales will continue as long
as they last, or until March 6th. The drawing will be held on March 13th
in Helen. See the flyer in this news letter for all the details.

  Tight lines,

Visit http://www.georgiaflyfishing.com/ or e-mail chapter member Becky Hulsey at
rahulsey@hotmail.com for more information on the Georgia Women Fly-Fishers.

Get out and fish between raindrops and ice if you can, as winter fishing can be
spectacular. Here's a recent catch of Ralph Artigliere's. A dandy 17 inch Brown caught
and released on a recent 60-degree day on Toccoa Tailwater.
                         VOLUNTEER WAIVER RELEASE

                             Wildlife Resources Division
                      Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Date: 2/3/2010

Volunteer Assignment:
      Assist with trout stocking on the Delayed Harvest section of Amicalola Creek
(Hwy 53 and Steel Bridge Rd.).

        I understand that there are risks of injury or death, or damage to property
involved in my participation as a volunteer, that it is my responsibility to insure the
safety of any equipment used and to see that it is operated properly, and that the
Georgia Department of Natural Resources and its staff and representatives assume
no responsibility for the condition of such equipment, its operations, or safety of the
activities involved in this volunteer assignment. I waive and release the Department
and its staff and representatives from any and all claims of damages against the
Department and its staff and its staff and representatives for injury or death, or
damage to property that may occur as a result of or in connection with this
assignment, and agree to pay, protect, indemnify and save the Department and its
staff and representatives harmless from and against all liabilities, damages, costs,
expenses, causes of action, suits, demands, judgements and claims of any nature
whatsoever arising from, by reason of, or in connection with any injury or death of
persons, or damage to property arising from, by reason of or in connection with my
participation as a volunteer.

      I further warrant that my health and physical condition are sufficiently good to
allow me to perform this assignment without danger to myself or to others.

(Please Print)
Full Name:

Street Address:


      I have read this entire form, including the health, acceptance of risk and
waiver, release and indemnification provisions.

Signature:                                                   Date:
       Kevin F. McGrath
Chairman, Back-the-Brookie, Georgia Council of Trout Unlimited
3391 Windsong Court, Roswell, GA 30075
Home: 770-587-1621 Mobile: 404-668-5835
Email: btb@georgiatu.org

          Trout Unlimited’s mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America's
      trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds.
          January 18, 2010
          Mike Holloway
          President, Blue Ridge Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited

          Dear Mike:
          Thank you for Blue Ridge Mountain’s generous contribution of $1,000 to our
      intern program. All of Georgia’s
          Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture (EBTJV) Stakeholders – Georgia DNR,
      USFS Chattahoochee National
          Forest and Georgia Trout Unlimited Back-the-Brookie appreciate your
          Support, like this, over the past several years has been a key factor in our
          The combined support of Trout Unlimited Chapters, the Atlanta Fly Fishing
      Club, Georgia Women Flyfishers
          and North Georgia Trout Online will enable us to field a full intern team this
      summer. We plan to resume
          “drought proofing” brook trout streams with structures and continue two
      restoration projects on Walnut Fork
          and Tate Branch. Interns will support scheduled chapter workdays on North
      Fork Moccasin Creek, Bryant
          Creek and the Chattahoochee River headwaters. They will also help with
      Brook Trout Day at Trout Camp
          during the field work on Ramey Creek.
          We look forward to another year protecting, enhancing and restoring brook
      trout throughout North Georgia and
          sharing our success with you.
          Kevin F. McGrath
        A Reason for all Snook Fisheman to Mourn.
       Every angler who has ever hooked a snook, let a lone landed a beast of
one, felt a twinge of pain recently when the same arctic blast that led to the
coldest Orange Bowl in history also hammered the snook populations throughout
the southern half of Florida's East and West Coasts.
       That same air was freezing our pipes, was killing winter crops in central
Florida and raking havoc on the marine wildlife and fisheries.
       Tons, literally tons of fish and marine animals died. Particularly species
such as snook, tarpon and others less tolerant to the sub-tropical regions.

          Dead Snook Picked Up After the Cold Snap, notice the many large brood fish.
Blue Ridge Tuer Joe DiPietro with a 44”, 30 lb. Snook from the early 2000's. The fish was hooked and
                                fought 45 minutes before giving in.

 I've heard all types of speculation as to how well and how quickly the
   species will recover. My prayer is that the fish make a comeback.
   Albeit, it may take decades, I'm sure Florida Snook will be back
again some day. At least for the next few years, I'm young enough to
have a good time, but old enough to have a “I remember when” yarn-
      spin to tell about the biggest snook I'll ever catch in my life.

                                        …Joe DiPietro
 Goergia TU's 2010 Dream Fly-Fishing
           Trip for Two

 • 5 days fishing and 6 nights lodging with meals at a private cabin in Island
Park, ID near the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park;
 A float trip on the Madison River is included.

 August 1– 6, 2010

 • Winston 9 foot, 5 weight, 4 piece Boron II-X custom made fly rod
 • A LOOP fly reel with Scientific Angler line
 • A fly box and flies for the trip (Approx. 5-7 dozen per box)
 • $1,000 total in travel expenses - travel arrangements will
 be the responsibility of the winners.

  Fishing licenses, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages will be the responsibility of
the winners during their stay.
  **for complete rules and details visit www.georgiatu.org
 Dream Fly Fishing Trip 2010 Runner Up Prizes:
 Custom made Temple Fork fly rod of winners choice. (Professional series, TiCr
or TiCrX). Donated by the Atlanta Fly Fishing School.

 Six dozen flies in nice fly box. Donated by the Atlanta Fly Fishing School.

 Five day trip to Kasba Lodge, NWT, Canada for one person. Trip is set up for
two people for 5 days. Winner or partner must pay for second person @$3,495.
Dates are open for selection at http://www.kasba.com. Donated by the Kasba
Lodge, NWT, Canada.

 Certificate to Fly fishing class or Fly casting class at the Atlanta Fly Fishing
School. Donated by the Atlanta Fly Fishing School.

 Temple Fork Outfitters TiCr model - 6 wt. Donated by Garland Stewart.

  Full day guided float trip on the Chattahoochee River for 2 people. Includes
lunch and soft drinks. This trip is courtesy of River Through Atlanta Guide
Service. Gordon Walker will be the guide.

 Cabin in Michigan near Pere Marquet and Baldwin Rivers donated by Billy
Smith, arranged by Paul Diprima.

 One half-day unguided fishing for two people at Nacoochee Bend (Unicoi
Outfitters; Chattahoochee River). Donated by Jimmy Harris.

 Two drawings for Fly box with 6 dozen flies.

 Donated by the 12 Chapters of Trout Unlimited in Georgia.
 Rules for the 2010 Dream Fly Fishing Trip:
  Winner will be drawn at the Georgia Foothills Chapter of Trout Unlimited
annual banquet the “Hoot on the Hooch” in Helen, GA in March, 2010.
  One winner will be drawn and the winner will choose a partner to accompany
them on the trip.
  Several other winners will be drawn for the runner up prizes which include;
custom made rods, fishing trips and flies. The seller of the winning ticket will also
receive a prize.
  Ticket price is $10 and proceeds will go to the Georgia Council of Trout
Unlimited to help fund Council projects and the Back the Brookie campaign
which helps brook trout restoration and educational projects.

 The winner and their partner will each receive:
 August 1-6, 2010 (non negotiable)
 Five days fishing and six nights food and lodging at a private cabin in Island
Park, ID near the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park.
 A float trip on the Madison River.
 A 9ft 5wt Winston Boron II X custom made fly rod.
 An Loops reel with Scientific Angler line.
 A fly box and flies (approximately 5 to 7 dozen per box) for the trip.
 $1,000 in travel expenses (this is total, not per person).

  NOTE: Travel arrangements will be the responsibility of the winners. Fishing licenses,
gratuities, and alcoholic beverages will be the responsibility of the winners during their
stay.The winners will be required to sign a waiver releasing the Georgia Council of Trout
Unlimited and the Green River Guest Ranch of any responsibility of injury that could
occur during the trip.

  CHAPTER INFORMATION: Only 2,000 tickets have been printed. If all 2,000 tickets are
sold then any Chapter who sells at least 100 tickets will be eligible for matching grant of $500.00
from the Council for a Chapter project.
                                          Asks you to
                        SAVE THE DATE
                                    for their
                                Annual Fundraiser

                        MARDI GRAS
                       Fly-fishing Auctions, Raffles and Fun
                      Beer Tours and Tastings; Wine and Food

                      Saturday, February 20, 2010
                             7:00 – 10:00
                                 Sweetwater Brewery
                                 195 Ottley Dr NE
                                 Atlanta, GA 30324
                                 $20.00 in advance
                                    $25.00 at door
                                No one under the age of 21 will be
                                      admitted to the venue.

   Pre-event tickets may be purchased from GWFF members, at GWFF meetings (January
11 and February 8, Delkwood Grill, Marietta, 7:00 P.M.) or by mailing a check for a
ticket (s) made out to GWFF (for Mardi Gras tickets) to Peggy Hart at 508 Hillside Trail,
Woodstock, GA 30188. Request must be post marked no later than February 5.
Include an e-mail address for receiptverification. Tickets will be held at the door the night
of the event. No refunds.
                         February 20, 2010 – 7:00 P.M.-10:00 P.M.
                            SweetWater Brewing Company

   Each year Georgia Women FlyFishers (GWFF) invites the greater fly fishing
community to take part in what we believe to be the “best fly fishing party” of the year.
Beyond the fabulous Mardi Gras foods and many a fish tale being told there are raffles
and auctions for all.
   The income from this event helps GWFF carry-out our goals to: improve and increase
the sport of fly fishing in Georgia; promote and work for the betterment of streams, rivers
and lakes; encourage and advocate the conservation and increase of all legal fish species;
encourage and assist women and young people to become fly fishers; enhance members’
knowledge of the sport; cherish the spirit of fellowship among anglers everywhere and
much more.
   Because of the success of our annual fundraiser in 2009 we were able to carry-out many
activities including the following:
   1. In March GWFF, assisted by other friends from the fly fishing community, provided
an introduction to fly fishing to over 500 Girl Scouts at an outdoor adventure day in
Macon. That same month we presented a program on fly fishing for a local Girl Scout
   2. We had a large group of GWFF members serve as volunteers at the Unicoi
   Outdoor Adventure Day.
   3. In October at GWFF’s annual Casting for Confidence event we hosted 22 breast
   cancer survivors for a day at Frog Hollow and an introduction to fly fishing. A
   highlight of the year and a day to remember for all in attendance.
   4. We were able to offer GWFF members two Spring Beginner Fly Fishing Classes and
an Intermediate Fly Fishing Class at a minimal fee and to make the classes available to
non-members as well. GWFF also organized a Fall casting clinic.
   5. We were present for outreach to the non-angler and non-fly fishing angler at the 2009
Atlanta Fly Fishing Festival, NGTO Flings, Trout Unlimited and other events during the
   6. Many of our members are active in Trout Unlimited and financial donations were
made by the club to TU Trout Camp for youth, to the Chattahoochee River Coldwater
Fishery Foundation, to the Hunt for Redfish (for the Alzheimer Association) and to the
Chattooga River Stocking project.
   7.     Members of GWFF participated in the Fly Fishing for Vets Day in 2008 and
made contributions to Fly Fishing for Vets. Several members volunteered in Project
Healing Waters to introduce fly fishing to patients from the VA Hospital.

  We will appreciate and value your support in our efforts. Please check out our web-site
www.georgiaflyfishing.com for more information. Georgia Women Fly-Fishers, Inc. is a
non-profit organization but contributions are not tax-deductible.
                              Speaking for Trout and Salmon

AD∙VO∙CATE n. (AD∙vuh∙kit) one who defends or supports a person or cause: an advocate for protection of
coldwater resources. At its core, advocacy is the process of taking a position and persuading others of it merits
with the goal of securing consensus or a decision that advances a position. Trout Unlimited has a long history of
advocacy successes, many due to the hard work of people who never would have described themselves as
advocates. Ensure that your voice is heard by our elected representatives.

                                           Georgia Wildlife Federation's Camo
Join with Georgia Trout Unlimited as members of
Coalition and Georgia Conservation Voters' Georgia Environmental Action Network
Georgia Trout Unlimited (TU) partners with the Camo Coalition and GEAN on issues that correspond to our
mission of conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. As
important issues arise, the Camo Coalition or GEAN will send you an Action Alert email. You will see the Georgia
TU logo or name clearly displayed when you receive these partnered alerts. An editable message, which Georgia
TU has reviewed, along with a list of recipients is provided by the alert system. After you approve the message, it
is emailed to appropriate decision-makers letting them know what you think. This is an easy, convenient way for
you to support positions that Georgia Trout Unlimited feels are important. You can also unsubscribe to the alerts if
you desire.

                                                                    Georgia Wildlife Federation's
                                                                    Camouflage Coalition

Join thousands of sportsmen and women throughout Georgia.

The Camo Coalition is a program of the Georgia Wildlife Federation formed to protect Georgia's
wildlife resources and fishing and hunting heritage. Approaching conservation issues from a scientific viewpoint,
guided by research, experience and sound management principles, the Coalition has made a commitment to arm
the public with facts so it can do its part to direct the future of Georgia’s natural resources.

The Camo Coallition also sends out alerts that do not affect TU’s mission. We will not partner on alerts that cover
hunting, warm and salt water angling. If you are not already a member of the Camouflage Coallition, we
encourage you to join independent of Georgia TU in order to receive alerts.   JOIN NOW - MEMBERSHIP
                                            Georgia Conservation Voters' Georgia Environmental
                                            Action Network (GEAN)

                                            GEAN is a program of the Georgia Conservation Voters
                                            formed to help make sure the environment we enjoy now is the same
one your children and grandchildren will get to experience.

GEAN also sends out alerts that do not affect TU’s mission. We will not be partners on these alerts. If you are not
already a member of GEAN, we encourage you to join independent of Georgia Trout Unlimited in order to receive
these alerts.   JOIN NOW - MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.
      Georgia Environmental Action Network (GEAN)    www.protectgeorgia.net

      TVA Releases Final Blue Ridge Dam
     Rehabilitation Environmental Assessment
   The Tennessee Valley Authority will lower water levels on Blue Ridge
Reservoir for approximately six months beginning in July for repairs and
safety upgrades to Blue Ridge Dam.
   The project will bring the 79-year-old facility up to current seismic safety
standards. Work will include repair and stabilization of the upstream face of
the dam, stabilization of the downstream face of the dam, repairs to the
penstock - the large pipe that carries water from the reservoir to the turbines in
the dam - and stabilization of the tower on the upstream side of the dam that
manages the intake of water.
   “These repairs are necessary to continue safe operation of Blue Ridge Dam
for flood control, water supply, hydroelectric power generation and recreation,
both in the reservoir and in the tail waters around the dam,” said Janet Herrin,
TVA senior vice president for river operations. “This project should eliminate
the need for future deep drawdowns for periodic inspections and will increase
the safety and reliability of the dam at the same time.”
   The work will require that the water level in the reservoir be lowered to an
elevation range between 1,620 feet and 1,630 feet for approximately six
months. This will be about 48 feet below the normal winter pool and 67 feet
below the average summer levels. Safe operation of the dam requires the draw
down to occur slowly over a period of three to four months beginning in mid-
   “We understand the inconvenience of the deep drawdown to the residents
of Blue Ridge and have chosen a start date that will allow public use of the
reservoir through part of the recreation season,” said Wayne Oliver, Blue
Ridge Dam rehabilitation project manager. “Lowering the levels during a
period of minimum expected runoff should ensure we can maintain the low
elevation required for repairs and reduce the risk of construction delays.”
   Oliver added that the timing also should allow TVA to take advantage of
spring rains in 2011 and more quickly refill the reservoir to normal elevation.
Refilling the reservoir will take approximately four to five months, depending
on rainfall. TVA expects water levels to most likely return to normal in the
late summer of 2011.
   TVA will also close Old Georgia Highway 76 over the Blue Ridge Dam
starting in mid-July for the duration of construction. This is to ensure the
safety of the public and workers at the site, where large equipment will be
used and materials stored. Road repairs will be made to the highway before it
reopens at the completion of the project, scheduled for the end of September
2012. Alternate traffic routes will be determined by state and local authorities.

    A final environmental assessment of the project is available on TVA’s Web

  Blue Ridge Dam, located in Fannin County, was completed in 1931 by
Tennessee Electric Power Company and was acquired by TVA in 1939. It is
175 feet high, 950 feet wide and stretches 1,000 feet across the Toccoa River.
   TVA is the nation’s largest public power provider and is completely self-
financing. TVA provides power to large industries and 157 power distributors
that serve approximately 9 million consumers in seven southeastern states.
TVA also creates economic development opportunities and manages the
Tennessee River and its tributaries to provide multiple benefits, including
flood damage reduction, navigation, water quality and recreation.

  Recent Fishing Reports
 Get ready for our chapter's annual trip to the South Holston
River, as this beastly brown was recently caught in that neck of the

  Blue Ridge TUer Ralph Artigliere caught this 21” bow on a nice
day in January.
 Georgia DNR's Tagging Study of the Toccoa Tailwater Continues

  We need your help for an important fish study in progress by Georgia Department
of Natural Resources. There is a drawing for a Georgia Lifetime Sportsman’s
License for one lucky person who participates in the study, but the real benefit for
all of us is important scientific information about the fish and the fishery.
  The DNR has been studying trout in the Toccoa River tailwater, and Region I
Fisheries Biologist John Damer needs to upgrade the detail of data by tagging
stocked fish to get more specific information about individual fish. To accomplish
this tagging study, fishermen who catch a tagged fish should report their catch by
telephone and mail in the tag. Just doing those two things makes the fisherman
eligible for the drawing and enhances the data and Damer’s ability to understand
and improve the fishery. Just follow these easy steps if you catch a rainbow trout
with a GREEN tag.
       Remove the tag by cutting it with a knife, nippers, etc., as close as possible
to the fish's body (do not pull the tag out of the fish if you plan to release it, as this
will likely injure the fish severely). You can then keep or release the fish as you
would do normally.
    2. Call the Calhoun Fisheries office at 706-624-1161 to report the tag. Make sure
you have the tag number ready when you call.
  3. The person you talk to over the phone will ask you a few questions about when,
where, and how you caught the fish and then they will provide you with an address
where you should mail the tag. Please make sure to mail the tag in, because only
tags that we physically receive back will be entered into the drawing for a Lifetime
Sportsman's License. Even if you do not wish to be entered into the drawing, please
still mail the tag back as it is important in calculating estimates of non-reporting
(how many anglers catch tagged fish but do not report them).
  -Tags are green, about 1.5" long, and implanted on the fish's left side just below
the dorsal fin.
-Roughly 600 tagged rainbows will be stocked each month from March through
August. (near;y all of the tagged fish are already in the river.)
-The drawing for the lifetime license will be held sometime in Spring 2010, and
only ONE license will be awarded.
  “Please send my thanks to anyone who returns a tag, as it means a lot to the State
of Georgia and to me personally,” Damer said. “Hopefully the information gathered
through these tag returns will help us to better understand the trout fishery on the
Toccoa River, and to make good, sound decisions about how it will be managed in
the future.”

 Blue Ridge Mountain Trout Unlimited is supporting this study by furnishing the
Lifetime Sportsman’s License and by encouraging fishermen to report tagged fish.
This is an important study for Georgia and for those who love to fish for trout, so
please take the time to report tagged fish and to mail in the tag.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!!!
        P. O. Box 1199
        Blue Ridge, GA, 30513
        706-632-7051; 706-455-2074
        Natalie Sharp

        Join Fly-Fishing Guides Natalie Sharp and Joe DiPietro and experience the art of fly-fishing. A
        half/full day wade trip or canoe float trip of guided fly-fishing on the pristine Toccoa River in the
        North Georgia mountains, followed by a gourmet lunch at the river's edge served with your
        favorite choice of beverage is the perfect ending to your fly fishing adventure.
        Book your trip today! We make fishing fun

                                Unicoi Outfitters:
                               Fly Fishing Specialists
                               490 East Main Street
                               Blue Ridge, GA, 30513
                               (706) 632-1880; Fax (706) 632-1885
                               David Hulsey

North Georgia's oldest, most experienced, guide staff and fly shop. Fully permitted and insured. Unicoi Outfitters offers
trophy trout fishing on 9 miles of exclusive access private waters,as well as the best public streams and rivers in North
Georgia and Western North Carolina. Wade trips, float trips, classes tailored to all skill levels, two full-service fly shops
stocked with the best gear from R. L. Winston, Sage, Simms, Orvis, Abel, Lamson,Ross, and more. Home of the Liars

                        The Atlanta Fly Fishing School located in Cumming, Georgia offers a Fly Fishing School,
                       a Fly Casting School, an advanced Fly Casting School and Private Lessons to meet the needs of all
                       skill levels. Atlanta Fly Fishing School, River Through Atlanta Guide Service and Unicoi Outfitters
                       have just joined together in alliance to offer a complete fly fishing education and river fishing package
                       for those who want to learn the great sport of fly fishing. This package will provide a 5.5 hour course
in fly fishing, including all aspects of fly fishing and fly casting with all equipment provided followed with a choice of fishing
for a half day on a guided float trip on the lower Chattahoochee River or a half day wading guided trip on the upper
Chattahoochee River. These programs and rates are shown on the Atlanta Fly Fishing School website at

http://www.atlantaflyfishingschool.com/ , then click on “Learn–N-Go”. Reservations call: 404-550-6890
Reel Angling Adventures
PO Box 12
Suches, GA 30572

 More guided fishing destinations than any outfitter in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia, Tennessee
 and North Carolina:
  Drift Boat Trips … browns, rainbows, brook trout – and stripers in season – on the Hiwassee, Toccoa
  and Chattahoochee rivers.
   Private-Managed Trophy Trout … 3 miles of fly-fishing only for trophy rainbows and browns at
   Noontootla Creek Farm and Tooni Cove Farm (on the upper Toccoa River).
   Remote Wild-Trout Treks … wild ‘bows, browns and brookies in our national forestlands..
   Walk-n-Wade … ‘bows, browns and brookies on more than 60 public streams across north Georgia,
   western North Carolina and southeast Tennessee.
   Mountain Lakes Bass … smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass! Lake Blue Ridge, GA; Lake
   Chatuge, GA; and Lake Nantahala, NC.
   Fly-Fishing Instruction … orientation of trout tackle, accessories, casting techniques, trout feeding
   habits, important insects and fly patterns that imitate them, and a half-day wade trip on nearby stocked public
   trout waters.

     Local Developer, Saving Private Brooks Coordinator and TU Member Bruce Hanson has
     made the following "Friends of the River" offer: Any TU member that brings a friend to
     Riverwalk to see our community and at any time purchases one of the qualifying properties
     (a lot or a home) we will contribute $2,500.00 to the Local Chapter of TU
     here in Blue Ridge in the name of the member and pay $2,500.00 to the TU
     member that referred the friend to Riverwalk.

     Note: Qualifying properties are all of those properties at Riverwalk that
     are still in our inventory and all of those re-sale properties owned by
     others that have chosen to participate in this exciting promotion. Most all
     of the properties for sale are qualified properties.

      Join Us or Consult Us.           Trout Unlimited is dedicated to the preservation and
      enhancement of coldwater fisheries like the Toccoa River. For more information on our
      meetings and membership, go to www.BlueRidgeTU.com or www.TU.org.
                             Chapter Officers/Contacts
PRESIDENT                   Vice-President        TREASURER
Mike Holloway               Carl Riggs            Everett Hall
mike@hollowayrealtors.com   7turns@tds.net        lab12@tds.net
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Mike Maginn                                       Joe DiPietro
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